Gallus gallus


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Gallus gallus a jungle fowl of southeastern Asia that is considered ancestral to the domestic fowl
    • n Gallus gallus a domestic fowl bred for flesh or eggs; believed to have been developed from the red jungle fowl
    • ***


In literature:

Quintus Gallus and Gaius Fabius made a campaign against him.
"Dio's Rome, Volume 1 (of 6)" by Cassius Dio
And what did I want with galluses?
"Samantha at the World's Fair" by Marietta Holley
Certainly his passion transcends the vivacious sentiment of poor Gallus.
"Roads from Rome" by Anne C. E. Allinson
Gallus, Caesar, 62, 105.
"The Arian Controversy" by H. M. Gwatkin
De men wore homespun britches wid galluses to hold 'em up.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
And as I before remarked, our beloved comrade, Lige Bemis, is certainly a gallus-looking slink.
"A Certain Rich Man" by William Allen White
All de galluses dat was wo' in dem days was made by de darkies.
"Slave Narratives Vol. XIV. South Carolina, Part 1" by Various
We used to call them galluses in my day.
"An Arkansas Planter" by Opie Percival Read
His gallus is up and he'd burn de world.
"The Entailed Hat" by George Alfred Townsend
Gallus ascends the throne.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 03" by Various

In poetry:

"Old brogan shoes and homespun socks?" the very things I need;
For too much dress and fashion, sir, would my lithe step impede;
An old cord "gallus," friend, would hold my breeches on to me,
And I'd not care a snap about their bagging at the knee.
"If I Had A Million" by Samuel Alfred Beadle

In news:

Gallus Inc and ASL Print FX will be the hosts of a Package Printing Forum on Thursday, July 14 in Vaughan, ON, Canada.
Gallus and BHS are inviting folding carton manufacturers and paperboard converters from both North and South America to attend a technology seminar at Cadmus ' production facility in Charlotte, NC, USA, scheduled for November 1.
Cadmus has installed multiple press systems from Gallus/BHS for inline production of high-end folding cartons and has agreed to open its doors for this day only to host the event at its Whitehall facility.
Swiss press maker Gallus has opened two sales and service offices in Asia.
Gallus South East Asia ( Gallus SEA) is in Singapore, and Gallus India is in Mumbai.
The newly installed Gallus ICS670 in-line machine system at Emirates Printing Press .
The newly installed Gallus ICS670 in-line machine system at Emirates Printing Press.
The Gallus EM 410 label press at Stratus has a 16 web width, 10 print stations and three unwinds.
Obchodní tiskárni Kolín (OTK) - a print shop based 60 km east of Prague - has recently installed a Gallus EM 410 S nine-color flexographic press, making it the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic.
The Gallus Group, a manufacturer of narrow web presses and screen printing equipment based in St Gallen, Switzerland, reports turnover for 2007 at CHF289 million (US$295 million), up CHF6 million from 2006.
Among the more trivial of pursuits by industry watchers has been to theorize on what the Heidelberg giant will ever do with its 30 percent stake in Gallus Holding AG.
The common domestic fowl ( Gallus gallus ).
PHILADELPHIA, PA Gallus Printing Machinery Corp.

In science:

In a fundamental and important discovery it was shown that developmental differences in a chicken (gallus gallus domesticus) gynandromorph (Rooster-Hen in 5a) are cell based and not hormone based [113, 22].
A Developmental Network Theory of Gynandromorphs, Sexual Dimorphism and Species Formation
However, results on the Spotted Sandpiper, Actidis macularia, the Wilson's Phalarope, Phalaropus tricolour, the Bar-headed Goose, Anser indicus, the Common Eider and the Bantam hen, Gallus domesticus, mitigate this assumption (Dittami, 1981; Oring et al., 1986, 1988; Sharp et al., 1988; Criscuolo et al., 2002).
Post-hatching parental care behaviour and hormonal status in a precocial bird
Sociobiol. 40, 101-106. Richard-Yris, M.A., Leboucher, G., Grillou, H., Richard, J.P., 1988. Développement des réponses parentales chez Gallus domesticus : effet de l'âge et du sexe.
Post-hatching parental care behaviour and hormonal status in a precocial bird