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    • Field-glass a binocular telescope slung over the shoulder in a case
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. feld; cf. Dut. veld, the open country, Ger. feld.


In literature:

It was surrounded completely by the enemy, as a careful inspection through our field-glasses showed.
"Three Years' War" by Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
After perhaps half an hour Harris caught five horsemen in the field of his glasses.
"The Settling of the Sage" by Hal G. Evarts
Terry Temple out in front of the dilapidated Temple home was amusing herself with a pair of field-glasses.
"Man to Man" by Jackson Gregory
Camera and field glasses went with her; for lunch a bit of jerked beef and a piece of hard chocolate.
"The Short Cut" by Jackson Gregory
The boat described a wide semi-circle in the river, and the young man sitting at the stern swept the north shore with a field glass.
"The Bastonnais" by John Lesperance
Mr. Lambert drew round his field-glasses, and after long fumbling, focussed them on the pines.
"The Admirable Tinker" by Edgar Jepson
He borrowed the field-glasses of Pasquale.
"Steve Yeager" by William MacLeod Raine
He dared not ride on, lest the men in the car should have a field-glass.
"The Golden Silence" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
Here, let me put the field-glasses away.
"The Saddle Boys of the Rockies" by James Carson
His field glasses lay beside him, and he picked them up and raised himself to his feet.
"The Man Who Rocked the Earth" by Arthur Train
And March came along, and strolled off again a little way with his field glasses.
"Secret History Revealed By Lady Peggy O'Malley" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
I do not speak for myself for I have so far only examined the terrain through a field glass.
"Gallipoli Diary, Volume I" by Ian Hamilton
An orderly came running with a field glass and a scrap of paper.
"An Apache Princess" by Charles King
No longer do we see cocked hat Generals, on the summit of rising ground, spying the position of troops through his field-glasses.
"With The Immortal Seventh Division" by E. J. Kennedy and the Lord Bishop of Winchester
Harry carried a camera, which he had brought from the States, and George had the field glass strapped across the shoulders.
"The Wonder Island Boys: Adventures on Strange Islands" by Roger Thompson Finlay
Away in the distance the village was sighted, George's field glasses now being brought into play.
"The Wonder Island Boys: Treasures of the Island" by Roger Thompson Finlay
Just here, I drew a field-glass from the aeronaut, and reconnoitred the streets of the city.
"Campaigns of a Non-Combatant," by George Alfred Townsend
It amused Godfrey to follow her in the field of his glasses.
"Godfrey Morgan" by Jules Verne
When the sun rose that day, it shone upon what appeared to be a field of glass and a city of crystal.
"Fast in the Ice" by R.M. Ballantyne
Laying aside revolver and field glass, I prepared for the one supreme effort.
"The Awakening of the Desert" by Julius C. Birge

In poetry:

As leaves are from the trees soon blown away,
Or as the shears divide the thick-pil'd fleece,
Or as the lilies of the field decay,
Or as the brittle glass is broke with ease:
"A Memento Mori -- Or Remember Death" by Rees Prichard
Tho' with you I mingle not,
Memory's glass reveals the spot -
Bright each hill and field appears,
In the light of other years,
As the rainbow colors flow,
O'er the days of long ago.
"Merry New Year" by Henry Pelham Holmes Bromwell
The man who mighty mergers planned,
And oil and coal kinglike controlled,
With field-glasses in failing hand
Spies downy nestlings five days old,
With joy he could not buy for gold.
"Bird Watcher" by Robert W Service
Here the shores are irised. Grasses
Clump the water dark that glasses
Broken wood and deepened distance.
Far the musical persistence
Of a field-lark lingers low
In the west where tulips blow.
"One Day And Another: A Lyrical Eclogue – Part II" by Madison Julius Cawein
Like a swan to its young o'er the glass of a pond,
So to earth comes the angel, as graceful and fond;
While a bright beam of sunshine—his magical wand,
Strikes the fields at my feet, and the mountains beyond.
"The First Of The Angels" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
fresh morning to his window-sill.
As ravening birds began their song
the resurrected sun, whose long
triumph through flower-brushed fields would fill
night's gulfs and hungers, came to wink and laugh
in a glass jar beside a crumpled scarf.
"The Glass Jar" by Gwen Harwood

In news:

Learn words and phrases that manufacturers use to describe binoculars , including field of view, nitrogen-purging, and ED glass.
The only attachment to eliminate reflections in a cameras field of view, when looking through glass or plastic bandit barriers.
It includes hermetic field-removable SMA connectors while all joints are either glass-to-metal or metal-to-metal seals.
City of Sequim staff moved the glass recycling bin located on Maple Street behind the Sequim Police Station to a city-owned open field at the south end of Second Avenue across from the City Shop, 169 W Hemlock St in Sequim.
Built with Qatari funding and sniffed at by Prince Charles, the new skyscraper has 11,000 glass panels equal to eight soccer fields.
A leader in the field of synthetic biology, J. Craig Venter considers himself an optimist, but he can see the halfway point on the glass that's not full.
Landon Ard does not think he is the only football player who wears glasses on the field.
The field at Friendship Collegiate Academy is littered with rocks, glasses, sometimes syringes, and sometimes - worse.
Unlike copper cables that can act as an antenna, glass and plastic fibers are dielectric materials and, thus, immune to the stray EM fields common in motors drives, ac/dc power inverters, and power-distribution systems.
It was 10:03 am Wednesday when I carefully pushed through the glass doors that lead to the bullpen and infield diamond that sits below the main entrance to Bright House Field.
Since the Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority was launched twenty years ago, it's recycled enough paper, glass, metal, and plastics to fill eighty football fields fifty-six feet high.
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In science:

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