• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Fra frȧ Brother; -- a title of a monk or friar; as, Fra Angelo.
    • adv. & prep Fra frȧ Fro.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • Fra Same as fro.
    • n Fra An abbreviation of Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music.
    • Fra An abbreviation of Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
It., for frate,. See Friar


In literature:

Crucifixion, by Fra Angelico.
"The Scrap Book, Volume 1, No. 4" by Various
Let us own that Fra Luke had his grave misgivings on this score.
"Gerald Fitzgerald The Chevalier" by Charles James Lever
Morland, with his ripply hair and the features of a Fra Angelico angel, would seem out of place in khaki.
"The Head Girl at the Gables" by Angela Brazil
Andreas had as his preceptor a monk named Fra Roberto, who was the open enemy of Philippa, and her competitor in power.
"Women of the Romance Countries (Illustrated)" by John R Effinger
She has a good word forbye Fra a' folk in the town.
"Mopsa the Fairy" by Jean Ingelow
The figure of the Republic ceased to appear on the seal of State in 1805, and the inscription REP. FRA.
"Paris" by William Walton
Maestro (Fra Paolo Sarpi), 6 Paolo the Venetian (Marco Polo), 4.
"On the magnet, magnetick bodies also, and on the great magnet the earth" by William Gilbert of Colchester
There was at that time a noble Dominican monk in Lisbon, Fra Vincente Fonseca, scion of a distinguished family.
"The History of Cuba, vol. 1" by Willis Fletcher Johnson
Witherspoon; Fra's Hopkinson; William Ellery; John Hart; Roger Sherman; James Wilson; Charles Carroll of Carrollton; Th.
"Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution" by L. Carroll Judson
Fra Angelico puts these instruments into the hands of an angelic lady.
"Rustic Sounds and Other Studies in Literature and Natural History" by Francis Darwin
He was an admirer and follower of Savonarola, on whose death he took the Dominican habit, and assumed the name of Fra Bartolommeo.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 3" by Various
Fra ham nedstammer Familien Lindenroth, som til Minde om denne vaeldige Strid foerer en Lindorm i sit Vaaben.
"Beowulf" by R. W. Chambers
They cried in their rage because Fra Geronimo had escaped them.
"The Great Mogul" by Louis Tracy
Yon parson's all very well, but he's fra London, and he'll hev to get up pretty early to get over a Lincoln man, eh?
"The Parson O' Dumford" by George Manville Fenn
The church contains fine inlaid choir stalls by Fra Giovanni da Verona.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 7" by Various
Fra Bartolo will feed you better than we should, and cram you with brigand stories better still.
"Paul Gosslett's Confessions in Love, Law, and The Civil Service" by Charles James Lever
I'm boun' to have a smack fra them red lips o' hers.
"Gwen Wynn" by Mayne Reid
So according to the will and meaning of Fra.
"Mysteries of the Rosie Cross" by Anonymous
He employed Fra Angelico to paint in the convent of San Marco, and Benozzo Gozzoli in his private chapel.
"A Short History of Italy" by Henry Dwight Sedgwick
Hev ye heerd t' news fra' te t' 'Black Lion'?
"The Revellers" by Louis Tracy

In poetry:

They're leadin' brekkons doon fra' moors
For cattle-beddin'
On t'track 'at goes by t' larch plantation
To our Tom steadin'.
"October Moors (For Pauline Clough Young)" by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe
I DIDN'T knaw neets could be lonesome,
'At day could be too long,
'At weeks when thoo wur far fra' Dallow
Iverything would go wrong;
"All Or Nowt" by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe
"Ma ti ricorda degli accenti miei,
"Ed agli astanti, quel di`, li ripeti....
"Se tu prima morissi, io li vorrei
"Ripetere fra i mille sepolcreti.
"In Morte Di Emilio Praga" by Ferdinando Fontana
Costui vivra` da pochi consolato,
Fra il bivio orrendo d'essere un buon padre,
O di spezzar la cetera indignato,
Per altre volutta` meno leggiadre!
"In Morte Di Emilio Praga" by Ferdinando Fontana
O he has ridden o'er field and fell,
Through muir and moss, and mony a mire;
His spurs o' steel were sair to bide,
And fra her fore-feet flew the fire.
"Annan Water" by Andrew Lang
My childer shall learn fra' t' neet an' t' day,
Fra' sorrow an' viewly mirth,
Thine 'ull be owners o' girt steean halls,
Mine—Lords o' t' owd broon earth.
"Yorkshire Gypsy" by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe

