• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Collator One who collates manuscripts, books, etc.
    • Collator (Eccl. Law) One who collates to a benefice.
    • Collator One who confers any benefit.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n collator One who collates or makes a collation. One who compares manuscripts or editions of books.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Collator one who collates or compares: one who bestows or presents
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. conferre, collatumcon, together, ferre, to bring.


In literature:

Hanmer performed no collating worth mentioning, but made some acute conjectures.
"The Facts About Shakespeare" by William Allan Nielson
Carlyle was a man who collected his ideas by the careful collation of documents and the verification of references.
"Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens" by G. K. Chesterton
A MS. version of this poem is contained in Ashmole 38, from which Dr. Grosart gives a full collation on pp.
"The Hesperides & Noble Numbers: Vol. 1 and 2" by Robert Herrick
Partook of a magnificent collation.
"Practical Grammar and Composition" by Thomas Wood
All books, by whatever course they may be purchased, are indispensably to be collated before they are accepted and paid for.
"A Book for All Readers" by Ainsworth Rand Spofford
Then follows a complete collation of the book.
"The Book-Hunter at Home" by P. B. M. Allan
I have almost completely emended him already by collating many old manuscripts.
"Erasmus and the Age of Reformation" by Johan Huizinga
We have, of course, confined our collation to those editions which seemed to possess an independent value of their own.
"The Works of William Shakespeare [Cambridge Edition] [9 vols.]" by William Shakespeare
The yachtmen had taken their mothers, sisters, and other friends on an excursion down the bay, and given them a collation at Turtle Head.
"The Yacht Club" by Oliver Optic
The History of the Peloponnesian War.+ With Notes and a Collation of the MSS.
"The Jacobite Rebellions (1689-1746)" by James Pringle Thomson
My text in it has been formed from a careful collation of Wyttenbach, Reiske, and Duebner.
"Plutarch's Morals" by Plutarch
From the smashing machine it goes to the collator, by whom it is examined to see if any signature is misplaced or left out.
"The Building of a Book" by Various
No, nor (so far as capable of collation) not by many degrees approaching to it.
"The Posthumous Works of Thomas De Quincey, Vol. 1 (2 vols)" by Thomas De Quincey
In 1760 he issued his proposals for collating all Hebrew MSS.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 15, Slice 7" by Various
To-night Mrs. Maxwell is one coruscation, with a collation to follow.
"Scarlet and Hyssop" by E. F. Benson
A few particulars respecting DAVID BUCHANAN, the Editor of Knox's History, may be subjoined to the preceding collations.
"The Works of John Knox, Volume 2 (of 6)" by John Knox
No one has endeavoured to collate the vast bulk of materials shrouded in the stories of all lands.
"Mythical Monsters" by Charles Gould
I have collated the passage quoted by Lamb with the original edition of the sermon.
"The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb" by Charles Lamb
The next evening there was a grand wedding collation, after which the festival, properly speaking, the grand festival, began.
"The Catholic World. Volume III; Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6." by E. Rameur
The start was made after partaking of a collation at Gov.
"The Old First Massachusetts Coast Artillery in War and Peace" by Frederick Morse Cutler

In poetry:

No Persian monarch ever knew,
Nor cou'd, at a collation, shew
Such costly cates, such curious cheer,
As at our Saviour's board appear.
"Concerning The New Jerusalem" by Rees Prichard
"Well, boys," he said, "where’s the collation?
I’m hungry, let us eat some though."
"All gone!" they said, and then Starvation,
(Who is not lazy) laid Nit low.
"Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; III:" by Ellis Parker Butler
"Then I rose when the east with Aurora was ruddy;
Took a plunge in my Pliny; collated a play;
No breakfast I ate, for I found in each study
A collation which lasted me all through the day.
"A Romance In Real (Academic) Life" by E W Bowling
Collating bones: I would have liked to do.
Henry would have been hot at that.
I missed his profession.
As a little boy I always thought
'I'm an archeologist'; who
could be more respected peaceful serious than that?
"Dream Song 30: "Collating bones: I would have liked to do"" by John Berryman

