Follow board


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Follow board (Founding) a board on which the pattern and the flask lie while the sand is rammed into the flask.
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In literature:

Being invited on the following morning to explain the situation at a conference on board the U.S.S.
"The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 2" by Henry Baerlein
Antony immediately left his flagship, boarded a quinquereme and followed.
"A History of Sea Power" by William Oliver Stevens and Allan Westcott
Jack and Alick had, meantime, with half a dozen followers, boarded a big junk, the crew of which made a most desperate resistance.
"The Three Midshipmen" by W.H.G. Kingston
My board was paid up to the following day, but I hadn't a dollar to my name.
"Twenty Years of Hus'ling" by J. P. Johnston
Vienna was left on January 27th, and from Trieste, on the following day, sail was made on board H.M.S.
"The Life of King Edward VII" by J. Castell Hopkins
Leaving him to the enjoyment of the new order of things, we will follow Mr. Hamblin on board of the ship.
"Dikes and Ditches" by Oliver Optic
He had come across a sign-board which had announced that, by following a certain path, one would arrive at the Passport Office.
"The Kingdom Round the Corner" by Coningsby Dawson
Whyna followed, but I told her I was obliged to go on board of the schooner, and that she had better go and lie down.
"The Privateer's-Man" by Frederick Marryat
Soon there followed a noise as of a board being softly shoved aside, then a step on the floor.
"The Young Railroaders" by Francis Lovell Coombs
He was possessed with insane desire to follow up that boarding house clue.
"Found in the Philippines" by Charles King
She got on board the boat, which was not crowded, and he followed a little way behind.
"A Beautiful Alien" by Julia Magruder
Then he couldn't have followed us on board the ship.
"Boy Scouts in the Canal Zone" by G. Harvey Ralphson
Three knocks followed each other in quick succession, and I heard the boards vibrate under my feet.
"The Birthright" by Joseph Hocking
That plan was followed diplomatically when she secured a private interview with her father, after the return on board the yacht.
"Heart of the Blue Ridge" by Waldron Baily
Ladrone followed me most trustfully, looking straight ahead, his feet clumping loudly on the boards of the walk.
"The Trail of the Goldseekers" by Hamlin Garland
We shall follow the man who boarded the train.
"Ted Marsh on an Important Mission" by Elmer Sherwood
We will follow him on board.
"The Traitors" by E. Phillips (Edward Phillips) Oppenheim
The beetle moved over to the control board, Jim following closely, and set the ship in motion.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science September 1930" by Various
The following document was discovered on yesterday morning posted on the "legal advertisement" board hanging at the court-house door.
"Ku Klux Klan" by J. C. Lester
In supervision of our qualifications as masters and mates, the Board of Trade has followed the lines of least resistance.
"Merchantmen-at-Arms" by David W. Bone

In poetry:

Upon a board they carried her
To the place where four roads met,
And I was one among the throng
That hither followed them along,
I shall never the sight forget!
"The Cross Roads" by Robert Southey
Colin Chisholm, one of the survivors was looking very pale,
Stretched on a sofa at the boarding-house, making his wail:
Poor fellow! his feet was greatly swollen, and with a melancholy air,
He gave the following account of the distressing affair:
"A Tale of the Sea" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

The decision was made following a 45 minute board meeting Monday.
One can only hope and pray that the Village of Potsdam, the County and the School Board will follow their outstanding example.
Lunch will be followed with the installation of the 2013 Brecksville Chamber of Commerce Board by Mayor Jerry Hruby.
A California parole board on Thursday recommended parole for Bruce Davis, one of Charles Manson 's followers and a convicted killer.
A California parole board panel has recommended parole for a Charles Manson follower who has been imprisoned for 40 years.
Parole board OKs Manson follower's release.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A former Charles Manson follower imprisoned for 40 years in a double murder engineered by Manson won a recommendation of parole Thursday in his 27th appearance before a parole board panel.
California parole board OKs Manson follower's release.
The following is the view of The Saginaw News Editorial Board on the plans for Central Michigan University's medical school campus in Saginaw.
The nomination of Williams may be viewed by some as a victory for labor, which lost its sole representative on the board when labor official Dennis Martire stepped down in October following a dispute with Virginia Gov Robert F McDonnell (R).
In an exclusive interview with The Washington Post, University of Virginia President Teresa A Sullivan speaks out about her ousting by the university's Board of Visitors in June, the tumult that followed and her eventual reinstatement.
Coach Attendant Clifford Brown helps guests board a train car for a tour following a ceremony to mark new Amtrak service in Norfolk .
Kay Curtis of the Secretary of State's Office says the State Objections Board has set its follow-up meeting for 10 am Monday.
The following letter was recently sent to the Madera County Board of Supervisors.
Taxpayers employed within Ridgway Township will pay a local service tax following the adoption of an ordinance during Tuesday afternoon's board of supervisors meeting.

