Fair one


  • A few of thousands of clay pipe fragments unearthed at Jamestown. The ones shown range in date from 1600 to 1700. During this 100-year period, pipes developed from small bowls to fairly large ones
    A few of thousands of clay pipe fragments unearthed at Jamestown. The ones shown range in date from 1600 to 1700. During this 100-year period, pipes developed from small bowls to fairly large ones
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Fair one a handsome woman; a beauty,
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  • Rene Descartes
    Rene Descartes
    “Nothing is more fairly distributed than common sense: no one thinks he needs more of it than he already has.”
  • Oscar Wilde
    “One should always play fair when one has the winning cards.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “The Irish are a fair people: They never speak well of one another.”


In literature:

It is added, that by this means Jean escaped his flogging, and that the wrath of the fair ones immediately subsided.
"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay
The blow had been a cowardly one, and certainly unmerited, and by all schoolboy tradition one fairly demanding a return.
"The Fifth Form at Saint Dominic's" by Talbot Baines Reed
But it was as fair for one as the other, and the Americans tore their way through and sped on.
"A Prisoner of Morro" by Upton Sinclair
The youths present were home talent, short on thrills for the fair ones present.
"Working With the Working Woman" by Cornelia Stratton Parker
Just the same, I'd like to get one fair crack at that Smith who went to Jarhard.
"At Good Old Siwash" by George Fitch
If theer must be a fight, let it be a fair one.
"The Flag of Distress" by Mayne Reid
This People's Garden was not exactly a Paradise yet, though it is in a fair way of becoming one.
"Mystic London:" by Charles Maurice Davies
All are needed by each one; Nothing is fair or good alone.
"Graded Memory Selections" by Various
Isn't the tall fair one beautiful though?
"A Dixie School Girl" by Gabrielle E. Jackson
One of our fair Britons had the darker malady.
"Lippincott's Magazine, November 1885" by Various
For who knows, whether the consolation sought by the fair one, will always be such as her lover will approve?
"The Humbugs of the World" by P. T. Barnum
It is one thing to invest, and quite a different matter to be assured a fair return on the investment.
"The New Education" by Scott Nearing
The sketch is powerful enough in its way, but the conclusion which the fair artist draws is at least an odd one.
"Modern Women and What is Said of Them" by Anonymous
We pledged ourselves to see they had fair play when they came in, and there's only one means of getting it.
"The Cattle-Baron's Daughter" by Harold Bindloss
As one who knew India, Berrington was in a position to judge the man fairly well.
"The Slave of Silence" by Fred M. White
Is it good, is it fair, is it honest to strike out the real answer and to insert in its place an adopted one?
"A Handful of Stars" by Frank W. Boreham
I remember your dear mother the fairest of the fair, and yet her lot in life was far from a happy one.
"The Flower Basket" by Unknown
One by one they came; tall and short, dark and fair, plump and thin, and each said, 'I am she whom you want.
"The Lilac Fairy Book" by Andrew Lang
She wished to get acquainted with these fair ones, but she took her own way to do so.
"The Fairchild Family" by Mary Martha Sherwood
One glance, and he fairly reeled back.
"Pretty Madcap Dorothy" by Laura Jean Libbey

In poetry:

For if of these fallen petals
One to you seem fair,
Love will waft it till it settles
On your hair.
"To My Wife With a Copy of My Poems" by Oscar Wilde
There you swayed one tranquil moment,
Mystically fair,
Then you were not of the sunset,
Were not in the air.
"The Apparition" by Duncan Campbell Scott
To walk with one, a youth,
With bright and sunny hair,
Whose words are only truth,
Whose love is heavenly fair.
"Sin Of The Choral Singer" by James Avis Bartley
O, the red rose shineth rare,
And the lily saintly fair;
But my shamrock, one in three,
Takes the inmost heart of me!
"Shamrock Song" by Katharine Tynan
To one more fair in form and face
Sweeter and stronger,
Who filled the throne with truer grace,
And filled it longer.
"A Lover's Confession" by Robert Fuller Murray
Her sunny hair is wondrous fair,
And wavy in its flow;
Who made it less
One little tress, -
Wouldn't you like to know?
""Wouldn't You Like To KNow"" by John Godfrey Saxe

In news:

