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    • n CPU (computer science) the part of a computer (a microprocessor chip) that does most of the data processing "the CPU and the memory form the central part of a computer to which the peripherals are attached"
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In literature:

Just after the step-up transformer and before the motherboard with the dedicated CPU and I/O.
"Project Daedalus" by Thomas Hoover

In news:

If your CPU usage averages 70 percent or higher daily, then you may not want to consider TDE without performing benchmark testing in a lower lifecycle.
Video Furniture International's RDY2GO CPU media center incorporates a DVD/VCR and an amplified sound system with built-in speakers.
Nvidia demoed its quad-core " Kal -El" tablet CPU at the Computex trade show today, showing off a rolling-ball game demo with dynamically generated lighting and fabric textures.
The 3570K in particular is a very capable CPU.
A family of graphics supercomputers from SGI that use the MIPS R10000 CPU and range from single-processor workstations to rack-mounted systems with 128 CPUs.
So why would you ever buy a PC because it has a 2GHz CPU.
Sure a larger iPhone screen, 4G LTE support and a faster CPU are welcome additions, but Apple is a year late and $199 short.
If you've ever taken a look at your Task Manager and seen an app hogging 70% or more of CPU, there's usually nothing to be done except close the app or kill its processes .
Then on top of that there are components like an LCD screen, software that allows you to manipulate how the censor works and how the CPU processes the image data.
The CPU includes the redesigned Intel HD 4000 graphics processing unit, which delivers the best integrated graphics performance we've ever seen.
1.8GHz or faster Intel CPU, Mac OS 10.4 or later, 512MB RAM, 64MB dedicated VRAM.
Page 1 of 4 The industry's top two chip makers are betting big on revolutionary new architectures that combine CPU and GPU capabilities on a single piece of silicon.
The Retina 's CPU is only 9.6% faster.
The I/O bus from the CPU to the peripherals is a parallel bus (16, 32 or 64 wires, etc.
Current CPU utilization, packets per second) and uses the Set request to set a specific device metric (e.g.

In science:

The simulations are performed on Linux/Gnu computers with CPU speeds between 350 to 450 MHz.
Monte Carlo Simulations of the Random-Field Ising Model
Individual runs with L = 128 at 5000 MC steps per spin and covering 10K in T typically take one week of CPU time.
Monte Carlo Simulations of the Random-Field Ising Model
In their optimized implementation of the Max-Flow algorithm, they studied L3 lattices up to L = 90, and found empirically that the CPU time varied as L4 .
Computer Science in Physics
For example, given an algorithm for the exact ground state of a threedimensional spin glass such as branch-and-cut, one can study the distribution of CPU times required to solve the problem for different realizations of disorder.
Computer Science in Physics
The cpu time is also much larger, but is still far less than the time required for the nonlinear evolution.
Multiscale Gaussian Random Fields for Cosmological Simulations
The CPU time may be saved if the functions are appropriately defined.
Integration of GRACE and PYTHIA
The functional-mapping method gives a better performance in CPU time than the grid-mapping method, as expected.
Integration of GRACE and PYTHIA
Therefore, by iterating Eq. (5), the stationary current distribution can be approximated accurately, mainly limited by the available CPU time and the precision of floating-point arithmetics.
Multifractal current distribution in random diode networks
Nevertheless, the necessary order of magnitude of CPU times for these kinds of calculations is expected to be available for the lattice community in forthcoming years.
On the price of light quarks
These fragments are comparable in mass to the dark matter particles and the reduction in the number of particles provides a modest decrease in the CPU time per step.
The impact of galaxy formation on X-ray groups
Although such a box is too small for quantitative predictions, it allows us to compare a small sample of the same ob jects at different resolution, without requiring a large investment in CPU time.
The impact of galaxy formation on X-ray groups
On the other hand the EF I/O library itself is critical since it is used by every SFI and shares the same CPU resources of the Event Builder. Figure c shows the degradation in Event Builder performance when the EF I/O is switched on.
The DataFlow System of the ATLAS Trigger and DAQ
The fundamental drawback of this kind of calculations consists on the fact that, due to their complexity, it is only possible to simulate, within a reasonable amount of cpu time, few tra jectories lasting for a tiny fraction of the overall folding time.
Simple models of protein folding and of non--conventional drug design
This ushering is done in favor of trying to integrate the memory and CPU metrics into a single scalar value.
Balanced Overlay Networks (BON): Decentralized Load Balancing via Self-Organized Random Networks
Thus the node resource that will be kept proportional to indegree is the available CPU resources of the node.
Balanced Overlay Networks (BON): Decentralized Load Balancing via Self-Organized Random Networks