• Extract from Sentries' Orders
    Extract from Sentries' Orders
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Extractive (Chem) A chemical principle once supposed to exist in all extracts.
    • Extractive (Chem) Any one of a large class of substances obtained by extraction, and consisting largely of nitrogenous hydrocarbons, such as xanthin, hypoxanthin, and creatin extractives from muscle tissue.
    • Extractive Anything extracted; an extract. "Extractives , of which the most constant are urea, kreatin, and grape sugar."
    • Extractive Capable of being extracted. "Thirty grains of extractive matter."
    • Extractive Tending or serving to extract or draw out. "Certain branches of industry are conveniently designated extractive : e.g., agriculture, pastoral and mining pursuits, cutting of lumber, etc."
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The Hand-cradle Method of extracting Gold The Hand-cradle Method of extracting Gold

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Musk is extracted from the bottom of a civet, and is used as an ingredient to make perfumes.
    • extractive Of the nature of an extract; extracted.
    • extractive Tending or serving to extract; extracting.
    • n extractive An extract.
    • n extractive In pharmacy, the substance which, during the evaporation in making an extract, becomes dark in color and at last insoluble. Its nature is doubtful.
    • n extractive In physiol. chem., one of various substances existing in small quantities in animal tissue, such as creatine and xanthin.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The desert tortoise can live without having to drink any water. It extracts the water it needs from the vegetation it eats
    • adj Extractive tending or serving to extract
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  • Benjamin Haydon
    Benjamin Haydon
    “There surely is in human nature an inherent propensity to extract all the good out of all the evil.”
  • Sir Arthur Helps
    Sir Arthur Helps
    “Experience is the extract of suffering.”
  • Helen Rowland
    “A husband is what's left of the lover after the nerve has been extracted.”
  • Sri Anandamayi Ma
    Sri Anandamayi Ma
    “Precious gems are profoundly buried in the earth and can only be extracted at the expense of great labor.”
  • Robert Stone
    Robert Stone
    “Life is a means of extracting fiction.”
  • Helen Rowland
    “Marriage is the operation by which a woman's vanity and a man's egotism are extracted without an anaesthetic.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. extractif,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. extrahĕre, extractumex, out, trahĕre, to draw.


In literature:

The following song is extracted from the MS. Diary of the Rev.
"Notes and Queries, Number 64, January 18, 1851" by Various
The following is an extract from a letter of Dr. R.W.
"Zoonomia, Vol. I" by Erasmus Darwin
Tonic, aperient, malt extract as ordered.
"Fat and Blood" by S. Weir Mitchell
Memorize the following extracts from Wendell Phillips' speeches, and deliver them with the of Wendell Phillips' "silent lightning" delivery.
"The Art of Public Speaking" by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein
I extract some of the most interesting passages.
"Curiosities of Literature, Vol. II (of 3)" by Isaac Disraeli
Black Russia leather is dyed with alum, extract of sanders, and ferrous sulphate.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 561, October 2, 1886" by Various
We shall first explain the mode for obtaining the simple extracts of flowers.
"The Art of Perfumery" by G. W. Septimus Piesse
"Notes and Queries, Number 20, March 16, 1850" by Various
The passage is extracted from my MSS.
"The Prose Works of William Wordsworth" by William Wordsworth
I did them all because that was easiest to me, but of course you will extract the two you want.
"The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Volume II" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The Poetical Works of Anna Seward, with extracts from her literary correspondence.
"Sir Walter Scott as a Critic of Literature" by Margaret Ball
Camphor is extracted from the root.
"A Catechism of Familiar Things; Their History, and the Events Which Led to Their Discovery" by Benziger Brothers
I have now before me that paper, from which the following are extracts.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
The Vidame was much occupied in extracting the flies from the hair of Mrs. Brown-Smith, in which they were frequently entangled.
"The Disentanglers" by Andrew Lang
This extract is obtainable at almost any grocer's, and full directions and recipes accompany each jar.
"Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making" by William Hamilton Gibson
The sharp end is for extracting shellfish, &c. A larger variety of the unguent spoon has a spout to assist in pouring the contents.
"Surgical Instruments in Greek and Roman Times" by John Stewart Milne
The following extract is from a letter from my niece Helen, one of his children.
"The Missing Link in Modern Spiritualism" by A. Leah Underhill
Freudenberg employed an extract of carrots, prepared with 96 per cent.
"Scurvy Past and Present" by Alfred Fabian Hess
The perilous Jinn described in the above extract is the waterspout.
"Demonology and Devil-lore" by Moncure Daniel Conway
In a short time he as quickly returned, and restored it to its place, and I extracted from him an explanation.
"Tenting on the Plains" by Elizabeth B. Custer

In poetry:

