• WordNet 3.6
    • n diesel an internal-combustion engine that burns heavy oil
    • n Diesel German engineer (born in France) who invented the diesel engine (1858-1913)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth II, moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns
    • Diesel A type of internal-combustion engine in which the air drawn in by the suction stroke is so highly compressed that the heat generated ignites the fuel (usually a heavy oil), the fuel being automatically sprayed into the cylinder under pressure. The Diesel engine has a very high thermal efficiency.
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  • Little Richard
    Little Richard
    “They shoulda called me Little Cocaine, I was sniffing so much of the stuff! My nose got big enough to back a diesel truck in, unload it, and drive it right out again.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
After Dr. Rudolf Diesel, , of Munich, the inventor


In literature:

They called to us with their allurement, but the Diesel motor knew no pity.
"The South Pole, Volumes 1 and 2" by Roald Amundsen
I'm taking advantage of the rest to give the crew some exercises and execute various minor repairs to the Diesels.
"Diary of a U-Boat Commander" by Anonymous
The diesel was partly dismantled, sand poured into its fuel feed, and the generator windings ripped out.
"Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X" by Victor Appleton
There's only one thing it's good for, and you can't run a spaceship on Diesel oil.
"Space Viking" by Henry Beam Piper
Only its untended Diesels had checked before a fuel-pump cleared.
"Morale" by Murray Leinster
The Red Arrow Express had round wheels, burned Diesel fuel and made the trip between Leningrad and Moscow overnight.
"Combat" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
Mead's prophesy was accurate except for his discounting the diesel's role in lighter-than-air craft.
"The First Airplane Diesel Engine: Packard Model DR-980 of 1928" by Robert B. Meyer
Outside, Farid showed them the self-contained diesel-electric power plant.
"The Egyptian Cat Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
"Conservation Through Engineering" by Franklin K. Lane
Instead, it was operated by a pair of marine diesels.
"The Pirates of Shan" by Harold Leland Goodwin

In news:

CNN's Susan Candiotti checks out a promising biodiesel fuel from a golf-ball sized fruit whose oil runs diesel engines.
Diesel prices rose at the fastest pace since March 2011, jumping 11.5 cents in the week ending Aug 13 as oil prices slipped.
Vin Diesel the rapper - slow and calm.
Diesel fuel spills into Lake Huron after tug and barge sink.
Barge sinks in Lake Huron , spilling diesel fuel.
A commercial dredge believed to be carrying 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel sunk early this morning in Lake Huron off the coast of Lakeport, leaving a large oil sheen on the surface of the water.
Sunken dredge may release all 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel into Lake Huron .
Diesel fuel spill reaches Lake Huron shore after barge sinks.
The National Transportation Safety Board unveiled its annual "Most Wanted" list Wednesday, Nov 14, including crash avoidance systems for Class 8 diesel trucks.
Carriers say the confluence of rising diesel prices.
The importance of diesel backup generators in the post-Sandy economy is hard to overstate.
In the wake of the storm, diesel is the lifeblood of the New York-area data center industry and much of lower Manhattan, where generators are currently.
So-called half-ton pickups will be getting fuel-thrifty diesel engines soon.
Diesel engines, which are popular with trailerists, typically boost fuel economy by about 30 percent.
General Motors plans to offer diesel engines in its light-duty pickups for the first time in two decades.

In science:

The main alternative to gasoline-type engines is, of course, the diesel type—not shown in the figure— which runs on diesel fuel, has a (relatively) high compression, and does not need spark plugs or a carburettor.
Towards an Intelligent Database System Founded on the SP Theory of Computing and Cognition
By appropriate alignment within a multiple alignment, such a variable may receive a ‘value’ such as ‘gasoline’ or ‘diesel’ in this example.
Towards an Intelligent Database System Founded on the SP Theory of Computing and Cognition
It is, of course, important to avoid local degradation of these conditions at an observatory, for instance as might be caused by emissions from diesel generators.
Astronomy in Antarctica
This might not readily be expected to be drawn from a station diesel power supply.
Astronomy in Antarctica
BSs in remote areas generally run on diesel power generators and may cost ten times more.
Green Cellular Networks: A Survey, Some Research Issues and Challenges