• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Gold-digger one who digs for or mines gold, esp. a placer-miner
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. gold; Ice. gull, Ger. gold, Goth. gulth, Russ. zlato, Gr. chrysos.


In literature:

I was a gold digger at one time.
"The Rescue" by Joseph Conrad
The man in the mantle bowed as they passed him, and put a piece of gold into the grave-digger's hand.
"Louise de la Valliere" by Alexandre Dumas, Pere
When quite a lad on the Victorian alluvial fields, I frequently heard old diggers assert that gold grew in the drifts where found.
"Getting Gold" by J. C. F. Johnson
It is not only the diggers, however, who make money at the Gold Fields.
"A Lady's Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia in 1852-53." by Mrs. Charles (Ellen) Clacey
The people who buy everything here are the gold-diggers, and they want story books.
"Successful Exploration Through the Interior of Australia" by William John Wills
The gold-digger in the ravines of the mountains is as much a gambler as his fellow in the saloons of San Francisco.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, No. 72, October, 1863" by Various
The gold diggers will be richer than they would have been without it.
"Essays on Political Economy" by Frederic Bastiat
Gold was next found at Turton's Creek, which proved one of the richest little gullies ever worked by diggers.
"The Book of the Bush" by George Dunderdale
The gold-digger beckoned with his hat as he called out.
"The Sheriff's Son" by William MacLeod Raine
What about the gold-diggers?
"The Beginner's American History" by D. H. Montgomery
Even the gold-diggers of Australia know that.
"A Crooked Path" by Mrs. Alexander
Many miles down that same stream there dwelt a gold-digger in a lonely hut.
"Twice Bought" by R.M. Ballantyne
All gold-diggers don't make fortunes.
"Digging for Gold" by R.M. Ballantyne
Were you fighting with gold-diggers, eh!
"The Golden Dream" by R.M. Ballantyne
After the squatters in Australia came the gold-diggers.
"Peeps At Many Lands: Australia" by Frank Fox
The life of most gold-diggers is wretched beyond belief.
"Lost Lenore" by Charles Beach
Gold-diggers linger though they know their claim is exhausted.
"Bevis" by Richard Jefferies
This was what gold-diggers call "a pay prospect," for the gold was rough and not water-worn.
"Lodges in the Wilderness" by William Charles Scully
So now there were six in company, all gold-diggers.
"A Claim on Klondyke" by Edward Roper
The firm of Dent, Moseley, and Doherty, gold-diggers, was formally established next day, in a clump of trees a few miles out of Melbourne.
"Denis Dent" by Ernest W. Hornung

In news:

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