• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n. pl Coamings (Naut) Raised pieces of wood of iron around a hatchway, skylight, or other opening in the deck, to prevent water from running bellow; esp. the fore-and-aft pieces of a hatchway frame as distinguished from the transverse head ledges.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Coamings kōm′ingz (naut.) raised work about the edges of the hatches of a ship to prevent the water from running into the apartments below.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. Comb a crest
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Der. unknown.


In literature:

Brown, kneeling on the hatch-coaming, knitted his brows.
"Lister's Great Adventure" by Harold Bindloss
Then she gasped, for he stepped on the coaming and plunged overboard in a beautiful, arching dive.
"Big Timber" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
You're young, and you're full to the coamings with confidence.
"A Master of Fortune" by Cutcliffe Hyne
He stumbles against a hatch-coaming and kicks his shoe across the deck.
"A Gunner Aboard the "Yankee"" by Russell Doubleday
To my joy the canoe, which still floated with its coamings out of water, although the well was full, followed my line.
"Jethou" by E. R. Suffling
Did I not just meet him at the main hatch so drunk he fell over the coamings.
"Prisoners of Chance" by Randall Parrish
Later in the day, after supper, in the second dog-watch, as I sat smoking on the fore-coamings, he came up to me and spoke to me.
"Great Sea Stories" by Various
He sat down on the hatch coaming and covered his face with his hard red hands.
"Captain Scraggs" by Peter B. Kyne
The water is pretty well up to the coamings already, and my weight won't make the difference which yours might.
"The Three Lieutenants" by W.H.G. Kingston
I looked over the coamings of the hatchway; the decks were clear of smoke, for not a gun was being fired.
"Percival Keene" by Frederick Marryat
Just at this instant, the head of Captain Lantanas shows above the coaming of the companion stair.
"The Flag of Distress" by Mayne Reid
Without waiting for orders from Ned, the lad leaned over the coaming of the little hatch.
"Boy Scouts in the North Sea" by G. Harvey Ralphson
A framing composed of coamings and head-ledges raised above the deck, with a top which shuts closely over into a rabbet.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
He reached in vain for the hatch coaming five feet above him.
"Lady Luck" by Hugh Wiley
It's under the coaming on your right hand.
"The Submarine Hunters" by Percy F. Westerman
Rising, Peter found that Olive Baird was standing outside the brass-rimmed coaming.
"The Wireless Officer" by Percy F. Westerman
He only wished to cower beside Harry under the partial shelter of the coaming.
"The Boy Ranchers of Puget Sound" by Harold Bindloss
Foam and water poured over the coamings in cataracts, and, seeing that otherwise a capsize was inevitable, I released the sheet.
"The Mistress of Bonaventure" by Harold Bindloss
They finished their task, and when Vane seized the helm Carroll sat down under the shelter of the coaming, out of the flying spray.
"The Protector" by Harold Bindloss
Steam bent quartered oak or mahogany coaming extending around cockpit.
"The Launch Boys' Cruise in the Deerfoot" by Edward S. Ellis

In news:

They added a second seatback, raised the coaming, and made the placement of the seats adjustable for 1 or 2 paddlers DOUBLE WHISK 's hull is 4mm okoume plywood.

In science:

It is easy to see that one-way permutations cannot be based on NP-completeness, unless NP = coNP (or AM = coAM if one allows randomized reductions, or NP/poly = coNP/poly if one allows non-uniform reductions).
Average-Case Complexity
Akavia et al. [AGGM06] prove that one-way functions cannot be based on NP-complete problems via non-adaptive reductions unless AM = coAM (see Section 7.3).
Average-Case Complexity
Then it is not difficult to see that L must be in AM ∩ coAM (NP ∩ coNP if the reduction is deterministic).
Average-Case Complexity
It follows that the average-case hardness of any one-way permutation can be based, at best, on the worst-case hardness of some problem in AM ∩ coAM.
Average-Case Complexity
They observe that if there is a reduction from a language L to an adversary for an encryption scheme of this type, then L ∈ AM ∩ coAM.
Average-Case Complexity
On the other hand, Goldreich and Goldwasser [GG98a] showed that SVPγ (n) ∈ coAM for γ (n) = Ω(pn/ log n) and Aharonov and Regev [AR05] showed that SVPγ (n) ∈ coNP for γ (n) = Ω(√n).
Average-Case Complexity
It is interesting to observe that the one-way functions constructed by Ajtai [Ajt96] and Micciancio and Regev [MR04] are size-approximable (in fact, almost regular), so by Theorem 44 in the best case the hardness of these functions can be based on problems in AM ∩ coAM.
Average-Case Complexity
Moreover, the complexity class NP ∩ coAM that contains graph isomorphism is similar to NP ∩ coNP which contains the decision version of factoring — a problem that is solvable in quantum polynomial time using Shor’s algorithm .
Quantum Algorithms for Tree Isomorphism and State Symmetrization
In 2005, Hara, Tani, and Yamamoto claimed that unknottedness is in AM ∩ coAM.
Knottedness is in NP, modulo GRH