• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Cautioner (Scots Law) A surety or sponsor.
    • Cautioner One who cautions or advises.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Found on the handle of a hammer: "Caution: Do not use this hammer to strike any solid object."
    • n cautioner One who cautions or advises.
    • n cautioner In recent Eng. law, one who files a caution with the registrar of landtitles. See caution, n., 4.
    • n cautioner [Generally pronounced kā′ zhon-ėr.] In Scots law, the person who is bound for another to the performance of an obligation.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Found on Bat Man The Animated Series Armor Set Halloween costume box: "PARENT: Please exercise caution, mask and chest plate are not protective; cape does not enable wearer to fly."
    • ns Cautioner one who cautions or advises:
    • ns Cautioner (Scots law) a surety
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  • Proverb
    “Caution is the parent of safety.”
  • Bertrand Russell
    “Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.”
  • Publilius Syrus
    “It is a good thing to learn caution from the misfortunes of others.”
  • Woodrow T. Wilson
    “Caution is the confidential agent of selfishness.”
  • James Thomson
    James Thomson
    “More firm and sure the hand of courage strikes, when it obeys the watchful eye of caution.”
  • Charles Caleb Colton
    “Deliberate with caution, but act with decision; and yield with graciousness or oppose with firmness.”


Throw caution to the wind - When people throw caution to the wind, they take a great risk.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. caution-emcavēre, to beware.


In literature:

Hot-bottles are to be used with the utmost caution.
"Manual of Surgery" by Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
If you discover it, you will find a way-mark, to caution you against falling into the same pit.
"A Practical Directory for Young Christian Females" by Harvey Newcomb
Mr. Turnbull, indeed, did speak a word of caution.
"Phineas Finn" by Anthony Trollope
Curiously enough, the cubs, for whose peaceful bringing up the mother so cunningly provides, do not imitate her caution.
"Ways of Wood Folk" by William J. Long
Still, under the circumstances, the greater the caution displayed the better.
"The Delight Makers" by Adolf Bandelier
Raf's own solution would have been to proceed with caution and yet more caution.
"Star Born" by Andre Norton
The use of this drug by non-professional persons should be attended with great caution.
"The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English" by R. V. Pierce
One of the most important habits in connection with reasoning is the habit of caution.
"The Science of Human Nature" by William Henry Pyle
Boldness and caution were united in all that he undertook.
"Famous Adventures And Prison Escapes of the Civil War" by Various
All his wilderness caution was alive in a moment, and, drawing back, he cocked the rifle.
"The Sun Of Quebec" by Joseph A. Altsheler

In poetry:

Joseph, a farmer's son, was found
To save, by caution, forty pound.
As he a married state would try,
On Sally cast a lover's eye.
"Happiness" by William Hutton
When the disciples crossed the lake
With but one loaf on board;
How strangely did their hearts mistake
The caution of their Lord.
"But One Loaf" by John Newton
When the heart no longer feels,
And the blood with caution steals,
Then, ah! then--my heart, forgive!--
Then we dare begin to live.
"Come, My Celia" by Richard Le Gallienne
Remember this good caution still,
My Sammy, whether well, or ill,
Serve thou thy God, both night and day,
And at fix'd times unto him pray.
"Mr. Prichard's Advice To His Son Samuel" by Rees Prichard
And that my body, there must go,
For want of proper caution too,
And, with the soul like tortures taste,
When once the resurrection's past:
"The Unhappy State Of The Ungodly, After Death" by Rees Prichard
'But, alas! from the tyrant, Disease,
What love or what caution can save!
A fever, more harsh than the seas,
Consign'd my poor wife to the grave.
"The Old Fisherman" by Matilda Betham

In news:

Don't be self-righteous on Egypt, Brzezinski cautions US.
Health officials in both Missouri and Illinois are urging people to take caution.
"Beautiful" and "cruel" — that's how director Ang Lee describes Eileen Chang's 1979 short story about obsessive love and effortless betrayal in Japanese-occupied Shanghai, a tale upon which Lee has based his epic-length film Lust, Caution.
Shanna Moakler cautions California pet owners after hawk flies off with her dog.
Beginners should take caution so injuries don't return.
Shrewd caution on Libya.
County Line issues letter to employees cautioning about health care changes.
Is such caution a metaphor.
Outdoor buffs must exercise caution on smoggy days.
The National Weather Service issued a Special Weather Statement cautioning.
I've never been told to spin out or brought out a caution that changed the entire.
Justice official cautions not to jump to conclusions about investigation.
Caution For future land buyers, El Paso County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal urged caution.
The Indiana Court of Appeals used an opinion issued today to caution courts to not assume a child is exerting undue influence over a parent when analyzing cases involving adult children assisting an aging parent.
Stocks Waver Amid Weak Data, US Budget Caution.

In science:

In my opinion, these should be treated with caution until all sample-contact nonlinearities and overheating dependent temperature lags are addressed properly.
Heating-free I-V of the `intrinsic' Josephson effect
Furthermore, we caution about over-interpretation of these data; T Tauri stars are intrinsically variable in the near infrared, with variability up to 1 magnitude not uncommon (Eiroa et al. 2002).
Evidence for high accretion-rates in Weak-Line T Tauri stars?
The unknown complex parameter z encodes the real parameter and the phase necessary to match the total number of parameters at high energies and at low energies in the 2RHN model. A word of caution is in order concerning the relation between the decoupling limit of the 3RHN case and the 2RHN case.
Neutrino Phenomenology -- the case of two right handed neutrinos
We caution readers that these SFRs of passive spiral galaxies should be considered as upper limits since the Hα line is not detected in these passive spiral galaxies and the continuum around Hα wavelength is used to estimate the SFR in Fig. 1.
Are Passive Spiral Galaxies Truly "Passive" and "Spiral"? : Near-Infrared Perspective
With the unsharp masking technique, we detected what seems to be a faint stellar disc embedded in FCCB729 (Fig. 7), although some caution is needed here.
Evidence for a warm ISM in Fornax dEs - II. FCC032, FCC206 and FCCB729