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    • n Eliminant (Math) The result of eliminating n variables between n homogeneous equations of any degree; -- called also resultant.
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  • Interesting fact: American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating 1 olive from each salad served in first-class
    • n eliminant In mathematics, a function of the coefficients of any number of homogeneous equations among the same number of unknown quantities, such that the vanishing of it is the necessary and sufficient condition of the equations being consistent with one another.
    • n eliminant In medicine, an agent which stimulates excretion.
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  • Darrell Royal
    Darrell Royal
    “Football doesn't build character. It eliminates weak ones.”
  • Bernard M. Baruch
    “The art of living lies not in eliminating but in growing with troubles.”
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    “The heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good.”
  • Lou Holtz
    “Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not motivated.”
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    “When the impossibility has been eliminated, whatever remains, no matter how improbable... is possible.”
  • Edward R. Murrow
    Edward R. Murrow
    “Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices -- just recognize them.”


In literature:

Several men whom Lester was personally fond of were in danger of elimination.
"Jennie Gerhardt" by Theodore Dreiser
A process of selection was going on which eliminated the less fertile land from cultivation.
"The Enclosures in England" by Harriett Bradley
It was a gigantic effort of the Germanic powers to eliminate at least one of their most dangerous enemies.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume III (of VIII)" by Various
It is wise, therefore, to eliminate the milk of tubercular cows if healthy milk is to be provided.
"Rural Hygiene" by Henry N. Ogden
He had cleverly eliminated all dislike from his eyes.
"The O'Ruddy" by Stephen Crane
The top of the charging bench should be low, to eliminate as much lifting of batteries as possible.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
Eliminate, its meaning, 317.
"Notes and Queries, Index of Volume 5, January-June, 1852" by Various
This convention was called primarily to change the constitution with reference to the elimination of the negro vote.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV" by Various
A difficulty which the student of theosophy should make an early effort to eliminate, is the tendency to think of invisible realms as unreal.
"Elementary Theosophy" by L. W. Rogers
I am a mere piece of excess baggage which you are too kind-hearted to eliminate.
"Claire" by Leslie Burton Blades
Although the "sicknesse" was not entirely eliminated even at Henrico, the percentage of mortality was greatly reduced.
"Virginia under the Stuarts 1607-1688" by Thomas J. Wertenbaker
Through him survive those whom the struggle for existence should have eliminated.
"A Modern Symposium" by G. Lowes Dickinson
Your August Majesty will be eliminated absolutely before Napoleon can reply to my despatch.
"The Missourian" by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
And who, actually, would care if in the explosion a common foe of all was eliminated?
"Border, Breed Nor Birth" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
The Pink Army is in the process of eliminating these reactionary elements.
"Frigid Fracas" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
In contrast to this, a "solid" type of fuel injection may be employed to eliminate the complications of the "air blast" system.
"The First Airplane Diesel Engine: Packard Model DR-980 of 1928" by Robert B. Meyer
But the history of progress is the history of the elimination of waste.
"The Kempton-Wace Letters" by Jack London
Our antenna will be useless unless we eliminate this interference so that the signal can be pure once again.
"The Egyptian Cat Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
To ascertain by means of which sense organ or organs the horse might receive these necessary stimuli, the method of elimination was employed.
"Clever Hans" by Oskar Pfungst
But the keenest of these have happily been eliminated.
"Races and Immigrants in America" by John R. Commons

In poetry:

Were all undue anxiety
Eliminated from desire,
Could feverish fears and fancies be
Consumed on some funeral pyre,
Like holy hecatomb or sacrifice,
'Twould be accepted up in Paradise.
"Be not Anxious" by Hattie Howard
Incapable of the least utterance or composition,
Emendation, conservation of the 'better tradition',
Refinement of medium, elimination of superfluities,
August attraction or concentration.
"'The Age Demanded'" by Ezra Pound

In news:

