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    • Gange To attach (a fishhook) to a line or snell, as by knotting the line around the shank of the hook.
    • Gange To protect (the part of a line next a fishhook, or the hook itself) by winding it with wire.
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Double Gang Edger Double Gang Edger
Automatic Gang Lumber-Trimmer Automatic Gang Lumber-Trimmer
Ten Saw Gang Lath Bolter Ten Saw Gang Lath Bolter

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  • Interesting fact: A species of dolphin is born naturally blind in the Indus and Ganges rivers in South Asia. These dolphins have a highly sophisticated sonar system and swim on only one side of their body
    • gange To fasten (a fish-hook) to the end of a section of line called the ganging. There are many methods of ganging. For hand-lines for cod a single strand of line about two feet long is doubled, and its bight is plaited or hitched to the shank of a hook, after which the ends are laid up together and a single wall-knot is tied in the end of the ganging. Hooks to be used on halibut trawl-lines are seized to the ends of the gangings with tarred or waxed twine. Cod trawl-hooks are generally provided with an eye at the upper end of the shank. A common way of ganging such hooks is to pass the end of the ganging through the eye of the hook, like threading a needle, and then make a figure-of-eight knot around the standing part of the line. Hooks for such predaceous and sharp-toothed fish as the bluefish and kingfish are often ganged with wire, and those for sharks with an iron chain.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
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In literature:

Sometimes they gathered in little gangs in the grove.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Various
Prairie-wolves are also constant attendants upon the "gangs" of buffalo.
"The Hunters' Feast" by Mayne Reid
All I knows is that one o' the wust of the hull gang's a man named Nick Undrell.
"Kiddie the Scout" by Robert Leighton
Two members of his gang proved traitors to their chief.
"The Story of the Outlaw" by Emerson Hough
Trust in Ganges Water.
"Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, 1839-1877" by James Kennedy
To-morrow we'll meet to liquidate the Boundary Gang and split the Gang Fund.
"Jack O' Judgment" by Edgar Wallace
I'm not going away and leave that gang on your hands until I can see how the plan works out.
"Blow The Man Down" by Holman Day
Joe found a gang sabotaging the pushpots that didn't think like the gang that blackmailed Braun.
"Space Platform" by Murray Leinster
Grandma said a gang of them was sold next morning.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, Arkansas Narratives, Part 4" by Work Projects Administration
Petey was highbinder of the gang that year and was very far gone in crime.
"At Good Old Siwash" by George Fitch
This, however, is the regular system used in the Inter-Gang network for official communication.
"The Airlords of Han" by Philip Francis Nowlan
And not the least satisfactory feature was the utter discomfiture they were able to visit upon Buck Looker and his gang.
"The Radio Boys Trailing a Voice" by Allen Chapman
From the house came an answer, then a chorus of shouts that told the rest of the gang had joined in the chase.
"The Young Railroaders" by Francis Lovell Coombs
You don't need to be afraid of these gang-men.
"Traffic in Souls" by Eustace Hale Ball
It's him and his gang!
"The Night Riders" by Ridgwell Cullum
A gang of trackmen filed slowly out after them.
"Whispering Smith" by Frank H. Spearman
I expect every servant in the house is in the pay of this gang.
"The Deaves Affair" by Hulbert Footner
But I'll have to keep my eyes open, or I may fall into the hands of that Gilroy gang.
"Boys of The Fort" by Ralph Bonehill
You think the gang was broken up when Emile went to prison, but where do all these counterfeits come from, eh?
"The Crimson Gardenia and Other Tales of Adventure" by Rex Beach
Afraid to vote against the tools of the cattle thieves for fear of antagonizing the gang.
"Langford of the Three Bars" by Kate Boyles

In poetry:

"O Elsie, lassie, be yersel!
The snaw-stour's driftin thrang!
O tak me in, the win' 's sae snell,
And in an hour I'll gang."
"The Last Wooin" by George MacDonald
The lady stands in her bower door,
And thus she made her mane:
"Oh, shall I gang to Broomfield Hills,
Or shall I stay at hame?
"The Broomfield Hill" by Andrew Lang
"I'll wager a wager wi' you," she said,
"A hundred pounds and ten,
That I will gang to Broomfield Hills,
A maiden return again."
"The Broomfield Hill" by Andrew Lang
"Shall we young Benjie head, sister?
Shall we young Benjie hang?
Or shall we pike out his twa gray een,
And punish him ere he gang?"
"Young Benjie" by Andrew Lang
Lasses and lads, tak' advice,
An' dinna ye gang for to woo,
Until ye hae gather'd the siller,
An' the weel plenish'd kist it is fu'.
"Lay" by Carolina Oliphant
"And when he hae your work all done,
Ye'll gang to a bush o' broom,
And then you'll hear what he will say,
When he sees ye are gane."
"The Broomfield Hill" by Andrew Lang

