• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Eye-spot (Zoöl) A simple visual organ found in many invertebrates, consisting of pigment cells covering a sensory nerve termination.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The "spot" on the 7-Up logo comes from its inventor who had red eyes. He was an albino.
    • n eye-spot One of the rudimentary sensory organs of many low animals which have been supposed to have a visual function. See eye, and cut under Balanoglossus.
    • n eye-spot The rudiment of an eye in the embryo of higher animals.
    • n eye-spot An ocellus.
    • n eye-spot In certain unicellular algæ, as Volvox, a (usually) reddish spot thought to resemble an eye in position and appearance.
    • n eye-spot An ocellated or eye-like spot, as those on the tail of a peacock.
    • n eye-spot Same as eyehole, 3.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The red spot on the 7up cans comes from it's inventor. He was an albino (albinos have red eyes).
    • Eye-spot a spot like an eye
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  • Joseph Hall
    Joseph Hall
    “A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. éage; cf. Goth. augo, Ger. auge, Dut. oog, Ice. auga.


In literature:

After looking for some time at the sun, two black spots, the impression which it leaves, seem to dance before our eyes.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. I. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke
The man's eyes are fastened on that spot.
"David Lockwin--The People's Idol" by John McGovern
Lizzie had tied a spotted veil tight over her nose and eyes.
"The Girl from Montana" by Grace Livingston Hill
Two brilliant spots burned on her cheeks, and her black eyes flashed and glowed with happiness.
"Grace Harlowe's Sophomore Year at High School" by Jessie Graham Flower
Hence the eye does not see the changes but gets an impression as if the picture remained at the same spot, only moving.
"The Photoplay" by Hugo Münsterberg
A blaze kindled in her blue eyes, and two spots of vivid color defined themselves in her cheeks.
"The Real Adventure" by Henry Kitchell Webster
I saw her gaze turn to the spot where Steele lay asleep, and it was a pity he could not see her eyes then.
"The Rustlers of Pecos County" by Zane Grey
Two conspicuously red spots shone in Miss Hopkins's cheeks, and her eyes were extremely bright.
"A Woman Named Smith" by Marie Conway Oemler
These spots may be seen with almost any telescope, the eye being protected by deeply colored glasses.
"Recreations in Astronomy" by Henry Warren
He moved warily on down to the place, his eyes searching every open spot for a glimpse of her.
"The Lookout Man" by B. M. Bower

In poetry:

In the growing darkness growing,
Growing till her eyes appear
Like spots of a deeper twilight,
But more transparent clear:
"The Old Garden" by George MacDonald
Ah! when shall I as quiet be,
When not a friend, or human eye,
Shall mark beneath the mossy tree
The spot where we forgotten lie!
"The Spirit Of Discovery" by William Lisle Bowles
Ha! even now the distant sky
Seems by one spot of darkness crost;
Yes, yes, a vessel meets my eye!…..
Or else I gaze in phrensy lost!
"The Lucayan's Song" by Amelia Opie
On this spot wan Winter casts
Eyes of ruth, and spares its green
From his bitter sea-nursed blasts,
Spears of rain and hailstones keen.
"Araluen" by Henry Kendall
A little fairy comes at night,
Her eyes are blue, her hair is brown’
with silver spots upon her wings,
And from the moon she flutters down.
"The Dream Fairy" by Thomas Hood
Does the heart still crave the spot it yearned on
In the grey and mortal years,
The pure flame the smoky hearth it burned on,
The clear eye its tears?
"All Saints" by Edith Wharton

In news:

The telescope's unblinking eye will spot the warm glow of asteroids larger than about 100 feet across — large enough to destroy a city.
With an eye for spotting sniveling weaklings, Vice President Paul Ryan gets ready to take the country in a new direction.
In the late 1970s I spotted a cut-down S&W 1917.45 ACP revolver in a gun book that really caught my eye.
Two weeks ago, the Atlanta football team was riding high with a 3-2 record and its eye on a playoff spot.
In the rumor mill is an item that Harpoon Larry's is eyeing a spot at.
Spies spotted Rihanna leaving Ashton Kutcher's bachelor pad (the same one Justin Bieber was eyeing.
FreeWheel study eyes growing tolerance for online spots By Anthony Crupi.
Your anti-aging regimen includes eye creams and spot treatments, but one area that gets often overlooked is your lips.
Feast your eyes on this admittedly incomplete, yet comprehensive, list of spots where you are sure to find an enjoyab.
See if you can spot the five naked-eye planets .
Your peepers are key to spotting great fish, so keeping your eyes protected and your vision sharp while fishing could be your best technique of all.
The Bulldogs break a long losing streak to rival Rosewood, clinch spot in eastern 1A regional championship game and eye another chapter in their fairy tale playoff run.
Several of the state's top amateur players will once again tackle Old Waverly Golf Course Wednesday eying a spot in the Southern Golf Association Southern Amateur championship next month in Palm Harbor, Florida.
With retail sales continuing to hold the top spot as the standout economic indicator in the parish and national retailers getting back in expansion mode, lots of eyes are turning to Lafayette.
There are ways to spot an employee with an eye on bringing down the network.

In science:

For instance, a light-sensitive spot (as the first stage of eye evolution) is of no use if it does not have the nerve wiring and brain capacity to transmit and interpret the signal.
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
At this energy the spot of a shower at maximum is visible with naked eyes, and the scanning process is much simplified.
Cosmic Ray Astrophysics and Hadronic Interactions