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    • n Clew-garnet (naut.) a tackle for clewing up the smaller square sails for furling
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. cliwen; cf. Dut. kluwen; Ger. knäuel.


In literature:

The blow threw me off my feet, though I held on to the clew-garnet.
"Ned Myers" by James Fenimore Cooper
Man the main clew-garnets and trice up!
"A Middy in Command" by Harry Collingwood
The fore-clue-garnets were manned, and the foresail was quickly clewed up, and the men flying aloft, it was securely furled.
"The Pirate of the Mediterranean" by W.H.G. Kingston
Harvey promptly cast off the sheet, and the hands at the clew-garnets hauled up the foresail.
"The Coming Wave" by Oliver Optic
Clewlines, clew-garnets, leachlines, and buntlines were in a snarl.
"Down the Rhine" by Oliver Optic
Raise main tack and sheet; man the main clew-garnets, buntlines, and leech-lines; clew up cheerily, lads!
"A Middy of the King" by Harry Collingwood
I was leaning down to hear what Mr. Hamblin said, and bore my whole weight on the clew-garnet.
"Dikes and Ditches" by Oliver Optic
Overhaul the main clew-garnets and get the sheet aft.
"The Cruise of the "Esmeralda"" by Harry Collingwood
In tacking, you will go to the clew-garnets.
"Up The Baltic" by Oliver Optic
Seize the clew-garnet blocks to the clews; also the tack and sheet blocks, unless they go with hooks or clasps.
"The Seaman's Friend" by Richard Henry Dana