The Houston company, which produces and sells electricity, said late Monday that its reorganization allowed it to eliminate over $4 billion in debt.
Moves to eliminate the state personal income tax include scrapping the child care tax credit.
Concerns about childhood obesity have prompted state and federal mandates, eliminating flavored milk from public school meals.
The department's Help Eliminate Auto Theft Team (HEAT) discovered the illegal operation at a home on North near Elm in Southwest Fresno.
This lathe chuck grips an out-of-round part without forcing the workpiece perfectly round, which eliminates the spring-back effect after machining and removal from the chuck to enable a more accurate hard-turning operation.
CDTA changes, eliminates some routes.
Kptm.com Ventless Gel Fireplace Introduces Clean Burning Contemporary Interior Fireplaces to Eliminate Indoor Health Hazards.
The importance of true sanitation — eliminating microbes and pathogens — is vital.
Server Products' new countertop organizer will keep condiment areas clean and mess-free while helping operators eliminate waste and improve efficiency.
Our modern lifestyle brings a lot of stress and toxins into our body, and it's important to help it eliminate them.
Clearfield's 7-run third eliminates Mifflin?County Legion.
Ford Motor Company is considering the elimination of its Mercury brand automobiles and SUV's.
Orlando Magic clobber Atlanta Hawks 101-76 in Game 5 to avoid elimination.
Coalfield eliminated by Chattanooga Grace, 8-0.
But did you know that the leftover grounds could eliminate one of the worst smells around - sewer gas.

In science:

However, the false solution is eliminated requiring ρ(ω ) to be not negative.
Thermodynamic properties of the periodic nonuniform spin-1/2 isotropic XY chains in a transverse field
On its own the elimination of the Σ3 term leads to the trivial unbroken symmetry case.
From Prototype SU(5) to Realistic SU(7) SUSY GUT
The unwanted 2d − 1 species can be eliminated by adding to the Dirac operator an additional term, the Wilson term, which removes the doublers in the continuum limit.
Random Matrix Theory and Chiral Symmetry in QCD
One can eliminate the ”fictitious” variable X from Eqs.
Generalized Entropy approach to far-from-equilibrium statistical mechanics
The sum Eq. (18) is dominated by the excitations to the triplet state |t0 i of pairs of spins connected by the (renormalized) bonds with ˜J ⊥ = ω ; these pairs are precisely the ones that are being eliminated at this energy scale.
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points
Note that there is no doublecounting here since we are considering only the pairs that are being eliminated at each energy scale.
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points
Note also that the clusters that are being eliminated at scale Γ ≫ Γδ all have a fairly well-defined length of order |δ |−1Γ and magnetic moment of order |δ |1−φΓ.
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points
T(1), T(2) and T(3) when we renormalize down to lower energies by eliminating the corresponding two states at the top and bottom of the band (the other current operators to the left and right of this segment will be unchanged to leading order by this elimination).
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points
Inset shows the basic RG transformation when a pair of strongly coupled sites 2 and 3 is eliminated.
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points
Site A survives down to energy scale ΓE , while site A′ is eliminated before this scale is reached.
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points
As the rest of the spectrum has a large N behavior which is different we eliminate, in the rest of this section, the largest eigenvalue of each matrix.
Random incidence matrices: moments of the spectral density
Using a live boundary condition allows us to eliminate these instabilities.
Simple excision of a black hole in 3+1 numerical relativity
Note that the simple equivalence hypothesis does not eliminate algebraic topology from the picture since the boundary 3-manifold may have a useful fundamental group.
Dual 2-complexes in 4-manifolds
On The Origin of the Species he eliminated all mention of specific time scales.
How the sun shines
Then, eliminating the partial derivatives in t from the two hierarchy of equations, the integrable and the Virasoro hierarchies, and finally setting t = 0, lead to PDE’s or ODE’s satisfied by the probabilities.
Integrable Lattices: Random Matrices and Random Permutations