• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Dor (Zoöl) A large European scaraboid beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius), which makes a droning noise while flying. The name is also applied to allied American species, as the June bug. Called also dorr dorbeetle, or dorrbeetle dorbug dorrfly, and buzzard clock.
    • n Dor A trick, joke, or deception.
    • v. t Dor To make a fool of; to deceive.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n dor Alamellicorn beetle of the family Scarabæidæ, a species of dung-beetle, Geotrypes stercorarius. It is one of the commonest British beetles, less than an inch long, black with a metallic reflection, and is often heard droning through the air toward the close of the summer twilight. Also called dor-beetle, sometimes dor-fly, and provincially in England buzzard-clock.
    • n dor A drone (bee).
    • n dor The cockchafer, Melolontha vulgaris.
    • n dor Also dor-beetle.
    • n dor One of several ground-beetles, species of the family Carabidæ and genus Harpalus. More fully called black dor.
    • dor To hoax; humbug; make a fool of; perplex.
    • n dor A trick; a practical joke.
    • n dor A practical joker.
    • n dor A fool.
    • n dor In the nomenclature of the spicular elements of sponges, a monaxial lance-shaped or curved rod, one end of which is sharply pointed while the other has a two- or three-edged blade.
    • n dor An abbreviation of Doric.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Dor dor (obs.) a scoff, mockery, as 'to give (any one) the dor.'
    • n Dor dor a kind of dung-beetle, also called Dor-beetle and Dor-fly; a cockchafer (in U.S. called Dor-bug):
    • n Dor dor (obs.) a drone.
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. AS. dora, drone, locust, D. tor, beetle, L. taurus, a kind of beetle. Cf. Dormouse
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. dora, a humble-bee.


In literature:

Do you have dor-bugs in New York, Mr.
"A Pair of Patient Lovers" by William Dean Howells
Dor, take off your cap and pull back that hood.
"In the Yule-Log Glow, Book II" by Various
Dor, take off your cap and pull back that hood.
"The Peace Egg and Other tales" by Juliana Horatia Ewing
Nobody never has, and nobody never can, and come back 'llve, as that there Johnny Dor'.
"Cormorant Crag" by George Manville Fenn
Behind Dor, the nonapus stirred sluggishly, extended a tentacle, opened a claw, and nipped Dor neatly on the behind.
"Stairway to the Stars" by Larry Shaw
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 378, April, 1847" by Various
The Dor rises in the hills to the south of Abbottabad and drains the Haripur plain.
"The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province, and Kashmir" by Sir James McCrone Douie
Mont Dor, baths of, 448.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 380, June, 1847" by Various
I was a-bout to say I am pleased to meet Dor-o-thy's friends, who must be my friends.
"The Road to Oz" by L. Frank Baum
Only in a very general way could I guess the location of the Valley Dor.
"The Gods of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Mont Dor, Auvergne, 422.
"A Manual of Elementary Geology" by Charles Lyell
Will you be pleased to take that chair by my side, and as we go on with our dinner we can talk about Mont Dor.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 60, No. 372, October 1846" by Various
Its newness is not so apparent when we read the story of the Witch of En-dor.
"Spiritualism and the New Psychology" by Millais Culpin
And here and now, with the chevrons of a sergeant, was this same Victor Dor, who embraced me as if he had been my brother.
"A Tatter of Scarlet" by S. R. Crockett
For I am descended from the witch of En-dor.
"The Tour" by Louis Couperus
THE death is announced of Mr. Norman Macdonald, of Big Bras Dor, Cape Breton, at the reputed age of 110 years.
"The Little Gleaner, Vol. X." by Various
Il por de gowles vng frecte dor.
"The Curiosities of Heraldry" by Mark Antony Lower
And one of his men told him there was at En-dor a witch who could work strange charms, and fore-tell what was to take place.
"Young Folks' Bible in Words of Easy Reading" by Josephine Pollard
Dor evidently did remember.
"Johnny Ludlow. First Series" by Mrs. Henry Wood
Thrvch Wodins dor and dertenhed was thene Magy bas wrden ovir Skenlandis astardel.
"The Oera Linda Book" by Anonymous

In poetry:

Tot astfel cînd al nostru dor
Pieri în noapte-adîncã,
Lumina stinsului amor
Ne urmãreste încã.
"La steaua" by Mihai Eminescu
Een eiland werd mijn dor gemoed,
Een rots, met lava in den schoot;
Geen toorts ontsteekt men aan zijn gloed:
Zijn vuurvlam doodt!
"Byrons Zwanenzang" by Jan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate
Vochte koelte zoeft door 't bruine riet;
Sappen gisten in het dor geraamte--
Overval ons niet in onze schaamte:
Schoonheid, kom nog niet!
"Aan De Schoonheid" by Pieter Cornelis Boutens
The road to En-dor is easy to tread
For Mother or yearning Wife.
There, it is sure, we shall meet our Dead
As they were even in life.
Earth has not dreamed of the blessing in store
For desolate hearts on the road to En-dor.
"En-dor" by Rudyard Kipling
Oh the road to En-dor is the oldest road
And the craziest road of all!
Straight it runs to the Witch's abode,
As it did in the days of Saul,
And nothing has changed of the sorrow in store
For such as go down on the road to En-dor!
"En-dor" by Rudyard Kipling
But they are so deep in their new eclipse
Nothing they say can reach,
Unless it be uttered by alien lips
And I framed in a stranger's speech.
The son must send word to the mother that bore,
'Through an hireling's mouth. 'Tis the rule of En-dor.
"En-dor" by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

