Cash credit


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Cash credit an account with a bank by which a person or house, having given security for repayment, draws at pleasure upon the bank to the extent of an amount agreed upon; -- called also bank credit and cash account.
    • Cash credit See under Cash.
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  • Anatole France
    “It is only the poor who pay cash, and that not from virtue, but because they are refused credit.”


In literature:

A big balance in the books of the bank might be creditable and, given time, convertible into cash.
"Jack O' Judgment" by Edgar Wallace
I was worried to know whether he expected to buy on credit or pay cash.
"Twenty Years of Hus'ling" by J. P. Johnston
The door of credit is closed, and only cash could procure an extension of that hospitality hitherto scant enough.
"The Flag of Distress" by Mayne Reid
They were all received like angels, with honour, polite speeches, excuses, instant promises, but neither cash nor certain credit.
"Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln" by Charles L. Marson
It's good to have something to our credit when we cash in.
"The Heads of Apex" by Francis Flagg
Here, I'll put a hundred an' seventy-six credit an' the rest cash.
"The Golden Woman" by Ridgwell Cullum
I had very little cash, and, I feared, still less credit.
"Modern Americans" by Chester Sanford
Cash and credit take the place of barter.
"The Evolution of the Country Community" by Warren H. Wilson
Ah, take the cash and let the credit go, Nor heed the rumble of a distant drum.
"From Sea to Sea" by Rudyard Kipling
If he is restricted to cash sales only, or is not protected by usage in selling on credit, he cannot do so.
"Putnam's Handy Law Book for the Layman" by Albert Sidney Bolles
Whoever has no cash may have credit.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 17, No. 99, January, 1866" by Various
I 'take the cash and let the credit go.
"The Tempering" by Charles Neville Buck
By what expedient he had acquired it did not fully appear, and, indeed, with him, cash and credit were about equally scarce.
"The Hole in the Wall" by Arthur Morrison
Then when I cashed my letter of credit I had about one hundred and fifty pounds in notes.
"Max Carrados" by Ernest Bramah
I had very little cash and, I feared, still less credit.
"Inventors" by Philip Gengembre Hubert
They tell the people that they must serve God on credit, but the devil pays cash here.
"The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 7 (of 12) Dresden Edition--Discussions" by Robert G. Ingersoll
We must retain all the cash that comes in, and we must issue no more notes, create no more credit.
"Ovington's Bank" by Stanley J. Weyman
For years he had been working with the finest possible margin of cash to support his credit.
"Mrs. Thompson" by William Babington Maxwell
The rich girl is often in danger of falsifying her accounts by crediting to her personality the charms of her cash.
"The Army Mule and Other War Sketches" by Henry A. Castle
While Zulus as a race are honest, few Europeans will do business with them on a credit basis; they must pay cash for what they buy.
"Seven Legs Across the Seas" by Samuel Murray

In poetry:

In the cauld month o' November,
(Claise, and cash, and credit out)
Cowring owre a dying ember,
Wi' ilk face as white's a clout;
"Scotland's Scaith, Or, The History O' Will And Jean. Owre True A Tale. In Two Parts" by Hector MacNeill

In news:

Armed robbers ordered a man into his bedroom closet Wednesday while they stole cash, credit cards and electronics from his home, police said.
Police say McMillan was working for a cleaning company and allegedly stole a box containing cash, checks, and credit card receipts while cleaning the office.
China's entrepreneurial hub of Wenzhou has unveiled measures to turn grey-market lending into formal credit to support cash- starved small firms while reducing financial risks, state media reported on Saturday.
In calculating Adjusted EBITDA, the adjustment for cash benefits from economic hedge positions is calculated pursuant to the company's 7.625 percent notes indenture and credit agreements.
Woman Cashes In on Tacky Christmas Sweater Craze (Photo Credit: NotYourAverageSweatercom).
Investigators say a man walked into the St Louis Community Credit Union along Olive just before 4:00 pm and handed the teller a note demanding cash.
Although companies without access to credit can borrow up to $2 million directly from the Small Business Administration for as little as 4 percent, firms with cash or credit available elsewhere typically must pay 6 percent.
Hopes that Greece will get its next batch of bailout cash to avoid bankruptcy helped shore up markets Tuesday despite a downgrade of France's credit rating.
A $5,000 reward is being offered for information about three gunmen who forced their way into a northeast-side credit union Thursday, battering several employees and firing weapons inside the building before fleeing with cash, police said.
The wallet contained about $170 in cash, credit cards, checks and her identification.
Cash, check, credit cards - we accept all types of donations, large and small.
The offerings are reminiscent of the condo bubble, when investors would quickly cash out of new condo towers amid rising prices and easy credit.
Billy Ray Credits Johnny Cash With Inspiration for New Album.
DETROIT — General Motors is boosting its cash with $11 billion in new credit lines, a move that could mean the automaker is preparing to buy back its shares from the government.
Available liquid funds are defined for this purpose as unencumbered cash and highly liquid assets, as well as available borrowing lines, unpledged securities, and lines of credit.

In science:

Specifically, we fix a probability space (Ω, Ft , Q), where Q denotes the risk-neutral measure, and let XT denote the random variable representing the impending cash flow of a credit-risky bond, with maturity T .
Asset pricing with random information flow
Throughout the credit crisis since 2007, cash structured finance instruments such as cash CDO, CLO, MBS and CMBS have suffered much larger losses and write-downs than the synthetic instruments such as synthetic CDO/CLOs.
A Top-down Model for Cash CLO
The total outstanding notional amount of cash CLO assets has grown to over $400B in 2007 right before the credit crisis.
A Top-down Model for Cash CLO
We can view the DM as a similar measure as the credit spreads for corporate bonds: the higher the DM, the more likely the cashflow from the single low-CADR pricing scenario would not be paid due to the increase in loan default rates.
A Top-down Model for Cash CLO
Likewise, if the credit interest rate exceeds the deposit rate, then it is not optimal, from the point of view of wealth maximisation, to borrow cash at the same time as having a cash deposit.
The fundamental theorem of asset pricing under proportional transaction costs
If one allows market agents to buy and sell stocks simultaneously and to have cash loans and deposits at the same time, then it is not strictly necessary to assume explicitly that the ask price exceeds the bid price and the credit interest rate exceeds the deposit rate, as we have done in (1) and (2).
The fundamental theorem of asset pricing under proportional transaction costs
Hughston & Macrina (2009) to price an example of an inflation-linked credit-risky discount bond (ILCR) that, at maturity T , pays a cash flow HT = CT H (XT , ξT U1 , ξT U2 ).
Security Pricing with Information-Sensitive Discounting
On the other hand, unfunded and collateralized products like IRS have cash-flows depending on rates like EURIBOR which embed by their definition a credit risk.
Interest-Rate Modeling with Multiple Yield Curves