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    • n Ecu ā′kü or ā-kū′ a French silver coin, usually considered as equivalent to the English crown—there were also gold écus weighing about 60 grains: a common name for the five-franc piece.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. scutum, a shield.


In literature:

I will give you each an ecu.
"The Cloister and the Hearth" by Charles Reade
A general rendezvous was arranged to take place at Mortagne, in the hotel de l'Ecu de France.
"The Brotherhood of Consolation" by Honore de Balzac
He succeeded in finding some very desirable ones, situated in the Rue de l'Ecu, near the port, and they moved into them.
"East Lynne" by Mrs. Henry Wood
If you stay at the Hotel de l'Ecu de France you are quite close to the castle that towers upon its hill right in the middle of the town.
"Normandy, Complete" by Gordon Home
If you stay at the Hotel de l'Ecu de France you are quite close to the castle that towers upon its hill right in the middle of the town.
"Normandy, Part 1" by Gordon Home
They drank their coffees, gave an ecu to the proprietor, and went out.
"Moorish Literature" by Anonymous
The town gave Jean Langlois a present, and the magistrates entertained him at dinner at the Ecu Saint-Georges.
"The Life of Joan of Arc, Vol. 1 and 2 (of 2)" by Anatole France
The Hotel de l'Ecu, where our party have now arrived, is very pleasantly situated on the quay facing the lake.
"Rollo in Geneva" by Jacob Abbott
Everybody connected with the Hotel de l'Ecu d'Or is again enchanted.
"With the World's Great Travellers, Volume 3" by Various
Ecu d'or, 37, 85, 413.
"The History of Currency, 1252 to 1896" by William Arthur Shaw
Here Ecue, the divine, was baptized by Efo in the Oldan, who in turn signed his disciple.
"San Cristóbal de la Habana" by Joseph Hergesheimer
Hotel de l'Ecu, Geneva.
"The Letters of Henry James (volume I)" by Henry James
I will give ye each an ecu.
"The Cloister and the Hearth" by Charles Reade
But the landlord of the Ecu did not wait for him.
"The Red Cockade" by Stanley J. Weyman

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In science:

The research for this paper has been partially supported by NSF grant DMS-0354907 and ECU Faculty Senate Summer 2005 Research Grant.
Diophantine Definability and Decidability in the Extensions of Degree 2 of Totally Real Fields
These maps induce isomorphisms φuv : Cuv → C , φuw : Cuw → C , φuvw : Cuvw → eCu , φvw uw : Cvw ≃ eCuw .
Odd Khovanov homology of principally unimodular bipartite graph-links
S P ECU LAT ION The present constructions are potentially applicable to generalizations of current applications of and size over time in order to minimize the total energy level in the system.
Hadwiger's Theorem for Definable Functions
The first author was partially supported by a research grant from ECU and the second author by an NSERC research grant and start up funds from the University of Guelph.
Isomorphisms of algebras associated with directed graphs
The p roposed Ecosystem Communication Unit (ECU) is a multi-agent and a multi-platform design for connecting services, possibly incompatible, together to interact, send requests, and receive responses from each other.
Communication Language Specifications For Digital Ecosystems
After the request has been received by the ECU, it is validated, parsed, and converted into a SOAP request and then forwarded to the SOAP adapter which, consecutively, forwards it to the “DICTIONARY” web service.
Communication Language Specifications For Digital Ecosystems
However, we have already pointed out the strength of the smart devices as a tool for hacking, such as hacking a car’s ECU by android phone through the Bluetooth channel .
The Enemy Within: The Emerging Threats to Healthcare from Malicious Mobile Devices