• WordNet 3.6
    • n Catholicism the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The word 'cappuccino' is the result of several derivations, the original of which began in 16th century. The Capuchin order of friars, established after 1525, played an important role in bringing Catholicism back to Reformation Europe. Its Italian name came from the long, pointed cowl, or cappuccino, derived from cappuccino, "hood," that was worn as part of the order's habit. The French version of cappuccino was capuchin, from which came English Capuchin. In Italian cappuccino went on to describe espresso coffee mixed or topped with steamed milk or cream, so called because the color of the coffee resembled the color of the habit of a Capuchin friar. The first use of cappuccino in English is recorded in 1948 in a work about San Francisco. There is also the story line that says that the term comes from the fact that the coffee is dark, like the monk's robe, and the cap is likened to the color of the monk's head.
    • Catholicism Liberality of sentiment; breadth of view.
    • Catholicism The doctrines or faith of the Roman Catholic church, or adherence thereto.
    • Catholicism The faith of the whole orthodox Christian church, or adherence thereto.
    • Catholicism The state or quality of being catholic or universal; catholicity.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n Catholicism Same as catholicity, 1 and 2.
    • n Catholicism Adherence to the Roman Catholic Church; the Roman Catholic faith: as, a convert to Catholicism.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Catholicism universality: liberality or breadth of view: the tenets of the R.C. Church
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  • Patrick Buchanan
    Patrick Buchanan
    “Anti-Catholicism is the anti-Semitism of the intellectual.”
  • Madonna
    “Catholicism is not a soothing religion. It's a painful religion. We're all gluttons for punishment.”
  • Margaret Atwood
    Margaret Atwood
    “If I were going to convert to any religion I would probably choose Catholicism because it at least has female saints and the Virgin Mary.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. catholicisme,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. katholicos, universal—kata, throughout, holos, the whole.


In literature:

Nothing could give a more striking idea of the great extent of Catholicism and the influence of the Church, than this book.
"The International Magazine, Volume 2, No. 3, February, 1851" by Various
Thomas Arden, Canon of Worcester 1558, was deprived for Catholicism in 1562.
"Shakespeare's Family" by Mrs. C. C. Stopes
There has been one significant contrast between the history of Catholicism and Anglicanism in the present century.
"The Map of Life" by William Edward Hartpole Lecky
In the days of Roman Catholicism, the Church also held great landed estates, which the State appropriated at the Reformation.
"The Quarterly Review, Volume 162, No. 324, April, 1886" by Various
In fact, the boy's hatred of the Mass and of Catholicism grew daily more and more vehement.
"The Huguenots in France" by Samuel Smiles
The Concordat, signed in 1801, re-established religious peace, Catholicism being recognized as the State religion.
"Belgium" by Emile Cammaerts
Roman Catholicism is the creed of the majority, and Angra is an episcopal see.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1" by Various
One after another, ecclesiastics attempted to obtain the recognition of Catholicism.
"Lectures on the French Revolution" by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
The bill satisfied neither the friends nor the foes of Roman Catholicism.
"Lord John Russell" by Stuart J. Reid
"Memoirs of the Court and Cabinets of George the Third, Volume 2 (of 2)" by The Duke of Buckingham
This feeling still ferments, though it is tempered by community of interest against clerical Catholicism.
"Holland, v. 1 (of 2)" by Edmondo de Amicis
To doubt witchcraft was as heretical under Protestantism as under Catholicism.
"History of Woman Suffrage, Volume I"
Protestantism had at first driven back Catholicism to the Alps and the Pyrenees.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
Four centuries ago, Roman Catholicism used all the resources of the Inquisition in order to absorb this Church.
"India, Its Life and Thought" by John P. Jones
But her rigid Catholicism was doomed from that hour.
"Famous Women: George Sand" by Bertha Thomas
Is it not their breadth, catholicism, and sincerity?
"The Book-Collector" by William Carew Hazlitt
She felt no scruple in using the spiritual rights, which the constitution gave her, in favour of Catholicism.
"A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6)" by Leopold von Ranke
Devotion in Roman Catholicism is totally distinct in its essence from that of Protestantism.
"Roman Catholicism in Spain" by Anonymous
Nature at her own time, with Catholicism or what else might be necessary, sent him forth; taking small thought of Acts of Parliament.
"English Critical Essays" by Various
By the Chinese, Roman Catholicism is called the "Religion of the Lord of Heaven"; Protestantism the "Religion of Jesus.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 2" by Various

In news:

Paul Ryan's Catholicism and the Poor.
"I am finally free," said Murad about being a former nun, leaving Catholicism and becoming an Atheistic Humanist.
Ireland's papal nuncio calls for the adoption of ' authentic ' Catholicism.
In Gardiner's hands, one can feel the same sort of impetus towards catholicism here, framed within the outlines of Beethoven 's actual Catholic Mass, the Missa Solemnis.
Of Illinois to Review Case of Catholicism Instructor Accused of Antigay Bias .
Breakaway group offers more progressive form of Catholicism.
Of Illinois to Review Case of Catholicism Instructor Accused of Antigay Bias.
Columbus Mileposts Oct 26, 1869: Hints of Catholicism divide Episcopalians.
You may have head the term "cafeteria Catholics " — those who choose what they like about Catholicism and leave the rest — but did you know there's a movement within the Catholic church to actually change church theology.
Confession is one of Catholicism's seven sacraments, and a secularized version of this rite is well known in America.
President George Bush was given such a splendid welcome by Pope Benedict XVI yesterday that rumours started flying that the President, like Tony Blair before him, was on the verge of converting to Catholicism.
A nti-Catholicism is arguably the oldest bias in the history of the American people.
Hanging in the balance is the future of a young man who converted to Islam from Catholicism in 1997 at 16.
An evangelical Christian returns to Catholicism, looking with fresh and respectful eyes at two traditions and their differences.
Though she converted to Catholicism, she felt deeply identified as a Jew throughout her life.

In science:

It is, therefore, hardly surprising that Sokal points an accusatory finger at Pope John Paul II, described by Sokal as the head of a “ma jor pseudoscientific cult, Catholicism” .
The Latest on the Sokal Affair: Beyond Three Extremisms