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    • n Expression-stop a stop in a harmonium, by which the performer can regulate the air to produce expression
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. expresser—L. ex, out, pressāre, freq. of premĕre, pressum, to press.


In literature:

Second Level; Express Stop for North-shore Lines.
"The Finding of Haldgren" by Charles Willard Diffin
He traveled by the express train, which stopped at but few stations.
"Victor's Triumph" by Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
So she stopped and looked at Lord Grayleigh with the wistful, puzzled expression which at once repelled and attracted him.
"Daddy's Girl" by L. T. Meade
The man looked at her and his face expressed some concern but he remained silent until the train stopped.
"The Peace of Roaring River" by George van Schaick
The Express was given to a man on a dromedary, who, stopping nowhere, entered Alexandria on the 20th.
"Gossip in the First Decade of Victoria's Reign" by John Ashton
This levity was stopped by a shocked expression on the lady's face.
"When Ghost Meets Ghost" by William Frend De Morgan
You might as well try to stop an express train.
"The Rushton Boys at Rally Hall" by Spencer Davenport
The police decided, after hearing by telegram from London, that we must go up at once by the night express, which they stopped for the purpose.
"Miss Cayley's Adventures" by Grant Allen
The express, grinding all its brakes in a vain endeavor to stop, had instantly killed her.
"The Mark of the Knife" by Clayton H. Ernst
Then suddenly he stopped, a queer tragic expression coming over his face.
"The Homicidal Diary" by Earl Peirce

In poetry:

You want to see Wylie's stone—look here;
But stop where you are till the line is clear;
Pullman express from the south is due,
And will be here in a moment or two.
"Old Wylie's Stone" by Alexander Anderson
Now, master lost 'is 'ead when 'e found 'e couldn't stop,
And 'e pulled a valve or somethin' an' somethin' else went pop,
An' somethin' else went fizzywig, an' in a flash or less,
That blessed car was goin' like a limited express.
"The Groom's Story" by Arthur Conan Doyle

In news:

Thriving Pony Express stop now in disrepair .
In this March 30 file photo, Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams addresses the crowd during a stop at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City.
Did you know that riders on the Pony Express spent less than two minutes at each stop on their routes.
Traverse Express serves 11 bus stops.
The bikes were given out at the Metrolink Holiday Toy Express stop in San Clemente Saturday night.
Critics argue that it will stifle freedom of expression on the internet, and it has been likened to the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa).
Last Stop on the Hogwarts Express.
The Metrolink Holiday Toy Express will stop in Oxnard, Camarillo, Moorpark, and Simi Valley.
The justices, though, wrote that they aren't expressing an opinion on the instruction 's correctness nor are they stopping additional or alternative instructions .
Jump On Express stops.
In celebration of Union Pacific's 150th anniversary, the UP's 150 Express (Engine No 844) will be making a stop in Trenton to share the history of the railroad company.
Pulaski officials will express opposition to a proposed " methadone clinic," but doubt there is much they can do to stop it from locating in Pulaski Mall.
LAS VEGAS – Family members of a Las Vegas man accused of driving drunk when the car he was driving plowed into a crowded bus stop are expressing sorrow for victims and their families.
At the end of this year, Walgreen Co. Plans to stop filling prescriptions for people covered by Express Scripts Inc after failing to agree on new contract terms with the pharmacy benefits manager.
10 can't-miss stops through Pony Express Territory and the heart of Nevada Silver Trails.

In science:

We will view random composition as (essentially) randomly stopped sequence of i.i.d. geometric random variables and we will express the number of distinct part sizes as a function of this sequence.
Expected number of distinct part sizes in a random integer composition
In order to find an asymptotic form for the mean time to stopping, µn , we need to integrate this expression with respect to t.
The expected duration of random sequential adsorption
Hence for all stopping times ¯ti , the expression on the right-hand side of 27 also serves to bound the probability of the random walk leaving [−2.39n , 2.39n ] before paying a visit to [−n2 , n2 ] after time ¯ti + n4 .
Information recovery from observations by a random walk having jump distribution with exponential tails
As an example, a Google Maps user may be interested to specify as a condition a regular expression that enforces a stop over in a given city and avoids another city while preferring certain types of roads.
A Trichotomy for Regular Simple Path Queries on Graphs
From this expression we check that the maximal energy transfer is as expected Max(ω+ ) = E − M , occurring at t = −2M (E − M ) and corresponding to ‘full stopping’.
Collisional Energy Loss of a Fast Muon in a Hot QED Plasma