• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Debilitant (Med) Diminishing the energy of organs; reducing excitement; as, a debilitant drug.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • debilitant Debilitating; weakening.
    • n debilitant In medicine, a remedy administered for the purpose of reducing excitement.
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  • H. A. Hopf
    H. A. Hopf
    “Indecision is debilitating; it feeds upon itself; it is, one might almost say, habit-forming. Not only that, but it is contagious; it transmits itself to others.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. debilitants, p. pr


In literature:

Three weeks went by in the same debilitating peace.
"The Wit and Humor of America, Volume X (of X)" by Various
This plethora debilitates the industrial body, its functional activities are weakened.
"The Evolution of Modern Capitalism" by John Atkinson Hobson
The pale and debilitated girl needs to rest.
"What a Young Woman Ought to Know" by Mary Wood-Allen
Coffee, as drunk in England, debilitates the stomach, and produces a slight nausea.
"The Cook's Oracle; and Housekeeper's Manual" by William Kitchiner
The individual had recently recovered from a violent attack of disease, and was left much debilitated.
"North American Medical and Surgical Journal, Vol. 2, No. 3, July, 1826" by Various
The spectre attacked even the animals, and some cows were found debilitated and half dead.
"The Phantom World" by Augustin Calmet
Law does not end uncertainty, and it debilitates the mind.
"Shelley, Godwin and Their Circle" by H. N. Brailsford
It is very debilitating, and requires prompt and judicious treatment.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
She was so languid and debilitated that he thought it would take her nearly all day.
"Benjamin Franklin, A Picture of the Struggles of Our Infant Nation One Hundred Years Ago" by John S. C. Abbott
How should the food be given when both the digestive organs and general system are debilitated?
"A Treatise on Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene (Revised Edition)" by Calvin Cutter
It was not merely by the debilitating influence of vicious indulgence on the nervous constitution that this effect was produced.
"Alexander the Great" by Jacob Abbott
His Rasselas is the most melancholy and debilitating moral speculation that ever was put forth.
"Hazlitt on English Literature" by Jacob Zeitlin
Excessive emotion debilitates the system.
"The Colored Girl Beautiful" by E. Azalia Hackley
Indulgence, however, should not be too frequent, lest it debilitate the pair and undermine their health.
"Plain Talks on Avoided Subjects" by Henry Newell Guernsey
He stared about wildly, panic lifting in him like a swift debilitating disease.
"The Enormous Room" by Horace Leonard Gold
Thus the debilitated hope of particular litters comes but badly off.
"The Dog" by Dinks, Mayhew, and Hutchinson
Two, known as "mung" and "mote," or "moat," are excellent for getting flesh on thin, debilitated animals.
"Notes on Stable Management in India and the Colonies" by Joshua A. Nunn
It debilitates and enervates them, and they are not near so strong and healthy as formerly.
"Augusta Triumphans" by Daniel Defoe
One morning when I felt so debilitated that I really thought my last hour was come, I ordered my servant to make me some broth.
"Tales of the Wonder Club" by M. Y. Halidom (pseud. Dryasdust)
The disease or the medicine or both had greatly debilitated me.
"Forty Years in the Wilderness of Pills and Powders" by William A. Alcott

In poetry:

His body, by sheer sloth oppress'd,
Was unprepar'd for food or rest;
His mind, debilitated grown,
For want of use had lost its tone.
"The Cobbler" by William Hutton

In news:

Huskies are coming off perhaps their most disheartening and debilitating loss of the season, a 13-6 defeat at.
Recognizing, understanding and overcoming the debilitating impact of maternal narcissism.
Now 52, the actor secretly endured a series of debilitating strokes while shooting Hercules in the late 1990s, he reveals to Neurology Now.
Sure, but if you are smart, you are willing to endure some up-front pain to prevent debilitating sickness down the road.
CD is a chronic debilitating inflammatory bowel disease that involves a complex interaction of host genes, the immune system, the intestinal microbiome and the environment.
The steroid that eventually cleared up her debilitating skin disorder left painful cracks and fissures.
Football Concussions Invisible , Debilitating.
A Payson woman enduring years of debilitating pain after developing an infection following knee surgery has been awarded almost $7.3 million after a two-week trial in Globe ended last week.
Kenyan forces are engaged in a fight in Somalia to debilitate the militants.
The Web will help PMG fend off the feast-or-famine cycle that debilitates many government contractors, Mr Garcia believes.
Alzheimer's disease has long been a medical mystery, but new research may point to at least one cause for the debilitating condition.
The 8-year-old actor has been in 14 plays in four years, all while struggling with a debilitating neurological condition.
A Missouri college student whose debilitating eye disease has rendered him legally blind leads the school's marching band.
A Missouri college student whose debilitating eye disease has rendered him legally blind leads the school's marching band .
California voters passed the Mental Health Services Act in 2004 because they know how mental illness debilitates their families, destroys their friends and harms their communities.

In science:

So, leakage error induces small inefficiency for each gate (at a level of a few percents), which is not debilitating for experimental quantum computing up to dozens of CPF gates even without quantum error correction.
Scalable photonic quantum computation through cavity-assisted interaction
The debilitating effects of the atmosphere are largely confi ned to a thin turbulent surface boundary layer.
Astronomy in Antarctica
In addition to the debilitating effects on image quality caused by turbulence, the surface layer also poses an engineering challenge for two further reasons.
Astronomy in Antarctica
However, both simple theory and detailed numerical simulations universally indicate that the νe burst and photodissociation of the infalling nuclei debilitate the shock wave into accretion within ∼5 milliseconds of bounce.
Perspectives on Core-Collapse Supernova Theory
Nevertheless, none of the perceived consistency complications are debilitating, at least for even-NB systems .
Membranes and Consistent Quantization of Nambu Dynamics
This orbit reduced bot h the debilitating effects of occultation by the Earth and the amount of time spent in the radiation belts.
The Making of the Chandra X-ray Observatory: the Project Scientist's Perspective
In this paper, we show the debilitating effects of sample selection bias on the problem of automated classification of variable stars from their observed light curves.
Active Learning to Overcome Sample Selection Bias: Application to Photometric Variable Star Classification
These debilitating effects are also seen in existing catalogs such as the ACVS (Po jmanski 2000, Po jmanski et al. 2005), whose use of training data from OGLE plus from an early ASAS release yields a supervised classifier that is only confident on 24% of all sources.
Active Learning to Overcome Sample Selection Bias: Application to Photometric Variable Star Classification
An additional, more debilitating drawback is that IW requires the support of the testing distribution be a subset of the support of the training distribution7 , which, in the types of supervised learning problems common in astrophysics, is rarely the case.
Active Learning to Overcome Sample Selection Bias: Application to Photometric Variable Star Classification
However, the best transport calculations reveal that Yl is far too low, neutrino losses when the shock breaks out of the neutrinospheres are far too large, and nuclear dissociation is far too debilitating for the prompt mechanism to be salvaged [23,57].
Towards a Synthesis of Core-Collapse Supernova Theory