Contract system


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    • Contract system The sweating system.
    • Contract system The system of employing convicts by selling their labor (to be performed inside the prison) at a fixed price per day to contractors who are allowed to have agents in the prison to superintend the work.
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In literature:

See how unjust and how hard this contract system is upon many of the prisoners!
"The Twin Hells" by John N. Reynolds
In 1866 nearly all employers threw overboard the written contract system for labor and permitted oral agreements.
"The Sequel of Appomattox" by Walter Lynwood Fleming
Without it, the world monetary system would have contracted more readily and many countries would be worse off.
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
SWEATING SYSTEM, a term which began to be used about 1848 to describe an iniquitous system of sub-contracting in the tailoring trade.
"The Nuttall Encyclopaedia" by Edited by Rev. James Wood
A pretence of voluntary contract was kept up, but fraud and deception were rife in the system and its results were tragic.
"Victorian Worthies" by George Henry Blore
It is unique in possessing an incurable ward, and in the system of nursing, which is carried out by contract.
"Westminster" by Sir Walter Besant
We ought to have a competitive system and award our contracts to the lowest bidder who will do good work.
"A Woman for Mayor" by Helen M. Winslow
Such a system leaves the very smallest room for Contract.
"Ancient Law" by Sir Henry James Sumner Maine
And one of the first wants of this system is an extension of the term of contracts.
"Ocean Steam Navigation and the Ocean Post" by Thomas Rainey
It reproduces the order and connection of things; it reduces itself to habits contracted by our nervous system.
"Essay on the Creative Imagination" by Th. Ribot

In news:

Technologies, based here, recently won a contract from Marin County to replace an aging fire alarm system at the Marin Civic Center, according to an article from the Marin Independent Journal.
Neah Power Systems, Inc (NPWZ) announced that it signed a contract with an unnamed U.S.-based defense contractor.
Union representatives filed grievances with individual school principals months ago, citing an increased workload because of the grading system that violated teacher contracts.
Harris has won a two-year, $397 million contract from the Defense Department to furnish its Falcon III handheld tactical radio system, company officials said Oct 22.
The county Board of Commissioners has approved a contract with William W Walter Inc of Flint to replace a hot water heating the system at a cost of $199,997.
The traditional model for a home security system comes with a multi-year contract and a hefty installation fee for a technician to connect the various devices with wires.
Intelsat Awards Contracts to Integral Systems.
The City of St Cloud, Florida, recently contracted with Orica Watercare to purchase its second MIEX® Treatment system.
FMC Technologies awarded offshore loading arm systems contract.
Louisville -based Sierra Nevada Space Systems has received a $10 million NASA contract as part of NASA's plan to launch American astronauts from US soil to the International Space Station using commercial spacecraft.
The $30 million contract was awarded by the United States Naval Air Systems Command.
General Dynamics Land Systems has won an eight-year, research, development and testing contract worth $395 million to shrink electronics and improve power consumption by the Abrams taken.
Truckload carrier Freymiller has signed a contract to install a refrigeration monitoring system from I.D.
Engineering and Contracting (ALEC) LCC to design and build an Innovia APM 300 automated people mover (APM) system for the Dubai International Airport.
Louisville-based Sierra Nevada Space Systems has received a $10 million NASA contract as part of NASA 's plan to launch American astronauts from US soil to the International Space Station using commercial spacecraft.

In science:

Section 2 analyzes the preservation of contraction through generalized negative feedback between contracting systems.
Notes on Contraction Theory
Section 3 describes a new system combination, centralized contraction, which also preserves contraction by aggregation.
Notes on Contraction Theory
We extend here the class of combinations of contracting systems described in [Lohmiller and Slotine, 1998].
Notes on Contraction Theory
Multiple layers We can apply the result of centralized contraction even if the peripheral system is composed of different layers.
Notes on Contraction Theory
For example, the system described in figure 3 is automatically contracting providing that the r ed connections are orientable scaling robust.
Notes on Contraction Theory