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    • Chemical works manufactories where chemical processes are carried on for trade, as alkali works, &c
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
From Alchemy (q.v.).


In literature:

Afterwards followed the period of the glaciers, and all the working of the seasons and chemical decompositions.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 106, August, 1866" by Various
We should have chosen chemical works in preference!
"Lippincott's Magazine, Volume 11, No. 26, May, 1873" by Various
An accidental variation, however minute, implies the working of a great number of small physical and chemical causes.
"Creative Evolution" by Henri Bergson
Regarding the chemical composition of mushrooms, we have in the past been limited largely to the work of European chemists.
"Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc." by George Francis Atkinson
There are also chemical works, and some shipping trade, principally in timber and fish.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3" by Various
Ground fire, chemically propelled missiles, erupted ahead of them and the small craft went to work intercepting it.
"Tulan" by Carroll Mather Capps
He had, in his home, a chemical laboratory in which he was working upon some mysterious problem.
"Astounding Stories, March, 1931" by Various
M. Souyet had written several valuable chemical works.
"Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume 1, No. 2, July, 1850." by Various
But it should not be forgotten that Hales' chemical work made more easy the triumphant road they trod.
"Rustic Sounds and Other Studies in Literature and Natural History" by Francis Darwin
BAILDON, an urban district in the W. Riding of Yorkshire, about 5 miles north of Bradford, with worsted manufactures, chemical works, and quarries.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 3" by Various
The chemical works at Niagara Falls manufacture bleaching-powder on a very large scale.
"Electricity and Magnetism" by Elisha Gray
His earliest work was chemical in character.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 8" by Various
Chemical works also find employment for twenty-six thousand, and gasworks for ten thousand work people.
"The Scientific Basis of National Progress" by George Gore
CARLESS, CAPEL & LEONARD, Hope Chemical Works, Hackney Wick, London, N.E.
"Jane's All the World's Aircraft" by Various
There are woollen mills at Elgin and elsewhere and chemical works at Forres and Burghead.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 3" by Various
In the chemical works those who had not escaped before our men were upon them surrendered at once.
"From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917" by Philip Gibbs
Thus the chemical changes at work in sun-spot vapors were recognized.
"Astronomy" by David Todd
As usual he was at work upon some of his chemical experiments.
"'Farewell, Nikola'" by Guy Boothby
When I invented the chemical printing afterward, I held that a stone roller could be used for this work as well as a wooden one.
"The Invention of Lithography" by Alois Senefelder
Well, Mr. Lyons, at Renton there is a huge large chemical work, and Mr. Drayton used to go there constantly.
"Mrs. Dorriman, Volume 2 of 3" by Julie Bosville Chetwynd

In news:

Ricardo Lorenzini is the live vision mixer and Andy Liddell is LD for the show XL's project manager is Des Fallen, who's worked with the Chemicals Brothers for eight years.
He will speak about "The Chemical Imagination at Work in Very Tight Places" at 7 pm in 101 Stark Learning Center, Wilkes University.
The CEO of The Nature Conservancy, Mark Tercek, is working with major, multinational corporations like Dow Chemical to help them understand how protecting nature affects their bottom line.
Twelve dredges are to work round the clock, six days a week, into October, removing sediment laced with the chemicals known as PCBs.
Eastman Chemical Co. Faired well in the 2011 Southeastern Corporate Sustainability Rankings compiled by GreenBusiness WORKS.
Work to Resume Tuesday to Drain Chemicals at Derailment Site.
The customs agency said Friday that it worked with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission in determining that the ducks contain an excessive level of a regulated phthalate, a chemical used to make vinyl and plastics soft and flexible.
A new study has found that women who work in careers where they are exposed to certain chemicals had an increased risk of developing breast cancer, BBC News reported.
Larry was born on January 17, 1922 in Ransomville, the son of the late Roy and L. He was a 1939 graduate of Wilson High School and worked at Occidental Chemical Co.
The Westrums brought a demonstration trailer for attendees to view how the product works to kill bedbugs without chemicals.
Senate Environment & Public Works Committee is expected to lose jurisdiction next year over legislation requiring security improvements at chemical plants.
Working at Pomona College, Corwin Hansch pioneered the field of relating a molecule 's chemical structure to its biological activity and became known as the 'father of computer-assisted molecule design.
She thought arsenic, which is chemically very similar to phosphorous , might work as a substitute.
Work is set to begin this week on one of Portland's worst cleanup jobs, at a former chemical plant that produced DDT and rocket fuel.
It is with great sadness that Columbia Chemical announces the untimely death of Willie Barry, who worked at Columbia Chemical since early 2008.

