• exhausted
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Exhaustment Exhaustion; drain.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The longest recorded gloved boxing match took place in 1893. Andy Bowen and Jack Burke fought for more than 7 hours. After 110 rounds, the fight was declared a draw because both Bowen and Burke were too exhausted to continue.
    • n exhaustment Exhaustion; draft or drain upon a thing.
    • ***


  • Angus Grossart
    Angus Grossart
    “I've got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Why do we spend years using up our bodies to nurture our minds with experience and find our minds turning then to our exhausted bodies for solace?”
  • William Styron
    William Styron
    “A great book should leave you with many experiences and slightly exhausted at the end. You should live several lives while reading it.”
  • John Adams
    “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”
  • Erich Fromm
    “Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.”
  • Siddha Nagarjuna
    Siddha Nagarjuna
    “Although you may spend your life killing, You will not exhaust all your foes. But if you quell your own anger, your real enemy will be slain.”


In literature:

Suddenly M. Dubuis, exhausted by his violent efforts, rose and resumed his seat without uttering a word.
"Maupassant Original Short Stories (180), Complete" by Guy de Maupassant
It was an hour of exhausting work.
"The Innocents Abroad" by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
Others were awake, sitting hunched up, with drooping heads and a beaten, exhausted look.
"Now It Can Be Told" by Philip Gibbs
My eyes and my hand are exhausted.
"Within an Inch of His Life" by Emile Gaboriau
Emotion, fatigue, exhaustion, joined to this last blow, made him stagger.
"The Wandering Jew, Complete" by Eugene Sue
For a more exhaustive examination we will employ the microscope.
"The Life of the Fly" by J. Henri Fabre
In his exhaustion and misery, he accepted the alternative and slept again.
"For the Term of His Natural Life" by Marcus Clarke
Exhausted by the heat, the Cicadae are silent.
"More Hunting Wasps" by J. Henri Fabre
What an exhausting idea!
"Thelma" by Marie Corelli
His body and his brain were equally exhausted.
"The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete" by Duc de Saint-Simon
There was a look of exhaustion about her.
"Women in Love" by D. H. Lawrence
Henry dear, do not deny my request before my patience are exhausted.
"Ulysses" by James Joyce
It was one o'clock that night before exhausted nature refused another draft upon its energies.
"Lizzy Glenn" by T. S. Arthur
He was crippled and almost exhausted.
"The U.P. Trail" by Zane Grey
Slim Buck was dying of hunger and exhaustion.
"The Country Beyond" by James Oliver Curwood
But the precious fluid which had been saved would, even with a very short allowance to each man, soon be exhausted.
"Owen Hartley; or, Ups and Downs" by William H. G. Kingston
Exhaustion was complete, and he passed away calmly, and so quietly that we did not mark the moment when he ceased to breathe.
"Sir Jasper Carew His Life and Experience" by Charles James Lever
The descendant in consequence is unable to reach the state of the ancestor thus nervously exhausted.
"Degeneracy" by Eugene S. Talbot
Most of this scrip, fortunately, is now about exhausted; very little of it is still afloat and at large.
"Proceedings of the Second National Conservation Congress" by Various
I was so harassed, so exhausted, that I would have cut my throat to put an end to it.
"White Nights and Other Stories" by Fyodor Dostoevsky

In poetry:

See the damp cheek of pallid Dread,
Quick mantling, mount to furious red,
Or glow with feverish pink:
Or see him shrink, and shivering sigh,
With quiv'ring lip and glassy eye,
And then exhausted sink.
"Madness" by Charlotte Dacre
'Tis still, and darkness' mild control
Revives, renews the wearied soul;
Its mild, benignant influence
Strengthens again th' exhausted sense;
And when the morning twilight breaks,
A re-created man awakes.
"Summer: Tuesday Evening" by John Bowring
Man's feeble fury, trivial hate,
The pains that upon pleasure wait,
The exhaustion of tumultuous love,
The hopes that dwindle, fears that grow,
All that upheaves the plain below,
Tranquil, I breathe above.
"Celestial Heights" by Alfred Austin
Choking the wells. Far o'er the hills and dells
Wanders th' affrighted eye, beholding blasted
The pleasant grass: the forest's leafy mass
Wilted; its waters waned; its grace exhausted;
Its creatures wasted.
"Grisma; Or The Season Of Heat" by Edwin Arnold
His work of vengeance o'er, all moral hope
Of life exhausted, from the ways of men
Far vanished Monkwood in the Western world,
A salvage hunter of the homeless woods,
Lord of his cave, his rifle, and his dog.
"Monkwood: Part First" by Thomas Aird
He was so exhausted, he was unable to stand upright,
He felt so weakly, he was in such a plight,
Because the big waves had done him bodily harm,
Yet on hands and knees he crept to a house at Northfield farm.
"The Terrific Cyclone of 1893" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

