• WordNet 3.6
    • n Gnathostomata comprising all vertebrates with upper and lower jaws
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • gnathostomata A group of entomostracous crustaceans, containing the phyllopods, copepods, and ostracodes, as a suborder of Entomostraca.
    • gnathostomata A tribe of true cope-pods, having a completely segmented body and masticatory mouth-parts, and being for the most part not parasitic. It contains the families Cyclopidæ, Calanidæ, and Notodelphyidæ.
    • n gnathostomata A tribe of irregular echinoids having a central peristome surrounded by a perignathic girdle, the ambulacra all similar, and the jaws present but sometimes rudimentary. It includes both living and extinct genera.
    • n gnathostomata A name given by Haeckel to a superclass of vertebrates containing the forms with true jaws, (normally) two pairs of limbs, and double nostrils. Same as Gnathostomi and synonomous with Amphirhina.
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