• WordNet 3.6
    • n Dagon god of agriculture and the earth; national god of Philistines
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Dagon dăg"ŏn A slip or piece.
    • Dagon dā"gŏn The national god of the Philistines, represented with the face and hands and upper part of a man, and the tail of a fish. "This day a solemn feast the people hold
      To Dagon , their sea idol."
      "They brought it into the house of Dagon ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n Dagon A slip or piece.
    • n Dagon The national god of the Philistines, represented as formed of the upper part of a man and the lower part of a fish. His most famous temples were at Gaza and Ashdod. He had a female correlative among the Syrians, called Atargatis or Derceto. In Babylonian or Assyrian mythology, the name Dagon is given to a fish-like being who rose from the waters of the Red Sea as one of the great benefactors of men.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Dagon dā′gon the national god of the Philistines, half-man, half-fish.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Heb. Dāgon, fr. dag, a fish: cf. Gr. Dagw`n
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Heb. dāgōndag, fish.


In literature:

"Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore, Volume I" by Sir Moses Montefiore
I do not recollect the others, but have particular reason to remember Little Dagon.
"When Life Was Young" by C. A. Stephens
The chief object of interest in Rangoon is the great Shwe Dagon pagoda, which dominates the whole city.
"The Critic in the Orient" by George Hamlin Fitch
Yet we clump round the Shwe Dagon pagoda at our ease, and no one interferes.
"The Soul of a People" by H. Fielding
In the same way, to the Syrian fish deities, Dagon and Artergatis, must we look for the origin of our Undines and fish-maidens, and mermaidens.
"Storyology" by Benjamin Taylor
May Sother break thy head and cut off thy hands, as was done to the cursed Dagon!...
"Religion & Sex" by Chapman Cohen
Fall, flatulent monarchy, fall like Dagon!
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 5 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Be not afraid; although he be wrong, so also is the dead, stuffed Dagon he insults.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 16 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Thammuz, Dagon, drag 'im up here!
"Satan and the Comrades" by Ralph Bennitt
According to an ancient fable, preserved by Berosus, this is what was known of Dagon.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 93, July, 1865" by Various
Down with Dagon, the fish god!
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 24 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
The preserving god Vishnu, the Sun, was represented as a fish, and so was the Syrian Sun-god Dagon, who was also a Preserver or Saviour.
"Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions" by T. W. Doane
"From Sea to Sea" by Rudyard Kipling
After the Philistines had captured the Ark and set it in the house of Dagon, the people were smitten with disease.
"Custom and Myth" by Andrew Lang
I proclaim you all Edomites; dragooners of Dagon; ding-dongs of Dathan!
"A Select Collection of Old English Plays" by Robert Dodsley
This spot is no other than the one over which stands and towers the lofty and massive Shoay Dagon.
"The Life or Legend of Gaudama" by Right Reverend Paul Ambroise Bigandet
And they put his armor in the house of their gods, and fastened his head in the temple of Dagon.
"The Messiah in Moses and the Prophets" by Eleazar Lord
She had seen the Shwe Dagon and looked upon the Taj by moonlight.
"Caravans By Night" by Harry Hervey
Contained famous temple of Dagon.
"A Literary and Historical Atlas of Asia" by J. G. Bartholomew
The fugitives took sanctuary in the temple of Dagon at Azotus.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 15, Slice 4" by Various

In poetry:

"What are those unholy pagans?
Can they ride? No more than Dagons.
Fishtails ne'er could sit a steed;
That belongs to Esau's seed.
"Lita of the Nile" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
The law of works, the law of grace,
Can't stand together in one place;
The brighter scene destroys the dark,
As Dagon fell before the ark.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. II." by Ralph Erskine
Again the Lord his name proclaimed,
And brought the hateful idol low;
Then self, like Dagon, broken, maimed,
Seemed to receive a mortal blow.
"Dagon Before The Ark" by John Newton
When first to make my heart his own,
The Lord revealed his mighty grace;
Self reigned, like Dagon, on the throne,
But could not long maintain its place.
"Dagon Before The Ark" by John Newton
Let remotest nations know Proud Goliath's overthrow.
Fall'n, Philistia, is thy trust,
Dagon mingles with the dust!
Who fears the Lord of Glory, need not fear
The brazen armour, or the lifted spear.
"David And Goliath. A Sacred Drama" by Hannah More
On thee! on thee! By Dagon, 'tis too much!
Thou curled minion! thou a nation's champion!
'Twould move my mirth at any other time:
But trifling's out of tune. Begone, light boy!
And tempt me not too far.
"David And Goliath. A Sacred Drama" by Hannah More