Flight feathers


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Flight feathers (Zoöl) the wing feathers of a bird, including the quills, coverts, and bastard wing. See Bird.
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In literature:

In fame of learning, the flight will be slow without some feathers of ostentation.
"Essays" by Francis Bacon
Everywhere shivering birds were to be seen, their feathers all fluffed out, gathering together for flight to summer lands.
"The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle" by Hugh Lofting
Look at the over-studied arrangements of their wing flights, and the affected exactness of their tall feathers!
"Dot and the Kangaroo" by Ethel C. Pedley
Her wishes take flight with the feathered songsters, but Tonio brings her rudely to earth.
"A Second Book of Operas" by Henry Edward Krehbiel
Now, the feathers of Koorookh in his flight were ruffled by a chill breeze, and they were speeding through a light glow of cold rose-colour.
"The Shaving of Shagpat, Complete" by George Meredith
On we went, every sound and movement of the forest seeming to spur us forward and add flight-feathers to our speeding feet.
"The Hidden Children" by Robert W. Chambers
It was a large arrow having a barbed point and flighted with red feathers.
"The People Of The Mist" by H. Rider Haggard
Most birds shed their rowing feathers one at a time in each wing, so that they never lose their power of flight.
"Citizen Bird" by Mabel Osgood Wright and Elliott Coues
Flight of poetic imagination there cannot be unless the wings have been feathered in the heart.
"Essays Æsthetical" by George Calvert
It is the exception when a plumed bird drops feathers of any value while in flight.
"Our Vanishing Wild Life" by William T. Hornaday
Known in flight by white tail feathers and thin white bar on wing.
"Two Little Savages" by Ernest Thompson Seton
A feather dropped from the bird as it took flight.
"The Pilots of Pomona" by Robert Leighton
Look at the over-studied arrangements of their wing flights, and the affected exactness of their tail feathers!
"Dot and the Kangaroo" by Ethel C. Pedley
A rustling in the air, as of birds, then heralds the flight of three doves, who cast their feathers and become fair maidens.
"The Science of Fairy Tales" by Edwin Sidney Hartland
It has white flight feathers, and its black color is a rusty black, that is, a black mixed with red.
"Our Domestic Birds" by John H. Robinson
The falcons proper (genus Falco), for strength, symmetry, and powers of flight are the most perfectly developed of the feathered race.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia" by Various
There is but my widow, and she is adjusting her feathers for flight.
"The Pastor's Wife" by Elizabeth von Arnim
She bolted into a snug-fitting fur toque, brightened by a flight of feathers at the side, green with a touch of red.
"The Salamander" by Owen Johnson
It was one of the few feathers that Time had cast in his flight, to mark the past and confuse the present.
"The Puddleford Papers," by H. H. Riley
There are two kinds of feathers, parabolic and straight, but there is very little difference in their flight.
"The Sportswoman's Library, Vol. 1 of 2" by Various

In poetry:

What know I
Of the will of the tense bow from which I fly?
What the need or jest,
That feathers my flight to its bloody rest.
"Gisli: The Chieftain" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
SEE where on Alpine heights the hunter keen
Follows the feather-footed chamois's flight,
Now on the brink of fearful abyss seen,
Now proudly gazing from the slippery height.
"The Hunter of The Alps" by Charlotte Dacre
Its pinions pitifully frail
I wrested from the muck;
I feared the feathers of its tail
Would never come unstuck.
. . . The jewel-bright it flashed in flight -
Oh how I wished it luck!
"Old Boy Scout" by Robert W Service
"When stones shall take, of themselves, a flight,
And ravens' feathers are woxen white,
Then may'st thou expect Svend Vonved home:
In all my days, I will never come."
Look out, look out, Svend Vonved.
"Svend Vonved" by George Borrow
Gleam of hovering feathers, brushing me to flout me!
Wings, be weary! Rest! Who loves you more than I?
Caught? Oh fluttering pinions whitening air about me!
Rustling wings, and distant flight, and empty cage and sky!
"The Poet To His Love" by Edith Nesbit

In news:

Fuck buttons Flight of the Feathered Serpent tarot sport.
Last night, a Delta flight approaching La Guardia was the victim of a vicious kamikaze bird attack that left blood, feathers, and a surprisingly large dent in the nose of the plane (which landed safely).
The shuttlecocks (or "birdies" to the casual fan) contain 16 goose feathers eventually have parachuting effect in flight, but, the speeds coming off the racket are almost blinding.
But new reconstructions of Archaeopteryx and its kin suggest quite different feather arrangements on their wings with profound implications for the evolution of flight.
The feathers may have taken on new roles, such as keeping the dinosaurs warm or making flight possible, as the animals evolved later.
HORSE FEATHERS Months later, the bird died, miserable, never having known the freedom of flight.

In science:

We may also be interested in the flight patterns of a large flock of Canadian Geese, but we may not be interested in the color patterns of their feathers.
Complex Systems
Conversely, the intense moult of flight feathers was always initiated after the disruption of the parental care period.
Post-hatching parental care behaviour and hormonal status in a precocial bird