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    • Gas-furnace a furnace of which the fuel is gas
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A word invented by the Dutch chemist J. B. Van Helmont (1577-1644)—the form suggested by Gr. chaos.


In literature:

Boston had already a bathroom, a water-supply, a furnace, and gas.
"The Education of Henry Adams" by Henry Adams
One had gas to cook with, furnace heat, hall service, and the joy of the lift.
"Poor, Dear Margaret Kirby and Other Stories" by Kathleen Norris
There is nothing worse to breathe than gas, whether from the furnace, the pipes, or the drain.
"Tracy Park" by Mary Jane Holmes
The blackened eye of the pugilist soon fires up its furnaces and proceeds to generate gas from the dead blood that surrounds the eye.
"Philosophy of Osteopathy" by Andrew T. Still
When coal stoves and furnaces are freshly filled with coal, coal gas may escape if the dampers are not properly regulated.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
There is yet another manner of employing oxygen gas for considerably increasing the force of fire, by using it to blow a furnace.
"Elements of Chemistry," by Antoine Lavoisier
"The Galaxy, Volume 23, No. 2, February, 1877" by Various
Entirely different from gas-tar is the tar obtained as a by-product from those (Scottish) blast furnaces which are worked with splint-coal.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 5" by Various
It had hot and cold water controlled by a hot-water furnace system; acetylene gas, a supply of staples in the kitchen.
"The "Genius"" by Theodore Dreiser
In a few instances a furnace burning ordinary illuminating gas instead of coke is in use.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 6" by Various
But the gas furnaces have the same advantages in a more handy form.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 2" by Various
It is estimated that over five and one-half tons of this gas is thrown off during the burning of a single furnace.
"Electricity and Magnetism" by Elisha Gray
The melting of the metal is done by a small gas furnace under the metal-pot.
"Type" by A. A. Stewart
A gas-furnace is formed by grouping in a single mass of masonry a certain number of elements of the kind just described.
"Gas-Engines and Producer-Gas Plants" by R. E. Mathot
In Germany, Austria and the United States, gas furnaces are generally used.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 12, Slice 1" by Various
Fred looked at the furnace once or twice, and changed the gas.
"Steel" by Charles Rumford Walker
Like a horizontal volcano the furnace on the stage belched forth its blast of fire, smoke, gas and withering, blighting heat.
"Chicago's Awful Theater Horror" by Various
The roar of the furnaces and the gas in the huge stoves made his voice sound weak and far away.
"The Iron Boys in the Steel Mills" by James R. Mears
They must have had good eyesight in those days, when gas and furnaces were not.
"Ginger-Snaps" by Fanny Fern
There is nothing worse to breathe than gas whether from the furnace or the drain.
"Gretchen" by Mary J. Holmes

In news:

A Plainfield man working on a residential furnace on Tall Cedar Court suffered minor burns to his arm Thursday morning, July 5, when leaking gas started a small fire.
SoftSound VC 97 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace .
The SoftSound VC 97 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace is made with stainless steel heat exchangers and achieves a 97 percent AFUE rating, says the maker.
Industrial furnaces that fire natural gas can combine the benefits of natural gas with the further advantages of oxy-fuel firing.
Checking your gas furnace for possible leaks.
A Gas Furnace That Heats, But Not Enough.
SoftSound VC 97 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace.
Gas-Tight Protective Atmosphere Furnaces.
Early reports that Saturday's fatal home explosion in Indianapolis may have been linked to a furnace problem or natural gas has a lot of people on-edge.
Furnaces have multiple safety triggers that prevent them from releasing that much natural gas.
In the case of furnaces , the Department of Energy recently mandated that gas furnaces installed in this part of the country must have at least a 90 percent annual fuel efficiency rating, compared with the current standard of 80 percent.
He said most furnaces have multiple safety switches that must be triggered before any gas is used.
But Scott Davis of explosion investigation firm GexCon US says most furnaces have safety switches that must be triggered before any gas is used.
The DTE Test and Tune-Up program provides testing and repair of natural gas furnaces and potential replacement of the furnaces at little or no cost to eligible homeowners.
Pepsi in gas tank, gun waving, furnace stolen, threat from Crips.

In science:

These elements therefore were not present in the primordial gas, and their abundance increased as supernovae and stellar winds delivered the products of the stellar nuclear furnaces to interstellar space. 45. V.
The Dark Age of the Universe