In news:

While chocolate bar s are usually grouped with the aid of grouping chains or race-track collators, this machine uses four-axis robots to complete the process.
We ranked Europe's 10 Most Idyllic Places To Live by collating the top picks of a panel of six experts in the fields of travel and relocation, including Charles Smith, UK manager of Sotheby's International.
Collated strip nails for 20-degree full round-head framing nailers are typically held together by rigid plastic strips that can transform into mini projectiles and pile up underfoot like so many ball bearings.
In addition to folding, stitching and trimming collated output into a finished booklet, the system verifies the integrity of individual booklets.
Watch how tapered cups are collated in high-speed and slo-mo.
First released by MusicMasters between 1993 and 1995 as single or double CDs, the five concerts collated here in a packaged set of six discs span the Ellington band's activities between 1946 and 1964.
Thrifty White Pharmacy has been able to hone its pharmacy workflow and develop innovative medication programs for patients with the help of an automated image verification and collation system from TCGRx.
The open source intelligence platform Maltego shows the power of collating publicly available information.
The novel is epistolary in structure: that is, it purports to be a collection of real diaries that were kept by the protagonists and later collated.
Double- Sided , Collated and Recycled.
From Duplo USA Corp. Duplo USA Corporation (Booth 2617) is demonstrating its new DKT-200 two-knife trimmer configured with a System 5000 collating and bookletmaking system.

In science:

As well our SCM and brightest supergiant distance estimates, derived in §§4.1 and 4.2 respectively, we have collated three kinematic and two other brightest supergiant distance estimates from the literature.
A Study of the Type II-P Supernova 2003gd in M74
If we save each sample and its likelihood value, we can then collate the results of multiple runs, and sort the resulting samples by their likelihood values.
Bayesian coherent analysis of in-spiral gravitational wave signals with a detector network
This reduces the collater al damage significantly, i.e., by ∼ 50%.
Optimal Source-Based Filtering of Malicious Traffic
The collating formula is a purely mathematical result and its derivation is independent of string theory or quantum field theory.
Pure Spinor Integration from the Collating Formula
Let us collate a few known results relevant to our two label model, Λ = {A, B}.
Multi-Gaussian modes of diffusion in a quenched random medium
NGC 6981, and the reader should not need to refer elsewhere in order to collate the pertinent information on these variables.
CCD time-series photometry of the globular cluster NGC 6981: Variable star census and physical parameter estimates
We collate together some results which we require.
The complexities of some simple modules of the symmetric groups
We collate together some well-known results about complexities of modules of finite group algebras.
The complexities of some simple modules of the symmetric groups
Significant detections trigger further automated data gathering or generating actions, building up a body of related information that needs to be collated, managed and, ultimately, appraised and analyzed to determine the optimal response.
Data challenges of time domain astronomy
Project-wide IP policies, supporting documents and the IP toolkits described below will be collated into a clear and concise set of rules and guidelines that shall be circulated to all beneficiaries and linked TTOs electronically once it has been produced.
We’re now ready to collate all the estimates needed to prove Theorem 9.2.
Simple Type and the Boundary of Moduli Space
Further, in order to collate the obtained result with forthcoming estimations, one has to continue it to the region of three active quarks.
Analytic Invariant Charge in QCD
However, in order to collate this result with the previous estimations of the parameter ΛQCD , one has to continue it to the region of three active quarks (the s quark mass100 ms = (117.5 ± 37.5) MeV has been employed here).
Analytic Invariant Charge in QCD
Further material was obtained from an internet discussion forum popular within the financial markets [Wilmott, 2005]. The author has collated and edited the contributions and provides a summary and conclusion.
The Importance and Criticality of Spreadsheets in the City of London
The list of searches that are included in the program (too long to reproduce here) makes for an impressive and valuable collation of information.
Moriond 2009, QCD and High Energy Interactions: Theory Summary