One World Goods celebrating 25 years of fair trade commerce.
With no one oversight or regulatory body, a variety of organizations offer Fair Trade certification.
Only one month remains in the current city commission's tenure, but despite their lack of success the past two years, advocates of a " Fairness Ordinance" haven't given up on winning over Richmond's governing body.
It's county fair time, one of the best times of the year for rural America.
At the State Fair of Louisiana, I think I've managed to eat one of everything, including the beef sundae.
Gillette Job Fair Gillette Stadium is recruiting today, Monday, September 10, from noon to 8:00 PM at One Patriot Place, Foxboro, MA.
One of the most versatile terms in the political vocabulary is "fairness".
Goalie Michael Leighton, who was a hero in one 2010 playoff series and then became known, fairly or not, as the Guy Who Lost the Stanley Cup, re-signed with the Flyers on Sunday, the first day of the free-agent period.
The number one reason cited by those who spoke was fair access.
As curator of public art at both the High Line, a public park in Chelsea, and the Frieze New York art fair, Cecilia Alemani is one of the city's leading commissioners of public art.
The mid-size sports utility is one of those fairly rare vehicles that you get in and it's easy to drive right off the bat.
One of the biggest stars of the Latino recording world, singer/songwriter Enrique Iglesias , will play the Puyallup Fair on Sept 18.
Owls, like this one seen at an animal pet fair in Stuttgart, Germany, swallow their prey whole and then regurgitate what they can't digest.
The one-mile family-oriented dog walkathon and pet fair took place on Sept 29 at the RP Community Center.
For one, the international metropolis of Shanghai has fairly large communities of people from the Western world.

In science:

In these examples, as in many other ones, the pattern of connections between vertices is fairly random.
Defining statistical ensembles of random graphs
One can easily see that the low temperature part of all curves can be approximated fairly well by straight lines.
Simple Lattice-Models of Ion Conduction: Counter Ion Model vs. Random Energy Model
A non-radiative shock is one that heats plasma to a fairly high temperature, and that has encountered the plasma so recently that the shocked gas has had insufficient time to radiatively cool (McKee & Hollenbach 1980).
Far Ultraviolet Spectra of a Non-Radiative Shock Wave in the Cygnus Loop
Still, on the question, what is the finite temperature conductivity of bulk electronic or magnetic systems described by strongly interacting one dimensional Hamiltonians, it is fair to say that no definite answer has so far emerged nor there is a clear picture of the relevant scattering mechanisms.
Transport in one dimensional quantum systems
In one spatial dimension, the directions of light propagation are fairly restricted — the incident light can come from the left or from the right of the dielectric structure.
Quantum Physics of Simple Optical Instruments
When the zeros are ignored and ones are interpreted as \heads" and twos as \tails", on the other hand, (38) is in perfect agreement with a fair coin.
Pseudo Random Coins Show More Heads Than Tails
Our choice of the underlying scalar product in Y0 is fairly natural but not the only relevant one.
Bounds for contractive semigroups and second order systems
There are two easy cases, one when d± is fairly small and one where d± is fairly large, both of which were treated in , and which we present below.
On the singularity probability of random Bernoulli matrices
Just as in random graphs , under fairly liberal conditions one can use the constant probability model instead of the counting model from the previous de finition.
Spines of Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Definition and Connection with Computational Complexity
P (fair coin) measures the a priori probability of a fair coin and P ({σn}) measures the probability that this particular sequence will arise, averaged over all possible models that might describe it; schematically we can write P ({σn }) = Xall models and of course one of the possible models is the fair coin.
Should you believe that this coin is fair?
If one is unsure of the shape of the hazard, then one can use any of the convolution kernels that one finds in classical kernel based density estimation, where, for y = (m, σ) ∈ (−∞, ∞) × (0, ∞), a fairly simple choice is the rectangular kernel k(x|m, σ) = I{|x−m|≤σ} .
Bayesian Poisson process partition calculus with an application to Bayesian L\'evy moving averages
It is fair to say the group configuration theorem is one of the foundational theorems in geometric stability theory and its applications to algebraic geometry.
Constructing the hyperdefinable group from the group configuration
In this case, the limiting symplectic space is Symd(Σ1 ∨ Σ2 ), which has a fairly complicated singular set (consisting of those d-tuples where one element is the singular point p ∈ Σ1 ∨ Σ2 ).
Holomorphic disks and link invariants
The first is that expressions (9) can always be evaluated by computing expectations inside the logarithm, provided one keeps some fairly trivial restrictions on the λi .
On a nonhierarchical version of the generalized random energy model
Again, details are relegated to Appendix B, but obviously, a sample may seem fairly homogeneous on a large enough scale in one cosmologic model and fairly inhomogeneous in another, as demonstrated for example in (Horváth, Lukács & Paál 1992).
On a Possible Indicator of Homogeneity of the Universe