The free-swimming baby oysters would struggle for days, then fall exhausted to the floor of the tank.
Even though I've owned and ridden KTM's line of various enduro and cross-country bikes over the years, I'm still not too familiar with aftermarket exhaust systems available for them.
Gary Suson, a Manhattan photographer and actor, spent much of five of the past eight months documenting the exhausting and painstaking recovery effort at the World Trade Center site.
The body of 26-year-old Jamie Minor, a woman reported missing in late May, has been found stuck in an exhaust vent duct of a downtown Austin building.
I am using this forum because for the past three years all other options known to me have been exhausted without resolve.
The injured Allentown firefighters suffered from dehydration and heat exhaustion.
Sarah Jessica Parker is Demi's 'Lovelace' replacement: Actress replaces Moore, who ankled pic recently due to exhaustion.
Each day the El Paso Times and Face the Facts USA will be partnering to bring you one exhaustively researched and vetted fact about a major issue facing our nation.
We just moved into our new place, and I'm exhausted.
MARKAZE FERQE CHIL, Afghanistan, Oct 31— Lumbering across the sky, the mammoth plane with four long white exhaust plumes confused Northern Alliance soldiers here at first.
"It's typical that both parents and the infant are exhausted".
Firefighters at a fire Thursday at Bally Block Co. Two firefighters were treated in Lehigh Valley Hospital near Allentown for heat exhaustion following a fire Thursday at Bally Block Co.
Thirst, hunger, disease and simple exhaustion killed some.
Criticism is a part of writing, and though it can be constructive, it's also exhausting at times.
Irritating 'Orgy' an exhausting one-night bland.

In science:

Unlike what is the case in ADM, the constraints of this dual theory then form subalgebras, reflecting the kind of group structure suitable for an exhaustive principal fiber bundle formulation.
Gauge Theory in Riem(M)
Given the initial grid-point resolution, the pictures in Fig. 4a&b are rather exhaustive in terms of the quantity of visualized period-2 and period-5 phase space subsets.
Ergodic Theory and Visualization II: Visualization of Resonances and Periodic Sets
The transmitter finds the optimal value of PM as the argument that minimizes Pout above. A numerical approach should perform exhaustive search with the desired resolution in the interval [P , PM ,max ], where PM ,max can be set such that ∀PM > PM ,max we have Pout (PM ) > 1 − ǫ for a fixed ǫ.
Jamming in Fixed-Rate Wireless Systems with Power Constraints - Part I: Fast Fading Channels
Let (χl )l≥1 be a regularizing family associated to the fixed exhaustive s equence (Ωl )l≥1 for Ω, that is, χl ∈ D (Ωl+1 ) and χl |Ωl ≡ 1 for each l ≥ 1.
Generalized Solutions of a Nonlinear Parabolic Equation with Generalized Functions as Initial Data
Once one fuel is exhausted, the star follows a period of compression, which lasts until the temperature and density satisfy the required condition for the ignition of another nuclear reaction.
The Impact of Neutrino Magnetic Moments on the Evolution of Massive Stars
Regarding the impact of the choice of the initial tangent vector δ 0 , we performed a set of exhaustive numerical investigations of regular orbits.
Global dynamics of high area-to-mass ratios GEO space debris by means of the MEGNO indicator
Once the AGB star has exhausted its outer envelope, the AGB phase ends.
Silicon carbide absorption features: dust formation in the outflows of extreme carbon stars
The ˜GC -action on LG has two nice properties: First, if Q ⊂ ˜GC is any proper, standard parabolic subgroup, then LG is exhaustively filtered by Q-invariant Schubert varieties Xλ .
Generating varieties for affine Grassmannians
Then one may obtain the sought answers by an exhaustive analysis of the involved simple groups.
Second maximal subgroups of the finite alternating and symmetric groups
Accordingly, we decided to split the primitive case in two parts leaving the exhaustive analysis to next and last chapter of this thesis.
Second maximal subgroups of the finite alternating and symmetric groups
An exhaustive analysis is then all what is needed to obtain our result.
Second maximal subgroups of the finite alternating and symmetric groups
In simulation, it is relatively straightforward to find the optimal threshold with an exhaustive exploration of threshold levels.
Tomographic reconstruction for Wide Field Adaptive Optics systems: Fourier domain analysis and fundamental limitations
For instance, the global variance due to a mis-knowledge of layer altitude could be compensated by using more noise priors in the reconstruction. A pure quantitative study of model errors depends on system characteristics, and this exhaustive and specific work is certainly out of the scope of this paper.
Tomographic reconstruction for Wide Field Adaptive Optics systems: Fourier domain analysis and fundamental limitations
Due to lack of space, the simulations presented in this section are not exhaustive.
Optimal Filtering of Malicious IP Sources
Any attempt to infer hints of new physics (NP) need to ensure that we have quantitatively exhausted all the possibilities within SM, including sub-leading effects and any other neglected contributions based on some assumptions. B → K π decays are dominated by b → s penguin transitions at the quark level.
CP asymmetry in $B^{+}\to K^+\pi^{0}$ and New Physics