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    • n FCC an independent government agency that regulates interstate and international communications by radio and television and wire and cable and satellite
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In literature:

Gosh, I'd have the FCC, the FBI, and maybe a dozen others on my trail.
"The Electronic Mind Reader" by John Blaine
Talk of the FCC investigation had died aborning, but talk like that was enough to upset anybody.
"Prologue to an Analogue" by Leigh Richmond
The FCC's the least of our problems at the moment.
"The Samurai Strategy" by Thomas Hoover

In news:

FCC reviewing relay rules that are costing US businesses millions.
FCC chief's poker skills tested during tenure.
FCC Rules on Prerecorded Calls to Cell Phones.
TV gurus (FCC) decided February 17, 2009 was a date for the digital conversion.
A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on TV spectrum is the number one agenda item for the FCC's next regular meeting, scheduled for Nov 30.
FCC Seeks to Reclassify Wireline Broadband.
Shure announced that it has filed a Petition for Reconsideration on the FCC White Spaces Rules (docket 04-186) published in the Federal Register in February.
Late Thursday (March 6) the FCC released its order addressing requests for changes to TV stations.
The FCC granted, in whole or in part, 112 of these petitions.
Congress provided $1.75 billion to reimburse broadcasters in the upcoming repacking FCC Media Bureau chief, Bill Lake, said reimbursements would cover costs incurred in the repacking but not lost revenues.
FCC holds workshop on $1.75 billion repacking fund.
FCC Dismisses Texas Ham's Fourth Petition, Calls it " Repetitive ".
For the fourth time in six years, the FCC has rejected a Petition for Rulemaking filed by Glen Zook, K9STH.
While there are doubts about how much authority the FCC has in retransmission disputes, pressure is mounting, and the commission must take action to end the toll it's taken on subscribers.
The satellite industry believes that Philadelphia officials are overstepping their authority, in conflict with current FCC rules.

In science:

FCC lattice for d = 3), the locus of such extrema define upper and lower bounds within which all structures of identical spheres must lie.
Is Random Close Packing of Spheres Well Defined?
Thus, Q6 provides a measure of FCC crystallite formation in the system.
Is Random Close Packing of Spheres Well Defined?
For our purposes, we introduce a translational order parameter T which measures the degree of spatial ordering, relative to the perfect FCC lattice at the same volume fraction.
Is Random Close Packing of Spheres Well Defined?
FCC lattice at that density, a is the first nearest-neighbor distance for that FCC lattice, and NC is the total number of shells (here we choose δ = .196 and NC = 7).
Is Random Close Packing of Spheres Well Defined?
Observe that T = 0 for an ideal gas (perfect randomness) and T = 1 for perfect FCC spatial ordering.
Is Random Close Packing of Spheres Well Defined?
Section V), in this methodological section we work, for a change, with the FCC lattice.
Cross-over between first-order and critical wetting at the liquid-vapour interface of n-alkane/methanol mixtures: tricritical wetting and critical prewetting
We investigated further the effect of d and found that for higher d the minimum appears to be somewhat more pronounced, which may explain the results of Ref. , where d = 6 was taken (the lattice coordination number for an fcc lattice).
Reptation in the Rubinstein-Duke model: the influence of end-reptons dynamics
To carry out these studies, we began with an initial lattice – a periodic hexagonal or FCC lattice for models A and B and a randomly tesallated lattice for models C and D.
Nonaffine Correlations in Random Elastic Media
In the simplest versions of model A, the spring constant kb is an independent random variable on each bond of a two-dimensional hexagonal or a three-dimensional FCC lattice.
Nonaffine Correlations in Random Elastic Media
Figure 6(b) displays G (x)/(δk)2 on an FCC lattice as a function of |x| for different δk for γ = 0.1% fit to the function C − D/|x| predicted by Eq. (3.23).
Nonaffine Correlations in Random Elastic Media
It is possible to have a rather ordered packing at this very same density; for example, a jammed but diluted vacancy FCC lattice packing .
Comment on "Jamming at zero temperature and zero applied stress: The epitome of disorder"
For fcc Ag/Al a factor two difference between the (111) and (001) orientations was found and explained within the free electron model.
Orientation-Dependent Transparency of Metallic Interfaces
An important stage that provides qualitative consideration and required estimation is the case of an electron energy spectrum in the tight-binding approximation for BCC and FCC lattices .
Influence of the finite deformations changing the symmetry of an initial lattice on a generation of atoms displacements waves by non-equilibrium electrons
Let’s remind that γ − α (fcc - bcc) martensitic transformation is a classical example of reconstructive transformation.
Influence of the finite deformations changing the symmetry of an initial lattice on a generation of atoms displacements waves by non-equilibrium electrons
At φ ≈ 0.54 the system is completely crystalline and pHS (φ) eventually diverges at φFCC = π/3√2 ≈ 0.74, the packing fraction of the closepacked FCC lattice.
Why is Random Close Packing Reproducible?