Expansion valve


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Expansion valve (Steam Engine) a cut-off valve, to shut off steam from the cylinder before the end of each stroke.
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In literature:

Bodmer, expansion valve by.
"A Catechism of the Steam Engine" by John Bourne
The truth is that colonial expansion by modern national states is to be regarded, not as a cause of war, but as a safety-valve against war.
"The Promise Of American Life" by Herbert David Croly
The expansion-valve gear should be simple.
"A History of the Growth of the Steam-Engine" by Robert H. Thurston

In news:

The compact Type RC thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) is an ideal replacement of original equipment valve types BI, BBI, CBI, and CBBI, says the company.
Type TRE expansion valves, designed for air conditioning applications and for use with R-22 and R-410A, have brass-forged bodies with bi-metal ODF connections for waterless brazing.
Series HSV electric expansion valves offers precise superheat control.
Expansion step toward wider usage of transcatheter aortic valves.
The correct placement and installation of a thermostatic expansion valve's (TXV's) sensing bulb is important to its overall performance and reliability.
Pressure relief valve protects the pressure washer and user from thermal expansion.
Neglected batteries that are filled with water just prior to the installation of the Pro-Fill valves are subject to water level expansion while charging, which leads to messy spillage and corrosion.

In science:

We generate high harmonics in a supersonic gas jet, employing a valve (Even-Lavie ) pulsed at 1 kHz with a d = 150 µm diameter trumpet nozzle and a jet expansion half angle of α ∼ 10◦ .
Inhomogeneous High-order Harmonic Generation in Krypton Clusters