• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Excusator One who makes, or is authorized to make, an excuse; an apologist.
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  • Interesting fact: In the U.S. the most common excuse made to get out of paying a ticket is to say they missed the sign
    • n excusator One who makes or is authorized to make an excuse or apology.
    • n excusator In English law, one who makes an accusation.
    • n excusator In old Ger. law, a defendant; one who wholly denies the plaintiff's cause of action.
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  • A. A. Milne
    A. A. Milne
    “No doubt Jack the Ripper excused himself on the grounds that it was human nature.”
  • Alexander Pope
    “An excuse is worse than a lie, for an excuse is a lie, guarded.”
  • Yiddish Proverb
    Yiddish Proverb
    “If you don't want to do something, one excuse is as good as another.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “And oftentimes excusing of a fault doth make the fault the worse by the excuse.”
  • Thomas Szasz
    “Two wrongs don't make a right, but they make a good excuse.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Don't make excuses, make good.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary


In literature:

Pray excuse my quick temper; pray forgive me.
"The Fallen Leaves" by Wilkie Collins
Mr. Oldfield muttered some excuses, and retired more sedately.
"A Terrible Temptation" by Charles Reade
You must excuse my apron and neglige... we're shelling peas for drying.
"Plays by Chekhov, Second Series On the High Road, The Proposal, The Wedding, The Bear, A Tragedian In Spite of Himself, The Anniversary, The Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov
But, excuse me, did you consider me a sensible man and not insane when you sent Agafya?
"The Possessed" by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Now, I have some excuses to offer for the race to which I belong.
"Lectures of Col. R. G. Ingersoll - Latest" by Robert Green Ingersoll
He well understood Eve's glances and her tears, and though he was moved at sight of them he tried to excuse himself.
"Paris From the "Three Cities"" by Emile Zola
So they must be excused for trying to procure her the comfort of looking beautiful until the last hour.
"The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Lourdes, Rome and Paris" by Emile Zola
What excuse can be made for his haughty and morose temper?
"Clarissa, Volume 1 (of 9)" by Samuel Richardson
And now I must make what excuses I can to the Princess for my desertion of her.
"Jennie Baxter, Journalist" by Robert Barr
More excuses, more excuses.
"Redemption and Two Other Plays" by Leo Tolstoy

In poetry:

This we learned from famous men,
Knowing not its uses,
When they showed, in daily work—
Man must finish off his work—
Right or wrong, his daily work—
And without excuses.
"A School Song" by Rudyard Kipling
"Ah me! excuses will not cure my pain!
At least, forgetfulness can little plead.
A widow'd parent!--I deserv'd disdain,
'Tis fit these eyes should weep, this heart should bleed!
"The Daughter" by Matilda Betham
There's Kitty Malone--Mrs. Merdle 'tis now--
Was ever on earth here before such a sinner;
Protesting, excusing and swearing a vow,
She'd nothing worth eating to give us for dinner.
"Nothing To Eat. The Argument" by Horatio Alger Jr
'Twas put unto the Vote at last,
And in the Negative it past,
None to her Aid shou'd move;
Yet since ARDELIA was a Friend,
Excuses 'twas agreed to send,
Which plausible might prove:
"To Mr. F. Now Earl Of W" by Anne Kingsmill Finch
My Lord, my God, find some excuse for me.
Find in thy heart something to say for me,
As for the crowd that cried against thee, then,
When heaven was dark because thy lamp burned low.
"Within and Without: Part V: A Dramatic Poem" by George MacDonald
If any God should give
Us leave to fly
These present deaths we live,
And safely die
In those lost lives we lived ere we were born—
What man but would not laugh the excuse to scorn?
"Rebirth" by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

Just as he's been bankrupt many times, Trump has flirted with running for president many times If he dropped out, what would his excuse be.
Some greedhead somewhere would find an excuse.
An invitation to a wedding in Colorado provided an excuse for a week's vacation exploring mountains and mesas, long-abandoned mining camps and sprawling ranches.
'Excuse Me for Living': No excuse possible for paternalistic fable.
Foster care fraught with private abuses, public excuses.
This year's wild winter has brought everyday life to a halt for people from Boston to Austin, but freezing temperatures are still a good excuse for many Americans to cuddle, according to a new poll.
When we use the glorification of the group as an excuse for bad behavior.
To continue reading, CON: Thanksgiving is an excuse to be a gluttonous sloth, please REGISTER or LOGIN below for website access.
With that said, Pat Cattarin's excuse is more than a little over the top.
You can be a grouch and blame it on the holiday but remember, tomorrow there is no excuse.
This hike, just 13 miles past the tiny hamlet, is our go-to excuse.
But just because the Romney/Ryan ticket is about to get whumped like a red-headed stepchild doesn't excuse the liberal commentariat's descent into gullibility .
But Department of Taxation Director Chuck Chinnock said ignorance is no excuse.
An 85th anniversary year doesn't have the ring of a 50, 75 or 100th -- but any excuse to celebrate Miles is one worth making.
Parade of rolling potties excuse for rolling parties.

In science:

Certainly, as any physical theory detached from experiment it looks like it is ”flying in the air” and the only excuses for such theory may come from new ideas, which have shown up inside string theory and, very slowly, affect the modern scientific paradigm of what is quantum field theory.
String Theory or Field Theory?
Discussion of previous section on second stage of the Dirac procedure excuses the following notations. a) Notations for phase space variables (pα are not included): (qA , pj ) ≡ z1 .
Search for gauge symmetry generators of singular Lagrangian theory
It is clear, that usage of electronic spectrum of a non-deformed (ideal) lattice is possible for small deformations and, basically, such usage is excused at the description of threshold deformation ≤ 10−3 (about an elastic limit).
Influence of the finite deformations changing the symmetry of an initial lattice on a generation of atoms displacements waves by non-equilibrium electrons
One ought be excused for finding this apologia at leas t lexicographically pathological.
Quantum complimentarity, erasers and photons
In the following section (Section 4) we present some results on local extinction and local exponential growth, which is also a good excuse to discuss a version of the ‘spine technology’, a relatively recent (and, in the author’s opinion, quite beautiful) tool appearing in the literature.
Branching diffusions, superdiffusions and random media