Corn-cob pipe


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Corn-cob pipe a tobacco-pipe with the bowl made of the cob of Indian corn
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. corn; Goth. kaurn; akin to L. granum.


In literature:

On the mantel stood a row of blackened corn-cob pipes and a canister of tobacco.
"The Haunted Bookshop" by Christopher Morley
I threw him a piece of tobacco which he thrust into his corn-cob pipe and lit with a match.
"The Ivory Child" by H. Rider Haggard
In the mouth of the slouch-hatted, unshaven driver was a corn-cob pipe.
"The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" by John Fox, Jr.
Hans also returned thanks in his own fashion, after he had filled himself, not before, and lit his corn-cob pipe.
"She and Allan" by H. Rider Haggard
The trunk maker wears a sombrero and smokes a corn-cob pipe.
"The Woman Who Toils" by Mrs. John Van Vorst and Marie Van Vorst
She smokes a corn-cob pipe.
"Tramping on Life" by Harry Kemp
Altogether more than a hundred different commercial products are now made from corn, not counting cob pipes.
"Creative Chemistry" by Edwin E. Slosson
Each of the old folks comfortably smoked a corn-cob pipe.
"The Dreamer" by Mary Newton Stanard
Outside, across the road, Uncle Billy leaned over his front gate in the deepening twilight, and peacefully puffed at his corn-cob pipe.
"Ole Mammy's Torment" by Annie Fellows Johnston
When the news came to him of what South Carolina had done, he was quietly smoking his corn-cob pipe.
"Stories of Later American History" by Wilbur F. Gordy

In poetry:

Replied the farmer as he piled
The crackling hemlock on the coals,
And lit his corn-cob pipe and smiled
The smile of sweet contented souls.
"Fido" by Hanford Lennox Gordon
It consoles me in misfortune and it cheers me in distress,
And it proves a warm partaker of my pleasures in success;
So I hail it as a symbol, friendship's true and worthy type,
And I press my lips devoutly to my corn-cob pipe.
"My Corn-Cob Pipe" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Men may sing of their Havanas, elevating to the stars
The real or fancied virtues of their foreign-made cigars;
But I worship Nicotina at a different sort of shrine,
And she sits enthroned in glory in this corn-cob pipe of mine.
"My Corn-Cob Pipe" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
It 's as fragrant as the meadows when the clover is in bloom;
It 's as dainty as the essence of the daintiest perfume;
It 's as sweet as are the orchards when the fruit is hanging ripe,
With the sun's warm kiss upon them--is this corn-cob pipe.
"My Corn-Cob Pipe" by Paul Laurence Dunbar

In news:

A Vancouver woman has taken it upon herself to rewrite a Christmas classic - leaving out the part about the corn cob pipe.
Just say no to corn-cob pipes.