In news:

Illinois, FRA sign off on environmental statement for Chicago-St. Louis high-speed rail line.
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) have approved the Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the full build-out of the Chicago-St.
FRA intends to make changes to stakeholder agreements for High Speed Rail grants.
FRA names Bill Whittemore to replace David Pack as head football coach.
The 1998 Mr Football winner, Brentwood grad has been on the FRA coaching staff for three seasons More.
There's a two-stage process as to how Social Security calculates the reduction and it's based upon how many months ahead of your FRA you are filing.
Safety FRA, rail industry launch collaborative anti-distraction effort.
Fra Bartolomeo's portrait of Girolamo Savonarola.
Turnaround has FRA headed into playoffs feeling positive.
FRA report to Congress outlines myriad challenges in implementing Positive Train Control.
Santa Fe County has squeezed parts of Agua Fría Road via rubber curb extenders that narrow the roadway for safety concerns.
The county has chosen to narrow three stretches of Agua Fría by 2 feet with the 25-foot-long rubber strips.
Whittemore won't pass up opportunities to rely on run game at FRA.
FRA tackles workplace electronic device danger.
Tory Miller's recipe for seafood fra diavolo.

In science:

The Fra¨ıss´e limits of these classes are not pairwise isomorphic as countable structures and none of them is isomorphic to the random polyhedron.
A Ramsey space of infinite polyhedra and the infinite random polyhedron
The automorphism group of its Fra¨ıss´e limit is therefore extremely amenable.
A Ramsey space of infinite polyhedra and the infinite random polyhedron
Let M be the Fra¨ıss´e limit of the class C , and G = Aut(M ).
The random graph
We say that a countable relational structure M is universal (or rich for its age, in Fra¨ıss´e’s terminology ) if every countable structure N whose age is contained in that of M (i.e., which is younger than M ) is embeddable in M .
The random graph
This class satisfies Fra¨ıss´e’s hypotheses, and so has a Fra¨ıss´e limit M .
The random graph
Let Hn be the Fra¨ıss´e limit of the class of Kn -free graphs, for n ≥ 3 (see Theorem 14).
The random graph
A remarkable example of a homogeneous structure is the celebrated Urysohn space, whose construction predates Fra¨ıss´e’s work by more than two decades.
The random graph
Since U is uncountable, it is not strictly covered by the Fra¨ıss´e theory, but one can proceed as follows.
The random graph
The set of finite rational metric spaces (those with all distances rational) is a Fra¨ıss´e class; the restriction to countable distances ensures that there are only countably many non-isomorphic members.
The random graph
Its Fra¨ıss´e limit is the so-called rational Urysohn space UQ .
The random graph
Note that, if a Fra¨ıss´e class has the strong amalgamation property, than we may adjoin to it a total order (independent of the rest of the structure) to obtain a new Ramsey class.
The random graph
Now the theorem above suggests a procedure for finding Ramsey classes: take a Fra¨ıss´e class of ordered structures and test the Ramsey property. A number of Ramsey classes, old and new, arise in this way: ordered graphs, Kn -free graphs, metric spaces, etc.
The random graph
Fra¨ıss´e (1953), Sur certains relations qui g´en´eralisent l’ordre des nombres rationnels, C. R.
The random graph
Fra¨ıss´e (1986), Theory of Relations, North-Holland, Amsterdam.
The random graph
Todorcevic (2005), Fra¨ıss´e limits, Ramsey theory, and topological dynamics of automorphism groups, Geom.
The random graph