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    • Chalk-pit a pit in which chalk is dug
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. cealc, like Fr. chaux, is from L. calx, limestone.


In literature:

He was reminded for a minute of that chalk pit near Madingley, whose ramparts excluded the familiar world.
"The Longest Journey" by E. M. Forster
At the chalk pit a motor passed him.
"Howards End" by E. M. Forster
They soon perceived the chalk pit and walked up to it.
"Original Short Stories, Volume 10 (of 13)" by Guy de Maupassant
They soon perceived the chalk pit and walked up to it.
"Maupassant Original Short Stories (180), Complete" by Guy de Maupassant
The Londoners were still holding on to the chalk-pit south of Loos, under murderous fire.
"Now It Can Be Told" by Philip Gibbs
By the little chalk-pit just outside the village a rustic pair, a boy and girl, stood sheepishly clasped in a dull and silent embrace.
"Watersprings" by Arthur Christopher Benson
The surface of the fundamental Chalk is uneven in this pit, and slopes towards the valley-plain of the Somme.
"The Geological Evidence of The Antiquity of Man" by Charles Lyell
You all know how very few flints there are in the chalk-pit, in proportion to the mass of chalk.
"Scientific Essays and Lectures" by Charles Kingsley
Here a chalk-pit showed its miniature precipices; here a leafless covert detached its wiry sprays against the light.
"The Silent Isle" by Arthur Christopher Benson
In confined spots like chalk-pits, they knock a four-point-seven silly.
"A Diversity of Creatures" by Rudyard Kipling
An' there was an old chalk pit.
"Folk Tales Every Child Should Know" by Various
He no more killed her than he killed himself by dashing into that chalk pit near the road.
"Red Money" by Fergus Hume
Now let me ask you to rejoice with me, for I have got my chalk pit, and am hard at work engineering a road up its precipitous slopes.
"Alfred Russel Wallace: Letters and Reminiscences, Vol. 1 (of 2)" by James Marchant
The main efforts were directed against the chalk pit north of Hill 70, and between Hulluch and the Hohenzollern redoubt.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume IV (of 8)"
By hugging the bank-side, along which here and there I could spot a few funk-holes, I managed to get into the chalk-pit.
"How I Filmed the War" by Lieut. Geoffrey H. Malins
The ground rises gently, the chalk formation being exposed here and there in disused pits.
"A Week's Tramp in Dickens-Land" by William R. Hughes
We have a notorious example of this kind in the Lizard found in a chalk-pit, and brought alive to the late Dr Clark.
"The Romance of Natural History, Second Series" by Philip Henry Gosse
We foun' these here up by the chalk pit.
"The Parson O' Dumford" by George Manville Fenn
The other permanent waters on this road are Bartlanarme in the chalk-pits, and Lepepe; also Selene pan.
"Twenty-Five Years in a Waggon in South Africa" by Andrew A. Anderson
A sand or chalk pit is a good place to shoot in, or one can shoot against a high chalk cliff.
"Automatic Pistol Shooting" by Walter Winans