• Concerned wife
    Concerned wife
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Concerning Concern; participation; interposition. "He married a daughter to the earl without any other approbation of her father or concernment in it, than suffering him and her come into his presence."
    • Concerning Emotion of mind; solicitude; anxiety. "While they are so eager to destroy the fame of others, their ambition is manifest in their concernment ."
    • Concerning Importance; moment; consequence. "Let every action of concernment to begun with prayer."
    • a Concerning Important. "So great and so concerning truth."
    • prep Concerning Pertaining to; regarding; having relation to; respecting; as regards. "I have accepted thee concerning this thing.""The Lord hath spoken good concerning Israel."
    • Concerning That in which one is concerned or interested; concern; affair; interest. "Our everlasting concernments .""To mix with thy concernments I desist."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: There is a "cemetery town" in California named Colma. Concerns about the public health, crime, and the need for space forced the city of San Francisco to outlaw burials in 1902. The city of Colma, which is five miles south of San Francisco, was established to bury the dead. The ratio of dead to living people is 750 to 1
    • n concerning An affair of importance; concern; business.
    • concerning Having interest or moment; important.
    • concerning Pertaining to; regarding; with relation to; as to; about.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Johnson & Johnson created the Band-Aid in 1899 because Robert Wood Johnson attended a lecture concerning the prevention of infection in wounds during surgical operations. The company created the zinc oxide adhesive bandage for surgeons, and launched the consumer version, Band-Aids, in 1921.
    • prep Concerning regarding: pertaining to
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  • Abraham Lincoln
    “I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.”
  • W. H. Auden
    “Every autobiography is concerned with two characters, a Don Quixote, the Ego, and a Sancho Panza, the Self.”
  • Paul Klee
    “To emphasize only the beautiful seems to me to be like a mathematical system that only concerns itself with positive numbers.”
  • Eric Hoffer
    “We are least open to precise knowledge concerning the things we are most vehement about.”
  • T. Boone Pickens
    T. Boone Pickens
    “Far too many executives have become more concerned with the four P's -- pay, perks, power and prestige -- rather than making profits for shareholders.”
  • John Wooden
    “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”


Going concern - A successful and active business is a going concern.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. concernĕre, con, together, cernĕre, to see.


In literature:

At least sixteen prophets prophesied concerning future events.
"The Bible Book by Book" by Josiah Blake Tidwell
The soul is not only a witness concerning its own origin, but it is also a prophecy concerning its destiny.
"The Ascent of the Soul" by Amory H. Bradford
What concerns one today concerns the other.
"New York Times Current History: The European War from the Beginning to March 1915, Vol 1, No. 2" by Various
That's what you've got to learn, if you're going into the concern.
"The Clarion" by Samuel Hopkins Adams
He listened, a look of dismayed concern gathering on his face.
"Poor Man's Rock" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
Both letters have a Shakespearian-patriotic ring concerning 'This England.
"The Prose Works of William Wordsworth" by William Wordsworth
Pray waste no more of your precious time if that is your only concern.
"The Furnace of Gold" by Philip Verrill Mighels
The constitution enjoins his constant agency in the concerns of six millions of people.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
There was terrible disappointment concerning Judas of Galilee.
"A Life of St. John for the Young" by George Ludington Weed
The question now before you is, Whether God has spoken from heaven, and made any revelations concerning that world.
"Companion to the Bible" by E. P. Barrows
Mrs. Croom's suspicions concerning Ephraim had produced in her a desire to reprove some one, but she refrained as yet.
"The Mormon Prophet" by Lily Dougall
Lind was too proud a man to betray any concern.
"Sunrise" by William Black
What I hear concerning the Blairs confirms my high opinion of both.
"Diary from March 4, 1861, to November 12, 1862" by Adam Gurowski
The youthful mind is concerned with the present and with the immediate environment.
"College Teaching" by Paul Klapper
To get the table cleared was her chief concern.
"The Twins of Suffering Creek" by Ridgwell Cullum
Insight may belong to the most various sorts of people and may be concerned with the most diverse kinds of objects.
"The Sources Of Religious Insight" by Josiah Royce
I do not wish to injure any one, but I have my views concerning them.
"The Lost Manuscript" by Gustav Freytag
This threat concerns Loris and I.
"Whispering Wires" by Henry Leverage
I am much concerned for my family.
"Familiar Letters of John Adams and His Wife Abigail Adams During the Revolution" by John Adams
In fact, those white multi-deck monsters were his real concern, more than the storm.
"Project Cyclops" by Thomas Hoover

In poetry:

YE lovers of nature attend unto me,
I'll sing you a ditty concerning the Bee;
The noblest of insects for industry,
And well worth a song I am sure is the Bee.
"The Bee" by Samuel Bamford
Not man nor demigod could put together
The scraps of rusted reverie, the wheels
Of notched tin platitudes concerning weather,
Perfume, politics, and fixed ideals.
"Sonnet : To Eva" by Sylvia Plath
Thy house and thy concerns in order set,
Like Hezekiah, with convenient care:
Thyself in readiness this moment get,
And still for death, before death comes, prepare.
"Stanza's Concerning Some Persons And Things, That Are Mentioned In The Holy Scriptures" by Rees Prichard
Thus the years open, each of them in turn,
endlessly blooming flowers of transiency.
Their ceaseless passing is of no concern,
for time no longer means a thing to me.
"On New Year's Day (1845)" by Jonas Hallgrimsson
The Believer's Principles, Concerning
I. Creation and Redemption. II. Law and Gospel. III. Justification and Sanctification.
IV. Faith and Sense.
V. Heaven and Earth.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. I." by Ralph Erskine
Who will grieve for this woman? Does she not seem
too insignificant for our concern?
Yet in my heart I never will deny her,
who suffered death because she chose to turn.
"Lot's Wife" by Anna Akhmatova

In news:

As far as this pooch is concerned, these are the real dog days.
A moment of concern, then back to the sun.
China, Asean Downplay Sea Disputes as Economic Concerns Grow.
ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia election officials say they've been asked to look into concerns by a group representing Asian American s that hundreds of new voters are facing obstacles that could keep them from voting.
ATLANTA — Georgia election officials say they've been asked to look into concerns by a group representing Asian American s that hundreds of new voters are facing obstacles that could keep them from voting.
Asian American group raises election concerns.
Asian American leaders express concern about voter ID laws.
ASSE 's President Asks 'Where's the Concern?
The small town of Richmond, Maine, offers a key to understanding why we need be concerned, not only about building a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City, but anywhere.
As millions of aging Baby Boomers face the need to plan for those who depend upon them after they pass on, new concerns have arisen for government agencies, animal welfare organizations and the courts.
Brainerd chamber and resort officials, on the eve of summer's biggest holiday, expressed concern some potential customers might be scared away by reports of flooding and high water in northeastern Minnesota.
AUSTIN, TEXAS — As far as Lance Armstrong is concerned, it's all over.
Two groups addressed the Dodge County school board concerning the naming of the athletic field at their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, September 8, 2011.
Harrison Barnes quiets concerns about athleticism .
Start of releases from Lake Okeechobee cause for concern on Treasure Coast.

In science:

Another one, concerning the Del Pezzo surfaces, is contained in [DIK]; this case is used explicitly in the classification of real Enriques surfaces.
Real Rational Surfaces Are Quasi-Simple
In spite of its quasi-simplicity (or due to some uncertainty principle?) the class of real rational surfaces seems to be one of the most difficult for study in what concerns other geometric properties.
Real Rational Surfaces Are Quasi-Simple
Some recent work concerns the scaling of the correlation lengths and there is a suggestion of a ferromagnetic phase, but with a magnetization that is in the thermodynamic limit below unity .
Susceptibility and Percolation in 2D Random Field Ising Magnets
The rest of the proof concerns the bound (24) for the parameter Rβ ; it is relevant for part (a) Theorem 1, but not for part (b), and should be omitted at first reading.
Fast graphs for the random walker
This paper presents different results concerning random walks on the three– strand braid group B3 .
Random walks on the braid group B_3 and magnetic translations in hyperbolic geometry
This correspondence requires to define generalized magnetic translation operators, and in particular leads to a general algebraic set up for discrete problems with magnetic fields, which enabled us to rigorously prove different results concerning B3 already obtained in .
Random walks on the braid group B_3 and magnetic translations in hyperbolic geometry
The statement concerning the classical convolution of products of states is obvious since P (N) = 1.
Filtered random variables, bialgebras and convolutions
Some of quite current interest concern the transmutation of long-lived radioactive waste into shorter-lived products using accelerator-driven systems (ADS) and in predicting dosimetries for patients in radiation therapy.
A simple functional form for proton-${}^{208}$Pb total reaction cross sections
For the transport coefficients the latter statement surely concerns the thermoelectric power and the thermal conductivity.
Coherent description of electrical and thermal impurity-and-phonon limited transport in simple metals
In the first place this concerns the papers in which the electron transport was studied within the formalism of the Boltzmann equation15,14 .
Coherent description of electrical and thermal impurity-and-phonon limited transport in simple metals
To examine the first concern, namely the non-isotropic discretization in Fourier space, we examine the transfer function computed using the exact method of §2.4.1.
Multiscale Gaussian Random Fields for Cosmological Simulations
Then we will be particularly concerned to demonstrate the evidence for the dynamic universality of the trinary RBPF.
Critical dynamics and universality of the random-bond Potts ferromagnet with tri-distributed quenched disorders
As pointed out in a number of papers [9,10] the main defect in the NLS equation concerning the narrow-band approximation, arises from the fact that linear dispersion is not at high enough order.
Freak Waves in Random Oceanic Sea States
We need these rare events in our Monte Carlo sample because they have high scores; i.e. we are interested in investigating a phenomenon that concerns these rare events.
An Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation of Statistical physics Problem
The next question concerns boundary conditions.
An Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation of Statistical physics Problem