In science:

The main aim of this work is to make a reappraisal of the chemical composition of the Orion nebula in one of the slit positions observed by Peimbert & Torres-Peimbert (1977) and EPTE but including new echelle spectrophotometry obtained with the VLT.
A reappraisal of the chemical composition of the Orion nebula based on VLT echelle spectrophotometry
In this work we present an energy-biased method for the estimation of the chemical potential and reconstruction of the energy distribution f (u) in dense phases.
Determination of the chemical potential using energy-biased sampling
Recent work has revealed that chemical studies can be useful for the investigation of interstellar gas structure.
Molecular Outflows in Low- and High-Mass Star Forming Regions
We stress, however, that this result depends on the chemical modeling and that more work is needed before it can be generalized.
Molecular Outflows in Low- and High-Mass Star Forming Regions
Eigen model, which first considered that the evolution can be guided other than by chance, is the first mathematical model that makes Darwin’s idea of mutation and selection able to work in a simple and seemingly ”lifeless” system of chemical reactants [1, 2].
Quasispecies distribution of Eigen model
In the present work, we compare the quality of prediction of the magnitude and direction of structural variance for the most commonly used anisotropic ENM potentials, and introduce a new one to better model different chemical interactions.
Protein structural variation in computational models and crystallographic data
Future work will extend the coilgun method to trap molecules of chemical interest.
Stopping supersonic oxygen with a series of pulsed electromagnetic coils: A molecular coilgun
Other than the work of Ono et al. and a related pro ject , we are aware of only one other extensive attempt to incorporate target depletion from the supernatant solution during hybridisation into a physico-chemical model of microarrays, namely a recent publication by Li et al. .
Physico-chemical modelling of target depletion during hybridisation on oligonulceotide microarrays
The partition function can be evaluated stochastically by Monte-Carlo methods at vanishing chemical potential, µ and works very well for the EoS in this regime.
Cosmic Matter under Extreme Conditions: CSQCD II Summary
Finally there is always the possibility that the work currently being done on Dyck paths will find practical application. A few examples of this have already been seen, such as with chemical polymers building against a wall or in models of light reflection and transmission through various media .
Properties of the poset of Dyck paths ordered by inclusion
When quark chemical potentials are included, e.g. as in calculations at non-zero net baryon density, Sf and Sef f become complex and Monte-Carlo methods do not work.
Lattice QCD at non-zero temperature
The different chemical potentials for different spin states is only meaningful when the single-electron picture works.
On the single-electron theory of quantum spin Hall effect in two dimensional topological insulators
Working in the grand-canonical formalism, where the independent variables are the temperature, the pressure and the chemical potentials, there is a direct access to the solutions corresponding to the minimum of the thermodynamical potential.
The 3-flavor A-scaled Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model
We base our discussion on the work [115] which is a systematic study of the chiral phase transition, for three flavors, as a function of temperature and chemical potentials.
The 3-flavor A-scaled Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model
The mechanicity varies from 0 for a “chemical” or Poisson process (with exponential waiting-time distribution functions) to 1 for a purely mechanical process (with clock-work or delta-function waiting-time distributions).
Extended Kinetic Models with Waiting-Time Distributions: Exact Results