My chymistry is most exact,
Heav'n out of hell I do extract:
This art to me a tribute brings
Of useful out of hurtful things.
"The Believer's Riddle; or, the Mystery of Faith" by Ralph Erskine
Extracting food amid the vernal bloom,
So flies the industrious bee around the vale,
With native skill she forms the waxen-comb,
To keep for wintry-days the rich regale.
"To Silvia, moral" by Ann Steele
Strong drink to the body can do no good;
It defiles the blood, likewise the food,
And causes the drunkard with pain to groan,
Because it extracts the marrow from the bone:
"A Tribute to Mr Murphy and the Blue Ribbon Army" by William Topaz McGonagall
Said she, "Behold the clouds, and when
From them fall down the drops of rain,
Fly by extraction from the main,
Up in the air;
And to the sea return again,
From whence they were.
"Art And Nature" by Susannah Hawkins
There's no need at all
That the balsam-sweating bough
So coyly should let fall
His med'cinable tears, for now
Nature hath learn't extract a dew
More sovereign and sweet from you.
"Saint Mar Magdelene; or, The Weeper" by Richard Crashaw
The big house of Kinross is very handsome to be seen,
With its beautiful grounds around it, and the lime trees so green
And 'tis a magnificent sight to see, on a fine summer afternoon,
The bees extracting honey from the leaves when in full bloom.
"Loch Leven" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Can Green Coffee Bean Extract Help You Lose Weight.
For the last two months, I have been taking a green coffee bean extract recommended by Dr Oz on his show.
Made with green coffee extract from 100% Arabica beans, the sparkling beverage contains natural source of caffeine and real fruit juice, without the taste of coffee.
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract.
When the Quinteros, immigrants from Argentina of mixed Indian and Spanish extraction, settle in Marion, Ala.
Extracting the black gold buried beneath the South Atlantic will be hard.
They're extracting more than teeth at NYU's dental school .
A reader identified only as "Somebody" from Palm Springs extracted several quotes from some of my postings, and commented upon them: "By the time John Guthrie McCallum settled his family here in 1884, it was called Palm Springs".
Not the same controversial natural gas extraction method that makes headlines.
Hca extract is just not adequately known, however it is wildly popular inside Europe and it is developing inside recognition from the United states, because it is found in several different weight loss supplements including Metabolite Super.
"Cleaners and restorers everywhere have discovered the value of having a sub-surface water extraction tool," Water Claw said.
A deepwater oil platform off the coast of Brazil is one of the many places where unconventional fossil fuels are being extracted.
In it's hay day, the Pioneer Reduction Works on Hollow Way in Nevada City was a beehive of activity as workers processed ore to extract gold.
Food choices for breast cancer survivors and cherry extract for gout.
He and his team extract cores from live trees and cut cross sectional slices, known as cookies, from old stumps and logs.

In science:

When the entire accretion disk type changes into an SSD, the jet is quenched because the plasmas brings more rest-mass energy than what is extracted from the hole electromagnetically to stop the extraction.
Launching and Quenching of Black Hole Relativistic Jets at Low Accretion Rate
The second, described in procedure 4, samples the entire shapelets domain quickly, by extracting only nonoverlapping shapelets of each length in every iteration of the outer loop (line 3) instead of extracting all shapelets of each length at once.
Fast Randomized Model Generation for Shapelet-Based Time Series Classification
Since only 1% of the input is extracted, the code needs to deal with input data rates of 16–20 MiBit/s, making the primitives suitable to extract randomness from fast random number sources—one example being, for instance, Ref. .
A modular framework for randomness extraction based on Trevisan's construction
Using these masked data products, we then extracted background counts Sbkg and exposure values Tbkg from a larger background extraction square aperture that was centered on the source.
Concurrent Supermassive Black Hole and Galaxy Growth: Linking Environment and Nuclear Activity in z = 2.23 H-alpha Emitters
The idea is as follows: we represent matrix models as certain discrete linear system(s), from which we can extract lattice integrable hierarchies, finally we can directly extract differential hierarchies from these lattice hierarchies.
The generalized KP hierarchy
Relations (15-16) lead to the following relation between position observables, Poincar´e and dilatation generators P 2 · Xµ = Pµ · D + P ρ · Jρµ The extraction of Xµ from this relation requires a non vanishing mass, as the extraction of the spin tensor from (10).
Quantum Localisation Observables and Accelerated Frames
The combination of Web access, Web data extraction, and interpretation rules allows for data-driven Web exploration: a priori unknown Web pages can be accessed and evaluated dependent on previously extracted information.
Information Integration and Computational Logic
Extraction Patterns for Information Extraction Tasks: A Survey.
Information Integration and Computational Logic
The CCFR collaboration has resolved the long-standing discrepancy between the structure functions extracted from neutrino-nucleon CC DIS and those extracted from muon-nucleon NC DIS73,74 .
Summary of the Structure Function Session at Dis01
The difference between the proton beam energies at which HERA has operated to date (820 GeV and 920 GeV) is too small to allow an extraction of F NC L . H1 has developed two methods of extracting F NC 54 .
Summary of the Structure Function Session at Dis01
Predictions for the extraction efficiency, angular scans and extracted beam profiles are presented.
Computer simulation of the tevatron crystal extraction experiment
Several ideas are proposed and tested by the simulation, how to get in E853 the key information of the extraction experiment: the ”septum width” of a crystal and dependence of extraction efficiency on it, the impact parameters of protons at crystal, and the contribution of the first and multi passes to the extraction.
Computer simulation of the tevatron crystal extraction experiment
In this talk I review the status of our ability to extract the CKM matrix elements |Vub | and |Vcb | from semileptonic decays. I will review both exclusive and inclusive methods and put a strong emphasis on how to ensure keeping the extractions model independent.
Present and Future in Semileptonic B Decays
Two different methods have been used to extract this parameter from data: the exclusive measurement, where |Vcb | is extracted by studying exclusive B → D⋆ℓν and B → Dℓν decay processes; and the inclusive measurement, which uses the semileptonic width of b-hadron decays.
Present Status of experimental determination of Vcb
The maximum entropy approach [304, 79] to extracting masses from correlators produces an estimate of the spectral density, so in principle could be used to extract the decay widths of particles.
Meson and Baryon Spectroscopy on a Lattice