• WordNet 3.6
    • adj Confucian relating to or characteristic of Confucianism "Confucian ethics"
    • n Confucian a believer in the teachings of Confucius
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Confucian Of, or relating to, Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher and teacher, or to Confucianism; as, Confucian ethics.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • Confucian Of or pertaining to Confucius, the celebrated philosopher of China (551-478 b. c.), or to his teachings: as, the Confucian ethics; Confucian literature. See Confucianism.
    • Confucian Erected or maintained in honor of Confucius: as, a Confucian temple.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Confucian kon-fū′shyan of or belonging to Confucius, the Chinese philosopher (551-479 B.C.)
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In literature:

The finest is the Confucian Temple, with its splendid halls and pavilions, in a beautiful garden.
"An Australian in China" by George Ernest Morrison
Along with Confucianism, Taoism exists in China.
"From Pole to Pole" by Sven Anders Hedin
In the Confucian cemetery at Ningpo his body was laid at rest with all possible honours and with military ceremony becoming his rank.
"The Romance of Old New England Rooftrees" by Mary Caroline Crawford
Nearly all are Christians, as we are nearly all Confucians.
"As A Chinaman Saw Us" by Anonymous
Even Li Hung Chang, though a Confucian, testified to their value, as have other prominent Manchus.
"Travels in the Far East" by Ellen Mary Hayes Peck
Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintoism, are impartially recognised.
"Studies in Literature and History" by Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall
Even the high ethics of Confucianism can recognise no higher position for woman than one of obedient dependence throughout life.
"The Fulfilment of a Dream of Pastor Hsi's" by A. Mildred Cable
And Confucianism is perhaps the best and purest expression of the practical reason that has ever been formulated.
"Appearances" by Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson
But it is Confucianism that has remained the creed of educated China.
"Introduction to the History of Religions" by Crawford Howell Toy
Both Buddhism and Confucianism existed side by side in the country with the old Shinto religion.
"The Empire of the East" by H. B. Montgomery
Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.
"History of Religion" by Allan Menzies
He was the nephew of the famous Confucian scholar Han Yu, of the Tang dynasty.
"The Chinese Fairy Book" by Various
The theory of Confucianism, on the other hand, is both erroneous and defective.
"Village Life in China" by Arthur H. Smith
They were Confucian elders, patriarchs, wisdom figures who embodied all the traditions of the clan.
"Project Daedalus" by Thomas Hoover
Passing through an early interest in Confucianism, he left home at nineteen and became a Buddhist.
"The Zen Experience" by Thomas Hoover
In Confucian ethics there are more names given to different kinds of virtues than in the West.
"A Fantasy of Far Japan" by Baron Kencho Suyematsu
Confucianism has its literature of absolute authority on manners, morals, rites and politics, but its claim does not rest on inspiration.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 14, Slice 6" by Various
Confucianism in China, 48, 49, 56 (footnote), 57.
"Problems of the Pacific" by Frank Fox
In the Sung period (960-1279) the philosopher Chu Hsi developed Confucianism into its most recent accepted form.
"Government in Republican China" by Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger
Confucian ethics are the basis of morality and social order.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 15, Slice 8" by Various

In news:

One cornerstone of Confucian thought is filial obedience.
Throughout the wooded area were large mounds – the burial sites of other Confucian descendants.
Throughout the wooded area are large mounds the burial sites of other Confucian descendants.
The Confucian View of Shame.
Law, therefore, was not paramount in restraining conduct in the Confucian world view.
He is the author of "China's New Confucianism" and co-author of "The Spirit of Cities".
Along with Marxism- Leninism he taught his own brand of revolutionary ethics: thrift, prudence, respect for learning, modesty and generosity -- virtues that, as Duiker notes, had far more to do with Confucian morality than with Leninism .
The two fastest-growing economies in the world are China, which is reviving some of its old Confucian ways as it prospers, and Turkey, a secular state ruled by an Islamic-oriented party.
Or have the Chinese discovered some new Confucian synthesis of free markets and authoritarian rule.
Cadres at the newly built Communist Party school in Shanghai proudly tell visitors that the main building is modeled on a Confucian scholar's desk.