In science:

If the board is only partially completed, we can determine the state of the game as follows.
Artificial intelligence for Bidding Hex
On doing that we estimated the maximum number of templates that a single GPU board can process requiring that the computation has to be fast enough to follow the online data acquisition.
cuInspiral: prototype gravitational waves detection pipeline fully coded on GPU using CUDA
Consequently, in the following we may assume w.l.o.g. that whenever Builder manages to enforce an r-colored graph G+ on the board, he has as many such copies available as he needs in further steps.
Coloring random graphs online without creating monochromatic subgraphs
As it turns out, the only type of move that is useful for Builder is of the following form: Assume that for each of the colors s ∈ [r] the board contains a monochromatic copy of some subgraph Hs of F in color s.
Coloring random graphs online without creating monochromatic subgraphs
For Builder such a strategy follows from the general principles underlying the procedure sketched in Section 2.1: all steps of the dynamic program which is at the heart of our approach can be interpreted as actual construction steps on the board of the deterministic game.
Coloring random graphs online without creating monochromatic subgraphs
The leader follows a predefined path and the follower receives the leader’s data via a wireless communication board (IM-500X008, FreeWave).
Hybrid 3-D Formation Control for Unmanned Helicopters
To prove Theorem 2, it will suffice to prove the assertion about P ∈ SF (231), for the assertion about P ∈ SF (312) then follows by considering the inverse placement P ′ on the conjugate board F ′ , with P ′ ∈ SF ′ (231).
A Simple Bijective Proof of the Shape-Wilf-Equivalence of the Patterns 231 and 312
SSG - Students grade in Senior Secondary education. Students who are in state board appear for five subjects each carry 100 marks. Grade are assigned to all students using following mapping O – 90% to 100%, A – 80% - 89%, B – 70% - 79%, C – 60% - 69%, D – 50% - 59%, E – 40% - 49%, and F - < 40%.
Data Mining: A Prediction for Performance Improvement of Engineering Students using Classification
The airplane boarding looks as follows: The first passenger enters the airplane and proceeds to the seat number 2.
Lectures on integrable probability
The situation will change soon following the launch of Swift in June 2004, which will automatically record essentially all the triggered GRB early afterglows starting from 100 seconds after the triggers with an on-board X-ray telescope (XRT) and a UV-optical telescope (UVOT).
Gamma-Ray Bursts: Progress, Problems & Prospects
The DAQ system can be summarised as follows: All data from the sensors is transferred via frontend boards to an intermediate readout and data reduction board called EUDRB (EUDET Data Reduction Board) .
Summary of One Year Operation of the EUDET CMOS Pixel Telescope
Two I/O busses are supported: For the telescope the VME64x bus is used to allow high speed data transfer and synchronous operation with other devices while an USB2.0 interface is foreseen for standalone testing. A mother / daughter board scheme has been followed to maximise the flexibility.
Summary of One Year Operation of the EUDET CMOS Pixel Telescope
In the following chapter we will describe the Sundance Acquisition system, which is going to be interfaced to the J2S board.
Progetto di un detector a camera di ionizzazione per esperimenti SAXS
A weak point of the old design, featuring a single J2S board, was the following: the LVTTL signals relative to the ZCQSI interface and primary clocks for the JAMEX ASICs were transferred via flat cable from the Sundance acquisition system to the J2S board.
Progetto di un detector a camera di ionizzazione per esperimenti SAXS
In the following we summarize the results of the preliminary noise and offset measurements on the Sundance acquisition system connected to the J2S board family and in particular to the J2S.
Progetto di un detector a camera di ionizzazione per esperimenti SAXS