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    • n Emys em′is a genus of marsh tortoises, found in South and Middle Europe, North Africa, and South-west Asia.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. emys.


In literature:

At tu quisque emis, lector studiose, libellum Laetus emas; mendis nam caret istud opus.
"Notes & Queries, No. 6. Saturday, December 8, 1849" by Various
He now determined upon applying to Ptol'emy, king of Egypt, to whose father he had been a considerable benefactor.
"Pinnock's Improved Edition of Dr. Goldsmith's History of Rome" by Oliver Goldsmith
Niagara described by Captain Emys, 1787, Serie M, Volume No.
"The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History" by Various
Emi ac Rmi Domini Cardinales .
"Essays In Pastoral Medicine" by Austin ÓMalley

In poetry:

Forthe thei went these zemen too,
Litul Johne and Moche onfere,
And lokid on Moche emys hows
The hyeway lay fulle nere.
"Robin Hood And The Monk" by Andrew Lang

In news:

INTERVIEWS EMI Reminds Cash Money to Pay ' Tha Carter III' Royalties.
EMI Reminds Cash Money to Pay ' Tha Carter III' Royalties.
MetricStream CEO Shellye Archambeau spoke with The Washington Post's Emi Kolawole about what the next president will need to do in order to cut down on unemployment and grow the nation's innovation economy.
Eliza bronze suede crystal tip by EMY MACK.
Elizabeth black nappa bootie stud tip by EMY MACK.
Shirley Bassey Goldfinger Shirley Bassey Remixed EMI Records 9:04 AM.
European regulators to deliberate Universal-EMI deal Friday.
(Capitol Records, Inc, courtesy of EMI Classics).
Capitol Records, Inc, courtesy of EMI Classics.
Sue Sims, right, takes a picture of the newly wed couple Emi and Daniel Teixeira at the Yolo County Administration building.
Capitol/EMI has released George Harrison 's first-ever career collection, Let It Roll: Songs by George Harrison .
MetricStream CEO Shellye Archambeau speaks with The Post's Emi Kolawole about what companies are looking for in when it comes to hiring in the new global economy.
Tristan Prettyman "Cedar + Gold" (EMI/Capitol) It's not unusual for an artist to find inspiration in heartache .
Tristan Prettyman, "Cedar + Gold" (EMI/Capitol.
To see why, look no further than the sad death of Emy Brochu.

In science:

Then for every e we can let hi = emi and get a lower semicomputable sequence that satis fies the conditions of Theore m 11.
Random semicomputable reals revisited
On the other hand, already the first term mi0 is W(mi).) So if ai j /mi j tends to zero, the ratio Ai/ (cid:229) j mi j does the same (only finitely many pairs have ai j > emi j and they appear only in finitely many groups).
Random semicomputable reals revisited
In the case of the W H , there is also a large amount of missing transverse energy (Emi s s ), due to the escaping neutrino ν.
Search for the SM Higgs decaying to a b-quark pair with ATLAS
The dashed black line is the global error function for Mx — that is, EMx (f0 ) — the black solid line is EMy (f0 ), and the dotted black line corresponds to EMz (f0 ).
Inflight magnetic characterization of the test masses onboard LISA Pathfinder
Let ( eαj , emi j ) be an optimal solution to the problem obtained from (6.2) by j ∈ {⌊¯r i j ⌋, ⌈¯r i adding the constraint mi j ⌉}.
Intersection cuts from multiple rows: a disjunctive programming approach
This has been done under the assumption that the optical flare corresponds to a patch of blackbody emi ssion with an elevated temperature compared to the surrounding photosphere (Hawley & Fisher 1992; Hawley et al. 2003).
Splinter Session "Solar and Stellar Flares"
Histoire de l’Acad ´emie Royale des Sciences .
Technical Notes on Classical Electromagnetism, with exercises
R ´emi Coulom’s paper on the extraction of pattern information.
On Move Pattern Trends in a Large Go Games Corpus
But y = eY for some Y ∈ z1 , so we have emY emX = emY +mX = id, which means that mY + mX ∈ Γ.
Geometric quantization and the generalized Segal-Bargmann transform for Lie groups of compact type
S( f ) = PP(1 − emi )−1 Notice S( f ) is an element of the fraction field of Q[M ].
Equivariant Todd Classes for Toric Varieties
By attaching free G-cells we get an inclusion of G-CW complexes j1 : `i∈I G ×Mi EMi → EG, where EG is the same as ETR (G), i.e. a contractible free G-CW -complex.
Survey on Classifying Spaces for Families of Subgroups
G-map obtained by collapsing each EMi to a point.
Survey on Classifying Spaces for Families of Subgroups
As a consequence, the d evice undergoes the transition into the response of field emis sion and enhances strongly its net current up to several nanoAmp `eres.
Periodic Field Emission from an Isolated Nano-Scale Electron Island
However, if there is an effective redistribution of the populations of the excited states due to cross-relaxation, the re-broadening will only occur until the radiative flux is large enough that the rate of stimulated emi ssion exceeds the rate for cross-relaxation.
Astrophysical water masers: Line profiles analysis
The jet terminates in a bright emission knot – ‘D’ according to the nomenclature described above – although some fainter, isolated emis sion peaks (A, B and C) are also detected further ‘downstream’.
HST and spectroscopic observations of the L1551 IRS5 jets (HH154)