Lou Doillon, Dree Hemingway, Garance Doré, and Chadwick Tyler Team Up for Free People.
A video called "Sabir" is part of a show by the artist Dor Guez at the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University.
Munch goes to the Dor -Stop.
Meeting between city, DOR 'very informative'.
On Tuesday, Dec 9, the Florida Cabinet unanimously passed DOR Emergency Rule 12CER08-31.
Lou Doillon, Dree Hemingway, Garance Doré , and Chadwick Tyler Team Up for Free People.
This morning tribute was paid to Avery Island's Eula Mae Doré .
Lou Doillon, Dree Hemingway, Garance Doré, and Chadwick Tyler Team Up for Free People .
Meeting between city, DOR 'very informative '.
This Torah scroll at Temple Dor Dorim, Weston, is one of hundreds that were rescued after the Holocaust.
Potential victims of DOR hacker continue to come forward .
Brianna Brown / contributed photo Reece Payne (left) and Braydyn Thomas pick up lunch from Stacy Doré (second from right) and Patty Murphy of the East Bremerton Rotary recently.
Sheheen ridicules state's handling of DOR hacking.
Lou Doillon, Dree Hemingway , Garance Doré, and Chadwick Tyler Team Up for Free People.
Lionel Messi, Cristinao Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta have been announced as the three nominees for the FIFA Ballon dOr 2012.

In science:

In mid-infrared CMDs, populous bright sources are AGB stars and red supergiants (RSGs), as well as some S Dor variables.
Revealing infrared populations of nearby galaxies using the Spitzer Space Telescope
In addition to the AGB stars, S Dor type variables (luminous blue variables), and Wolf Rayet (WR) stars are plotted.
Revealing infrared populations of nearby galaxies using the Spitzer Space Telescope
We present the first ultraviolet (UV) and multi-epoch optical spectroscopy of 30 Dor 016, a massive O2-type star on the periphery of 30 Doradus in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
A massive runaway star from 30 Doradus
New multi-epoch spectroscopy of this star, 30 Dor 016 in the VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey (Evans et al. 2010), now enables us to rule out the presence of a close massive companion to a high level of confidence, suggesting that the star might have been ejected from the denser central region.
A massive runaway star from 30 Doradus
More recently, taking advantage of new developments in computational physics and of faster computers, several groups have developed more flexible adaptive codes (Gehmeyr & Winkler 1992, Dorfi & Feuchtinger 1991, Buchler, Kollath & Marom 1997).
Nonlinear Pulsations
We have used the data collected by Black (1987) and Dorfi (1992) and have closed the UV gap by spline interpolation, resulting from absorption in the Galactic disk, by a power law.
The dynamical signature of the ISM in soft X-rays -- I. Diffuse soft X-rays from galaxies
Dor ´e et al.(2001)] Dor ´e, O., Teyssier, R., Bouchet, F. R. , Vibert, D., & Prunet, S. 2001, A&A, 374, 358 [Farese et al.(2003a)] Farese, P.C. et al. 2003, To be published in the proceedings of ”The Cosmic Microwave Background and its Polarization”, New Astronomy Reviews, S.
Polarization experiments
The intensity of the hydrogen emission seems to correlate with the amplitude of the pulsation since RR Lyr variables exhibit only weak emission lines (Preston 1964) and in classical Cepheids (for example in β Dor) hydrogen emission lines are scarcely detected (Hutchinson et al. 1975).
The structure of radiative shock waves. V. Hydrogen emission lines
Within a 1 pc radius NGC 3603 reveals a remarkable similarity in the central density and stellar density distribution of R136, the dense core of 30 Dor in the Large Magellanic Cloud (Moffat et al. 1994).
On the X-ray Emission from Massive Star Clusters and their Evolving Superbubbles
NGC 3603 decreases sharply whereas the stellar density in 30 Dor remains to decrease with a similar slope to larger radii.
On the X-ray Emission from Massive Star Clusters and their Evolving Superbubbles
Malumuth & Heap (1994) measured the ionizing flux from 30 Dor as a function of distance from the cluster center.
On the X-ray Emission from Massive Star Clusters and their Evolving Superbubbles
Louck (1981) The Racah-Wigner Algebra in Quantum Theory, Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications, Volume 9, Addison-Wesley Dor`e, O., S.
A Central Limit Theorem and Higher Order Results for the Angular Bispectrum
The result holds for any of the popular marking strategies, not only D¨orfler’s [D¨or96].
Convergence of adaptive finite element methods for eigenvalue problems
D¨or96] Willy D¨orfler, A convergent adaptive algorithm for Poisson’s equation, SIAM J.
Convergence of adaptive finite element methods for eigenvalue problems
AA Dor, Rauch & Werner 2003; NY Vir, Vuˇcovi´c et al. 2007 and this proceedings).
HW Vir's Companion: a M-type Dwarf, or maybe a giant rotating spherical Mirror?