• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Een The old plural of Eye. "And eke with fatness swollen were his een ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n een An obsolete or Scotch plural of eye. See ee.
    • n een A termination of Latin origin, representing ultimately Latin -enus, -inus, etc., adjective terminations, as in damaskeen, tureen, canteen, sateen, velveteen, etc. See these words.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Een ēn a contraction of even
    • Een ēn a contraction of even.
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In literature:

Say, maun I roose your een's pawkie scorning?
"The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volumes I-VI." by Various
I think faither wad have kent if any boat had been this way, for he has gleg een in respect o' boats.
"Viking Boys" by Jessie Margaret Edmondston Saxby
A snuff-snuffing was heard; and, through below the door, I saw a pair of glancing black een.
"The Life of Mansie Wauch tailor in Dalkeith" by D. M. Moir
Eene populaire uiteenzetting van het Darwinisme, etc.
"Life of Charles Darwin" by G. T. (George Thomas) Bettany
No more lak heem een de worl'.
"Connie Morgan in the Fur Country" by James B. Hendryx
She had a real, happy, glad, good-natured look; but she had een that pierced a body through.
"Shirley" by Charlotte Brontë
Ye look like a ghaist, ye're white-like, ye're black aboot the een; and do you find me deavin' ye wi' fancies?
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume XV" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Your een are fu' o' fatness, man; your heid dozened wi' carnal leir.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume XXI" by Robert Louis Stevenson
I wouldna swear tae the pawky carl, but I'd ken the een o' him full weel.
"Nuala O'Malley" by H. Bedford-Jones
It was translated into Dutch: "Een seer vermakelick Proces tusschen Fluweele-Broeck ende Laken-Broek," Leyden, 1601, 4to.
"The English Novel in the Time of Shakespeare" by J. J. Jusserand

In poetry:

O konden we eens zoo samen staan
Aan de allerlaatste brug,
En saam en blij er overgaan--
Wij kwamen nooit terug!
"Avondwandeling" by Pieter Cornelis Boutens
En dan, 't wonder lieflijk wezen,
't Bloemtjen in mijn wildernis,
Die mij boven alles minde
En nu ginds een Engel is!
"Engelen" by Jan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate
Zoo saam doen twee een korte poos
Over een wijd gebied!...
Nog liggen wegen eindeloos
Voor morgen in 't verschiet!...
"Avondwandeling" by Pieter Cornelis Boutens
My Polly's varry bonny,
Her een are black an breet;
They shine under her raven locks,
Like stars i'th' dark o'th' neet.
"My Polly" by John Hartley
Zo goed
als een klokje diep in het dal,
de lauwe geur van veevoeder overal
's avonds over de dorpen lijk een offerande.
"Lied Van De Arbeid" by Weis Moens
It's foolish nah to brood an freeat,
Abaat what might ha been;
At sixty we dooant see wi' th' een,
We saw wi at sixteen.
"Sixty An Sixteen" by John Hartley

In news:

That Eastside way of 'talk-een'.
That Eastside way of 'talk- een '.
All Blogs Laser Orgy Ctrl+Alt+Del's Winter-een-mas spontaneously aborts.
A spate of emergency room visits by eens drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk have some health officials worried the potentially harmful behavior could become a larger trend.
Under the reign of Saddam Hussein, openly celebrating Arba'een was illegal.

In science:

Let the normalization ν : P1 × eEn+β−1 → Sn+β a, b ∈ eEn+β−1 be the preimages of pn+β−1 and let Fa and Fb be the fibers over a and b.
A Simple Proof that Rational Curves on K3 are Nodal
We can think of Sn+β as obtained from P1 × eEn+β−1 by gluing Fa and Fb via φab .
A Simple Proof that Rational Curves on K3 are Nodal
Indeed the actions of efn and fn (resp. een and en) coincide on each vector vC , C ∈ C(n, p).
An algorithm for computing the global basis of an irreducible $U_{q}(sp_{2n})$-module
For example, if search engines could take advantage of the web’s small-world property, then users with only local knowledge of the web may actually be able to find and construct short paths betw een pairs of webpages.
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research
Since Zn is Gn,[ns]-measurable, we have eEn (h|Gn,k ) = E (h|Gn,k ) for any k ≥ [ns] and h ∈ L1 (P ).
An almost sure invariance principle for random walks in a space-time random environment