• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Couched koucht (Her) Same as Couche.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Greyhounds are not hyper and do not need constant exercise; they are quite happy occupying space on a couch.
    • couched In heraldry, lying on its side, as a chevron represented as issuant from either side of the escutcheon.
    • couched In embroidery. See couching, 5.
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  • Augustine J. Duganne
    Augustine J. Duganne
    “Pleasure's couch is virtue's grave.”
  • Marshall Mcluhan
    “If the nineteenth century was the age of the editorial chair, ours is the century of the psychiatrist's couch.”
  • John F. Kennedy
    “We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.”
  • Jonathan Swift
    “Where I am not understood, it shall be concluded that something very useful and profound is couched underneath.”
  • Augustine J. Duganne
    Augustine J. Duganne
    “Pleasure which must be enjoyed at the expense of another's pain, can never be enjoyed by a worthy mind. Pleasure's couch is virtues grave.”


Couch potato - A couch potato is an extremely idle or lazy person who chooses to spend most of their leisure time horizontal in front of the TV and eats a diet that is mainly junk food.


In literature:

Tables and chairs curiously made and a great couch big enough for a bed.
"A Little Girl in Old Quebec" by Amanda Millie Douglas
Her couch dominated everything, drawn across between the two south windows.
"The Heart of Arethusa" by Francis Barton Fox
Then a happy thought struck her, and she turned down the cover of the couch and found, as she had hoped, that the couch was made up as a bed.
"Billie Bradley at Three Towers Hall" by Janet D. Wheeler
The last piece on the list when sawed diagonal makes the two slanting pieces at the head of the couch.
"Mission Furniture" by H. H. Windsor
Off to one side was a long couch upholstered in a lighter maroon.
"A Spaceship Named McGuire" by Gordon Randall Garrett
She crossed the room and stood over Sara's couch, her cheeks scarlet, her hazel eyes deep with some suppressed fire.
"Still Jim" by Honoré Willsie Morrow
It was this highest point, where the sand was thrown up in a "wreath" like snow in a storm, that the castaways had chosen for their couch.
"The Boy Slaves" by Mayne Reid
In this singular couch he placed Anne, where she soon fell asleep.
"The American Family Robinson" by D. W. Belisle
He is lying on a couch, surrounded by his servants, who think him dying.
"The Standard Operaglass" by Charles Annesley
To-night Dea Flavia was lying on a couch covered with crimson silk.
""Unto Caesar"" by Baroness Emmuska Orczy
She rose, red and angry, from her dark couch.
"Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 2 (of 2)" by John Roby
There was a scurrying aboard ship for couches and over-stuffed chairs.
"Hunters Out of Space" by Joseph Everidge Kelleam
Four feet between the couches is a sufficient space where couches are screened off in pairs.
"The Turkish Bath" by Robert Owen Allsop
It was then in undiminished gladness she sought her couch.
"Shirley" by Charlotte Brontë
Next she asks him to seat himself beside her on the couch, but he will not.
"Legends & Romances of Brittany" by Lewis Spence
And a great heap of cushions made a low couch in the center.
"The People of the Crater" by Andrew North
He indicated the couch.
"Ewing\'s Lady" by Harry Leon Wilson
Florette is gently deposited upon a couch of woven straw.
"The Iron Pincers" by Eugène Sue
She was lying on a couch.
"Cinderella Jane" by Marjorie Benton Cooke
On a chair by the couch sits a nine-year-old girl with damp locks, which have just been combed out in honor of Sabbath.
"Yiddish Tales" by Various

In poetry:

"O, I will show you a golden room
With Cupids flying above,
A couch with cramoisy curtains hung
If you will be my love."
"Yorkshire Gypsy" by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe
Reluctant now, as night came on,
His lonely couch he prest,
And wearied out, he sunk to sleep,
To sleep, but not to rest.
"Lord William" by Robert Southey
The Ranger on his couch lay warm,
And heard him plead in vain;
But oft amid December's storm,
He'll hear that voice again:
"The Palmer" by Sir Walter Scott
On his peaceful couch lay Caleb,
In a quiet slumber bound,
When had Night her jeweled curtain
Drawn the weary earth around;
"Caleb's Vision" by Alfred Gibbs Campbell
And cheer that weary traveller,
On lowly couch that lies,
And scarce can break the heavy spell.
That holds her waking eyes.
"A Ballad Of 1812" by Sarah Anne Curzon
Two boys, where golden fancies bless,
Repose in sunny beams,
And muse away the hours of happiness
On couches made of dreams.
"Two Lives" by Freeman Edwin Miller

