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    • Eye-pit the socket of the eye
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. éage; cf. Goth. augo, Ger. auge, Dut. oog, Ice. auga.


In literature:

Titty Ann pit 'e two han' 'pon me y-eyes, en 'e do bline me.
"Nights With Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris
Open my eyes to see how deep was the pit from which I was digged!
"Have We No Rights?" by Mabel Williamson
An outhouse near one of Dr. Roebuck's pits was selected as away from prying eyes.
"James Watt" by Andrew Carnegie
Titty Ann pit 'e two han' 'pon me y-eyes, un 'e do bline me.
"Nights With Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris
Her eyes smiled bravely into his, although her heart was going pit-a-pat.
"Madge Morton's Victory" by Amy D.V. Chalmers
His shaggy black hair was falling over his eyes, and he looked like a demon fresh from the pit, with his frantic face.
"Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates" by Howard I. Pyle
His eyes glistened when he came in sight of Killingworth pit-head.
"Lives of the Engineers The Locomotive. George and Robert Stephenson" by Samuel Smiles
Two pits had been dug but a short distance from one another; and the wisdom of this plan had a living illustration before their eyes.
"The Giraffe Hunters" by Mayne Reid
The sun, the real sun, was a hateful eye-sizzling horror in the dead black pit.
"The Hoofer" by Walter M. Miller
One instant only, while tortured eyes smiled bravely into his; then a great pit-mouth that gaped a horrible welcome up ahead.
"The Finding of Haldgren" by Charles Willard Diffin
Only the Buttons kept his monkey eyes fixed anxiously on his captain's face while he clasped the pit of his stomach.
"The Harbor" by Ernest Poole
The whole world seemed aflame, but beyond the tunnel's end was a seething pit upon which no human eyes could look and live.
"Two Thousand Miles Below" by Charles Willard Diffin
Moto and Ichi, their prisoner forgotten, were crouching, staring wide-eyed into the pit.
"Fire Mountain" by Norman Springer
But once again she took her eye off the star, and looked at herself; down into the pit she fell again!
"Sovereign Grace" by Dwight Moody
Weems was craning over the edge of the pit, his eyes goggling, and lips drawn back from his clenched teeth.
"The Recipe for Diamonds" by Charles John Cutcliffe Wright Hyne
I feels sick and faint in the pit of my stomach, and the one thing I wants to do most just then is to shut my eyes.
"Side-stepping with Shorty" by Sewell Ford
He summoned all his knowledge of speaking, and stood silent, his eyes ranging the vast pit and the jammed galleries.
"Mountain" by Clement Wood
The orbits are sunken and horizontal oblong pits evidently indicate the eyes.
"The Archaeology of the Yakima Valley" by Harlan Ingersoll Smith
He gazed up; the stars were shining high in the heavens, and Dina's eyes, at the edge of the pit, gleamed in the darkness like a cat's.
"A Russian Proprietor" by Lyof N. Tolstoi
Look at the glassy eyes, the deep eye pits!
"The Wolf Cub" by Patrick Casey

In poetry:

When, overwhelm'd with sore distress,
Out of the pit I cry,
On Jesus suffering in my place
Help me to fix mine eye.
"In Sickness" by Augustus Montague Toplady
"Oh, Charley, Harry, Nimblewits,
These eyes, that night, ne'er slept a wink.
My path seemed honeycombed with pits.
Naught could I do but think and think.
"The Hard Times In Elfland [A Story of Christmas Eve]" by Sidney Lanier
Love is our refuge; only with mine eye
Can I behold the snare, the pit, the fall:
His habitation high is here, and nigh,
His arm encircles me, and mine, and all.
"Mother’s Evening Prayer" by Mary Baker Eddy
Sure you were wishful to speak?
You, with brow ruled like a score,
Yes, and eyes buried in pits on each cheek,
Like two great breves, as they wrote them of yore,
Each side that bar, your straight beak!
"Master Hugues Of Saxe-Gotha" by Robert Browning
our corpses into Lethe's pit — but that a breeze
has blown upon our eyes with tidings of the blue
still somewhere: let us bend this once our penitent knees,
then rise and seek for aye the garden that we knew.
""The yellow gas is fired from street to street. ."" by Christopher Brennan
I caught, for a second, across the crowd--
Just for a second, and barely that--
A face, pox-pitted and evil-browed,
Hid in the shade of a slouch-rim'd hat--
With small gray eyes, of a look as keen
As the long, sharp nose that grew between.
"A Rough Sketch" by James Whitcomb Riley

In news:

The male pit bull underwent surgery last week on his left eye, which had a large puncture wound.
Unseen and unsuspected by the naked eye, Trojan soldiers, battalions deployed by the elliptical blue pills now dissolving in the pit of Suzanne's stomach, stampeded through the bloodstream.
A horse that fell into an uncovered construction pit was left blind in one eye.
A horse that fell into an uncovered construction pit has been left blind in one eye by the fall, and the CEO says the Greenville Water System is going to pay the vet bills.
Now open The Farm Cville, the charming pint-sized market next door to The Bridge/Progressive Arts Initiative in Belmont, is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every weekday morning by 7:30am in order to be your coffee-and-pastry pit-stop.