Floating battery


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Floating battery (Mil) a battery erected on rafts or the hulls of ships, chiefly for the defense of a coast or the bombardment of a place.
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In literature:

At a distance, this fort looks like a vast floating battery.
"The Stranger in France" by John Carr
This morning their was a man ran away from the floating battery.
"The Military Journals of Two Private Soldiers, 1758-1775" by Abraham Tomlinson
If she could not be a ship of war, at least let her be a floating battery.
"The Gulf and Inland Waters" by A. T. Mahan
Floating batteries protected with iron plates were first employed during the Crimean War.
"Man on the Ocean" by R.M. Ballantyne
Their floating batteries, evidently, are firing only at our batteries by the water.
"Held Fast For England" by G. A. Henty
Floating batteries were built, and towed into position.
"The Naval History of the United States" by Willis J. Abbot
The chief reliance of the besiegers was, however, placed on the floating batteries.
"How Britannia Came to Rule the Waves" by W.H.G. Kingston
"Reminiscences of Forts Sumter and Moultrie in 1860-'61" by Abner Doubleday
These, as they floated past the city, were fired at by the British batteries.
"The Story of Commodore John Barry" by Martin Griffin
On Sunday, July 1st, the regiment was cannonaded by some floating batteries, losing four killed and eight wounded.
"An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America" by J. P. MacLean
A boat or floating battery it seemed to be.
"My Days and Nights on the Battle-Field" by Charles Carleton Coffin
The until now undecided question between batteries on land and floating ones will be decided in Charleston harbor.
"Diary from November 12, 1862, to October 18, 1863" by Adam Gurowski
In truth they are nothing more than floating batteries, useful in the defence of harbors or the attack of forts.
"Continental Monthly, Vol. III, No IV, April 1863" by Various
Nevertheless, the government is constructing a monster at Norfolk, and several similar floating batteries in the West.
"A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital" by John Beauchamp Jones
With the destruction of the floating batteries the siege was virtually concluded.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 14" by Various
The other ships and a floating battery followed his example.
"The Student's Life of Washington; Condensed from the Larger Work of Washington Irving" by Washington Irving
With what energy Moultrie, Pinckney, and Morris Island and the floating battery redoubled their fire.
"The Boys of '61" by Charles Carleton Coffin
Clearing ship for action took but little preparation, since the monitors carried only what was necessary as floating batteries.
"Rounding up the Raider" by Percy F. Westerman
The floating batteries employed in the Crimean War in which Napoleon III.
"Social Transformations of the Victorian Age" by T. H. S. (Thomas Hay Sweet) Escott
Fulton's proposal concerned a floating battery propelled by steam power.
"Smithsonian Institution - United States National Museum - Bulletin 240" by Anonymous

In news:

The Confederate Floating Battery Revival During the American Civil War.
Most simply provide a float charge that gives owners a false sense of security that the batteries are being handled effectively.
CRS Jet Spares is offering a new low-current/constant-voltage battery trickle charger that can be used to float-charge nicad and lead-acid mainship batteries.