In news:

Iraqi adventurer Fareed Lafta (right) and Oregon gas station owner Kent Couch lift off on Saturday in Bend, Ore.
Couch made headlines worldwide in 2008 when he flew a lawn chair supported by more than 150 helium-filled party balloons from the parking lot of the gas station he owns in Bend to an Idaho field 235 miles east.
The point is that a lack of wings didn't stop Kent Couch.
Couch flew hang gliders and skydived before taking up lawn-chair flights.
Couch estimated the rig cost about $6,000, mostly for helium.
Balloons suspend Kent Couch in a lawnchair as he floats in the skies near Bend, Ore. Last weekend, Kent Couch settled down in his lawn chair with some snacks — and a parachute.
Last weekend, Kent Couch settled down in his lawn chair with some snacks — and a parachute.
(AP) — Last weekend, Kent Couch settled down in his lawn chair with some snacks -- and a parachute.
On Friday, TomKat jumped the couch.
And it's probably the same at most homes on Thanksgiving Day – dinner, football and falling asleep on the couch.
Eh homeless rock start who sleeps in my house: You've moved off the couch in my bedroom and onto the one in my living room--that's a start.
The cats are curled up on the couch, the dog is asleep under her blanket and there is vegetable soup simmering o.
Weekly Viral Videos – Shay's Top 3 – Couch Surfing, Post-It Art, & Dancing Whale.
Jim Couch addresses city council.
We consider ourselves quite the couch-potato detectives.

In science:

In this case, a detailed characterization of the low-energy effective Hamiltonian is best couched in terms of logarithmic variables as follows: Let Ω ≡ max{J ⊥j } at any given stage of the RG, and define the log-cutoff Γ ≡ ln(Ω0/Ω).
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points
Any rotation can be seen as a reflection about a specific plane, hence for convenience our discussions will be couched in the language of reflections.
Parrondo Games and Quantum Algorithms
BO galaxies together with an examination of numerous elliptical galaxies possessing E+A qualities (Couch et al. 1994).
At the Vigintennial of the Butcher-Oemler Effect
Tidal interactions may also be taking place between galaxies and the gravitational potential of the cluster itself (Bekki, Couch, & Shioya 2001a).
At the Vigintennial of the Butcher-Oemler Effect
Morphological segregation could also be driven by a slow starvation of star-forming gas (Larson, Tinsley, & Caldwell 1980; Bekki, Couch, & Shioya 2002).
At the Vigintennial of the Butcher-Oemler Effect
Pimbblet, Edge & Couch (2005) note that the typical surface density of FOGs is of the order 10 bright (brighter than say M ∗ + 2) galaxies per square h−1 Mpc.
Pulling out Threads from the Cosmic Tapestry: Defining Filaments of Galaxies
Our treatment of ligand-receptor binding in the case of hemoglobin can be couched in the language of two-state occupation variables.
A First Exposure to Statistical Mechanics for Life Scientists
There are various models that have been set forth for thinking about binding in hemoglobin, many of which can be couched simply in the language of these occupation variables.
A First Exposure to Statistical Mechanics for Life Scientists
Hube & Couch (1982) obtained many spectra of the system during and outside the eclipse, in order to derive the radial-velocity modulation of the system.
Observational Evidence for Tidal Interaction in Close Binary Systems
The analysis of Hube & Couch of the distorted radial-velocity modulation indicated a rotational broadening of 180 km s−1 .
Observational Evidence for Tidal Interaction in Close Binary Systems
It seems as if the inconsistency between these two values prevented Hube & Couch from carrying their analysis of the RM effect further and deriving a firm value for the relative inclination of the primary axis.
Observational Evidence for Tidal Interaction in Close Binary Systems
The observations and analysis of Hube & Couch (1982) were not performed with modern techniques, so the statistical significance of their results is questionable.
Observational Evidence for Tidal Interaction in Close Binary Systems
This crash, an isolated unit of chemistry between one atom and one hot electron, ends with the barium atom losing a valance electron, one of the two left far away from its core as an unwanted couch left on the curb is easily spirited away in the night.
Single barium ion spectroscopy: light shifts, hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation
Using WFC, Couch et al. ( ) found that the E+A systems in clusters AC  (z = :) and Abell  (z = :) showed no visible signs of a merger.
Morphology of Galaxy Mergers at Intermediate Redshift
The results are couched in terms of abstract characteristics of aggregation functions, and new proof techniques are used.
Equivalences Among Aggregate Queries with Negation