Geographic latitude


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    • Geographic latitude of a place), the angle included between a line perpendicular or normal to the level surface of water at rest at the place, and the plane of the equator; differing slightly from the geocentric latitude by reason of the difference between the earth's figure and a true sphere.
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In literature:

The geographical work of the Lady Franklin Bay expedition covers nearly three degrees of latitude and over forty degrees of longitude.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 458, October 11, 1884" by Various
Geographically it is in Latitude 52 deg.
"Overland through Asia; Pictures of Siberian, Chinese, and Tartar Life" by Thomas Wallace Knox
The difference between the geographical and geocentric latitudes of a place upon the earth's surface.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
In other words, Vice is nothing more than Virtue outside of its natural geographical latitude.
"This Giddy Globe" by Oliver Herford
The unaccountable anguish in her breast was neither assuaged nor mitigated by the geographical latitude she permitted herself.
"Outside Inn" by Ethel M. Kelley
Through the co-operation of France, the network has been extended into north Africa as far as the geographical latitude of 32 deg.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 9" by Various
While he was not a geographer, and could not give latitude and longitude, yet he was a keen observer.
"The Radio Boys' Search for the Inca's Treasure" by Gerald Breckenridge
SCAIFE, WALTER B. Geographical latitude.
"United States Government Publications, v. 8 Jan-Jun 1892" by Compiled

In news:

Located inside the Ritz-Carlton, Parallel 37 features a menu by Chef Ron Siegel that celebrates the geographic latitude Parallel 37 near the San Francisco Bay Area.
Award-winning investigative journalist Eliza Griswold talks about the tenth parallel—the line of latitude 700 miles north of the equator—the geographical and ideological front line where Christianity and Islam collide.

In science:

Love number parameter k2 (Sec. 3.3 of Paper 1), where (π/2 − θB ) is the geographical latitude of the position of the perturbing celestial body B (Moon/Sun).
Comments on the ERA-2005 numerical theory of Earth rotation
GeV), excellent angular resolution to exclude contributions from astrophysical point-sources (<∼ 0.1◦) and a location at low geographic latitude (preferably in the southern hemisphere) for small-zenith-angle low-threshold measurements of the GC region.
Section on Prospects for Dark Matter Detection of the White Paper on the Status and Future of Ground-Based TeV Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Next, we consider an experiment located at an arbitrary geographical latitude χ such that Earth’s axis and the turntable rotation axis do not coincide anymore.
Rotating optical cavity experiment testing Lorentz invariance at the 10^{-17} level
The placement of GLS units will cover a wide range of terrestrial conditions (land, open ocean) geographical locations, latitudes, and altitudes.
Summary Report of JEM-EUSO Workshop at KICP in Chicago
We restricted our study to a limited geographical region to reduce the effect of potential confounding factors on food web architecture such as latitude or biome.
The Emergence of Modularity in Biological Systems
Figure 8 shows these ratios as a function of the magnetic and geographic latitude.
Estimation and testing for spatially indexed curves with application to ionospheric and magnetic field trends
Usually Vnz ≪ Vnx , Vny , and assuming that the difference between magnetic and geographic coordinates, D , is small (at least for low- and mid-latitude regions), we can simplify the above formula to W = Vnx sin I cos I .
Estimation and testing for spatially indexed curves with application to ionospheric and magnetic field trends
Calculations by Collar and Avignone indicate that such optimal geographic location corresponds to a detector sitting between 35 and 400 South latitude.
Effects of Diurnal Modulation in Direct Cold Dark Matter Searches. the Experiment in Sierra Grande
For example, wellestablished geographic patterns on microtine species ([18, 16]) showed that ecological systems tend to stabilize down the north-to-south latitude gradient, correlating well with the ultimate energy abundance from the Sun towards the equator.
The Time Invariance Principle, Ecological (Non)Chaos, and A Fundamental Pitfall of Discrete Modeling
We use for KM3NeT the same angular dependence of Aef f as for ANTARES due to their expected similar geographic latitude location.
Searching for the High Energy Neutrino counterpart of the Fermi Bubbles signal or from Dark Matter annihilation
We also derive direct expressions, as functions of date of the year and geographic latitude, for the duration of daylight, the maximum and minimum altitudes of the sun, and the cardinal directions to sunrise and sunset.
The sun's position in the sky
Geographic latitudes and longitudes, as well as solar altitudes and azimuths, will also be expressed in degrees (identified by a superscript ◦) when convenient.
The sun's position in the sky
For instance, some simplification could be achieved by working with the geographic co-latitude (i.e., the complement of the latitude), but I prefer to avoid this in deference to the widespread and long-established usage.
The sun's position in the sky
To characterize the position of the sun, as seen from a point on the surface of the earth, we must also adjust for the geographic latitude L.
The sun's position in the sky
FIG. 5: (a): Cross-section of the celestial sphere along the earth’s axis of rotation P P , centered at the position O of an observer at geographic latitude L.
The sun's position in the sky