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    • ns Dye-house a building in which dyeing is done
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. deágan, to dye, from deág or deáh, colour.


In literature:

He is carrying on an extensive dye-house and bleachery in the suburbs of Little Rock.
"Punchinello, Vol. II., No. 39., Saturday, December 24, 1870." by Various
He brought it down to the cage; Rollo went into the house, and brought out an old bowl, and Jonas prepared to pour out the dye into it.
"Rollo at Play" by Jacob Abbott
The dye-houses and dressing-shops of Leeds are very extensive.
"Rides on Railways" by Samuel Sidney
When they started in the "old dye-house" it was simply as booksellers.
"The Bay State Monthly, Vol. II, No. 6, March, 1885" by Various
I had it dyed for her last summer, and there's the little tag from the dye-house on it now.
"Good Cheer Stories Every Child Should Know" by Various
Figure 10 shows round and oval tubs and a rectangular vat much in use in dye-houses.
"The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics" by Franklin Beech
She went very slowly towards the dye-house.
"Sarah's School Friend" by May Baldwin
People ran from every house to greet Juno, or from high on the hillsides waved their hands and shouted "how-dyes" down to her.
"In Happy Valley" by John Fox
Such a pair of rollers is a familiar article, and quite common and in general use in dye houses.
"The Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics" by Franklin Beech
In the suburbs weaving or dyeing seemed to be going on in every house.
"A Wayfarer in China" by Elizabeth Kendall
The house is now quite empty, but in one of the rooms we saw, or fancied we saw, spots of sanguine dye on the floor.
"In Eastern Seas" by J. J. Smith
Mr. Moore haunted his mill, his mill-yard, his dye-house, and his warehouse till the sickly dawn strengthened into day.
"Shirley" by Charlotte Brontë
They had, therefore, to go into all the accounts of the farm, the dye-house, and the mill.
"Skipper Worse" by Alexander Lange Kielland
Nowhere is the speculation more difficult than in a dye-house at Coventry.
"The International Monthly, Volume 5, No. 4, April, 1852" by Various
The raffia can be colored with Diamond dyes and wee rugs made for the doll-house on tiny looms.
"Home Occupations for Boys and Girls" by Bertha Johnston

In poetry:

"Her oxen may dye i' the house, billie,
And her kye into the byre;
And I sall hae nothing to mysell
Bot a fat fadge by the fyre."
"Lord Thomas And Fair Annet" by Andrew Lang

In news:

Mrs Dye graduated Rich burgh High School and did teacher training at Wellsville, N.Y. And Red House where she teacher trained in a one room school house prior to obtaining her degree from Geneseo.
Officials with the Mad Anthonys Children's Hope House – located on the campus of Lutheran Hospital – announced plans for expansion Monday, thanks to a gift from benefactor Bruce Dye and members of the Mad Anthonys Charity Classic.