In news:

ELIZABETH — A self-admitted member of the Crips street gang who is charged with two separate murders was indicted on the more recent offense today, Union County Prosecutor Theodore J Romankow said.
Two more alleged members of the Asian Gangster Crips street gang were arrested during SWAT team operations Thursday, bringing the total to three suspects detained in a July 4 shooting outside a Norcross gas station.
He was a founder of the gang, akin to royalty.
Crips and Bloods Gangs is Cinema Topic.
Most likely a gang member from the Folk Nation, either Gangster Disciple or Crip , tagged this Hickory Hill stop sign with a message for area Vice Lords.
It is this Crip vs Crip vendetta that keeps them from overrunning their enemies in the smaller numbers of Blood and Piru gangs.
No matter where you heard it, Stanley "Tookie" Williams was not the co-founder of the Crip street gang in Los Angeles.
Prosecutors say YouTube rap video evidence of gang ties.
'Rape Gang' allegations cry out for discipline.
Currie Graham has been tapped to lead Royal Flush Gang on Arrow, has learned.
Five more Cut Throat gang members sentenced.
Cut Throat gang members sentenced to federal prison.
A disc jockey working at a party in Paloma Creek over the weekend reported to police that he was punched in the mouth by a man because he wouldn't play some "gangsta rap" music for him and his gang.
Instead, gangs of "resurrection men", armed with shovels and hampers, robbed graves, and some killed innocents, to provide bodies for the city's surgeons to dissect .
A Ventura County man could spend the rest of his life behind bars after being convicted of killing a rival in what prosecutors say was a gang related drive-by shooting.

In science:

We generalise a method of Xiao Gang to construct ’prototypes’ of fibred surfaces with maximal irregularity without being a product.
Maximally irregularly fibred surfaces of general type
Multiple edge fibers were ganged onto 16 PMTs with similar readout.
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Padmanabhan and Erik Verlinde for correspondence and Xiao-Gang Wen for conversation on this topic.
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The other region is the “double-strip region,” where two ganged strips are read out by one electronics channel. The relative alignment of the four GEM detectors is performed using only the single-strip regions for x and y.
Detection and Imaging of High-Z Materials with a Muon Tomography Station Using GEM Detectors
Song, Jian; Tian, Gang: The K¨ahler-Ricci flow on surfaces of positive Kodaira dimension.
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The fibres were glued with optical epoxy intermittently along their length, and with the fibres in each channel ganged together and readout with a 64 channel Hamamatsu 8500 (H8500) Multi-anode photomultiplier tube (MA-PMT).
A 1 mm Scintillating Fibre Tracker Readout by a Multi-anode Photomultiplier
Gang Tian, On a set of polarized K¨ahler metrics on algebraic manifolds, J.
What is the total Betti number of a random real hypersurface?
Note that the original idea of Chalker was that of reconciling the one-parameter scaling of Gang-of-Four16 with the multifractal behavior.
Levy flights and multifractality in quantum critical diffusion and in classical random walks on fractals
Gang Tian, On a set of polarized K¨ahler metrics on algebraic manifolds, J.
Betti numbers of random real hypersurfaces and determinants of random symmetric matrices
We are especially indebted to Prof. Xie Yi-gang, Dr.
The Reconstruction Algorithm Study of 2D Interpolating Resistive Readout Structure
GEM design allows a high degree of flexibility with, for instance, possibilities for microstrips for precision tracking layer(s), variable pad sizes, and optional ganging of pads for finer granularity future readout if allowed by cost considerations.
Calorimetry for Lepton Collider Experiments - CALICE results and activities
Gangolli [Gang] defined a zeta functions for all compact rank one Shimura manifolds.
Geometric Zeta Functions, $L^2$-Theory, and Compact Shimura Manifolds
To realise this goal, the operating system must support gang scheduling of parallel programs, identify idle resources in the system (such as processors, memory, and networks), and offer globalised access to them.
Cluster Computing White Paper
Zhilin et al. (1994)] Zhilin Q and Gang H, Spatiotemporally periodic states, periodic windows, and intermittency in coupled map lattices, Phys.
Spatio-temporal Chaos and Vacuum Fluctuations of Quantized Fields