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    • n.pl Ember-days em′bėr-dāz the three Fast-days in each quarter (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)—following the first Sunday in Lent, Whitsunday, Holy Cross Day (Sept. 14th), and St Lucia's Day (Dec. 13th)
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. ymbryne, a circuit—ymb, round (Ger. um, L. ambi-), and ryne, a running, from rinnan, to run.


In literature:

The day passed, yet the embers blazed not into the flame of open mutiny.
"The Crossing" by Winston Churchill
Above the Big Hill the last ember of day smoldered against a green-blue infinity.
"Birthright" by T.S. Stribling
Captain Pierce, an English officer, had been busy the day before stirring up the smouldering embers of anger.
"The Story Of Ireland" by Emily Lawless
From the necessity of supplying the barbecue every now and then with fresh embers, a large fire had been kept up during the day.
"The Boy Hunters" by Captain Mayne Reid
The rice-soup, our every-day fare, was, on this occasion, followed by fawn cutlets broiled on the embers, accompanied by potatoes.
"Adventures of a Young Naturalist" by Lucien Biart
Violet, the emblem of penitence, is used in Advent, in the season from Septuagesima to Lent, in Lent, and also on Ember and Rogation days.
"The Worship of the Church" by Jacob A. Regester
If I have shivered in the gray dawn of a new day, have you not crouched over the dying embers of the fire of yesterday?
"The Kempton-Wace Letters" by Jack London
The following extracts from it refer to the Ember-day Fasts.
"St. Gregory and the Gregorian Music" by E. G. P. Wyatt
His eyes fixed on a glowing cavern of red embers, he saw unroll before him a grisly panorama of the days to be.
"Helena Brett's Career" by Desmond Coke
Not a sound save the ticking of the eight-day clock and the kettle singing on the glowing embers.
"The Man Who Rose Again" by Joseph Hocking

In poetry:

The days are gone, yet still this heart of fire
Smouldering, smoulders on with ancient love;
And the red embers of desire
I would not, oh, nor dare remove!
"The Thorn" by John Freeman
The embers were blinking and clinking away,
The casement half open was thrown;
There was nothing but cloud on the skirts of the Day,
And I sat on the threshold alone!
"Footfalls" by Henry Kendall
She lured his gaze, in braver days,
And tranced him sirenwise;
And he did paint her, through a haze
Of sullen paradise,
With scars of kisses on her face
And embers in her eyes.
"The Wife-Blessed" by James Whitcomb Riley
In the ember days of my last free summer,
here I lie, outside myself, watching
the gross body eating a poor curry:
satisfied at what I have done, scared of what
I have to do in my last free winter.
"In the ember days of my last free summer" by Ben Jonson
O wise hills and tender! aglow with beacons afar
That kindle fires of the past from embers faded and grey,
Keeping our heart's lamp burning through the dark hours that are
Between to-night's twilight and to-morrow's day!
"The Grey Comrades" by Cicely Fox Smith

In news:

Ember was rescued by PG&E employee Evan Cliff after the kitten was stranded atop a utility pole in West Sacramento for several days.
A glowing ember of enthusiasm keeps the spirit of anticipation alive as in just 361 days it will start all over again.