• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Desk-work work done at a desk, professional labours of a clerk or author
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
M. E. deske—L. discus. It is a variant of dish and disc.


In literature:

I worked at the desk through the long forenoons, and in a bathing-suit for the rest of the day.
"Child and Country" by Will Levington Comfort
Seated before the big desk, shirt-sleeved as usual, Roberts sat working.
"The Dominant Dollar" by Will Lillibridge
Two or three clerks were at work at their desks.
"Ben, the Luggage Boy;" by Horatio Alger
Leadys were working everywhere, poring over tables and desks.
"The Defenders" by Philip K. Dick
The man on the desk went on working industriously with his pencil, even while he was speaking.
"Once to Every Man" by Larry Evans
Mr. Pendleton was at work at Powers's desk and didn't even look up.
"The Wall Street Girl" by Frederick Orin Bartlett
Nearly all of the literary work of his last year was done upon this desk.
"Whittier-land" by Samuel T. Pickard
No young man may work at his best and have a woman's face in his desk to haunt him.
"The Magnificent Adventure" by Emerson Hough
The Reading Desk, on the opposite side, consists of open tracery work, carved in modern oak.
"A History of Horncastle from the earliest period to the present time" by James Conway Walter
The superintendent returned presently, and, turning to his desk, resumed his work.
"Calumet 'K'" by Samuel Merwin
In the evening Mrs. Connelly brought her work, and sat by the desk.
"Hope Mills" by Amanda M. Douglas
A tall, gray-haired man stood up from the desk at which he was working, and bowed to Telzey.
"Novice" by James H. Schmitz
He began to ransack his tutor's desk for a piece of wax or twine necessary to his work.
"Shirley" by Charlotte Brontë
When he reached his office, he found Violet Hogan working at her desk.
"In the Heart of a Fool" by William Allen White
He rested his head on both hands as he sat working at his desk: it felt so heavy.
"The Son of His Mother" by Clara Viebig
Our work had scarcely been completed, and the desk replaced in its former situation, when the officer returned.
"Confessions Of Con Cregan An Irish Gil Blas" by Charles James Lever
I've been doing some paper work, and unless he came to the desk, I might not notice him.
"The Golden Skull" by John Blaine
August Niemann, the German novelist, devotes the forenoon to literary work, but never burns midnight-oil on his writing-desk.
"Methods of Authors" by Hugo Erichsen
It was some relief to find Hosea turning to Tennyson, whose works he had upon his desk.
"The Bonadventure" by Edmund Blunden
By the light of the hand-lamp the man went to work on the locked desk.
"The Girls of Hillcrest Farm" by Amy Bell Marlowe

In poetry:

A Desk he had of curious Work,
With glittering Studs about;
Within the same did Sandys lurk,
Though Ovid lay without.
"Sandys Ghost ; A Proper Ballad on the New Ovid's Metamorphosis" by Alexander Pope
You have heard it often, alone at your desk
In a green April, your mind drawn
Away from its work by sweet disturbance
Of the mild evening outside your room.
"A Blackbird Singing" by R S Thomas

In news:

An elementary school student does work at her desk.
A woman sits on a desk at work.
That's true whether you work at a desk job or a job that requires lifting and bending.
One of the best parts about working here at Fitness: all of the healthy treats that come across our desks in hopes of getting on our radar.
If you're working long hours and eating dinner at your desk, keep a toothbrush on hand.
Right-to-work bills headed to Gov Snyder's desk.
Anyone who works at a reference desk can tell you stories about the different types of questions people ask.
Despite the increasing number of offices with a computer (or two) on every desk, many people still want to work with printed drawings.
Reading his obituary in the New York Times, I looked up at the poster over my desk announcing a 1992 exhibit of his work at the Phillips Collection in Washington.
Don't look now, but it's possible that the person sitting near your desk at work believes he is in contact with an alien spaceship that's headed this way.
ICCM's e-Service Desk is a flexible and configurable service management solution that can be implemented with minimal disruption to an organization's working practices, according to Metastorm.
Consumed at my desk at work around 2:45 pm with one hand while typing something as equally stupid as this with the other.
You must be able to work closely with the assignment desk, producers , reporters, and managers to create a high energy daily news product that differentiates us from the competition, both on television and the web.
These days, it's not uncommon for employees to stay at their desks during their lunch hours and eat their midday meals while they continue to work.
Courtesy of David Revette THIS WORK is a desk and chair set from an exhibit called Ah Leon: Memories of Elementary School that opens March 12 at the Everson Museum of Art.

In science:

For the field-work for this project, the Microsoft Windows version of NEO was used exclusively. However, much of the developmental computer-vision programming was done at the programmer‘s desk using the Linux version of NEO.
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Testing a Novelty-Detection Algorithm on Two Mobile Exploration Systems at Rivas Vaciamadrid in Spain and at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah
A similar comment was made by P1: “A lot of times I’l l be working with multiple papers. I like to spread al l the pages out on my desk so I can see al l the pages.
Examining Motivations behind Paper Usage in Academia
Men and Women are not content to comfort themselves with tales of gods and giants, or to confine their thoughts to the daily affairs of life; they also build telescopes and satellites and accelerators, and sit at their desks for endless hours working out the meaning of the data they gather.
Book Review: The Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol. I and II by S. Weinberg
This work is based on the Ph. D. dissertations of David Asner and Andrew Foland. I would like to thank the conference organizers for their delightful conference, and particularly Taku Yamanaka for his extra attention, and the help desk for guiding me to a bicycle shop.
CLEO Results on Heavy Meson Mixing