• Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, K.B
    Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, K.B
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Brock (Zoöl) A badger. "Or with pretense of chasing thence the brock ."
    • n Brock (Zoöl) A brocket.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n brock A badger.
    • n brock [Sometimes used as a term of reproach.
    • n brock A piece; a fragment.
    • brock To break, crumble, or cut into bits or shreds.
    • brock To cry out; murmur; complain: a word of somewhat uncertain meaning, found only in the two passages quoted.
    • n brock A cart-horse or draft-horse: a word of uncertain original meaning, applied also in provincial English to a cow.
    • n brock The name of an insect.
    • n brock A pig.
    • n brock Swill for feeding pigs.
    • n brock Short for brocket.
    • n brock A cabbage.
    • n brock A variant of brough.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Brock brok a badger—hence, from the smell, a dirty, stinking fellow
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. broc, fr. W. broch,; akin to Ir. & Gael. broc, Corn. & Armor. broch,; cf. Ir. & Gael. breac, speckled
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
From the Celt., as in Gael. broc, a badger, which is from Gael. breac, speckled.


In literature:

Gregg was at Todd's Tavern, at the junction of the Catharpin and Brock roads.
"Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman" by J. H. (James Harvey) Kidd
That's a neat little problem for Coach Brock to solve!
"Interference and Other Football Stories" by Harold M. Sherman
With Engraving from a Drawing by C. E. Brock.
"The Industries of Animals" by Frédéric Houssay
Brock, Mrs. Horace, 479; 679.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume V"
Besides that she's verra takin' in her appearance and manner, and I needna say just hates a Covenanter as she would a brock (badger).
"Graham of Claverhouse" by Ian Maclaren
By Mrs. Carey Brock, Author of "Working and Waiting," etc.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 15, No. 89, March, 1865" by Various
On the Canadian side, Major-General Brock appeared to realise most clearly the need for decided measures.
"Old Quebec" by Sir Gilbert Parker and Claude Glennon Bryan
She and her husband, Brock Kinmarten, are rest wardens.
"Lion Loose" by James H. Schmitz
Under Mr. Brock's preaching the reputation of St. Mary's Chapel was increased rather than diminished.
"East Anglia Personal Recollections and Historical Associations" by J. Ewing Ritchie
But as for James, he's a brock and a blagyard.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 11 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Clutton Brock is one of our best critics.
"Pot-Boilers" by Clive Bell
Near by is the Brock road, which leads south to Spottsylvania Court-House.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 81, July, 1864" by Various
This naturally led to his connection with Mr. Brock, and this connection led to Mr. Brock's removal to London.
"The London Pulpit" by J. Ewing Ritchie
Hull surrendered Detroit to Brock, British governor of Upper Canada, who had formed an alliance with the Indians.
"The Scrap Book. Volume 1, No. 2" by Various
From the inn at which we stopped is a fine view of the colossal monument of General Brock, situated on the heights of Queenstown.
"Notes on a Tour Through the Western part of The State of New York" by Anonymous
General Brock was reinforced and attacked the Americans, but was repulsed, Brock being killed.
"The Greater Republic" by Charles Morris
Brock, Mr Tom Browne, are among the younger humorists who have advanced to the front rank.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 3" by Various
A guess may be hazarded that this Committee appointed Daniel de Lisle Brock to draft the reply.
"An Example of Communal Currency" by J. Theodore Harris
I fell in with Lady Brock on the steamer, and she came in handy.
"With Edge Tools" by Hobart Chatfield-Taylor
I'll trade Keeper for Herman Brock.
"Lefty Locke Pitcher-Manager" by Burt L. Standish

In poetry:

O heard ye not of Queenston Heights,--
Of Brock who fighting fell,--
And of the Forty-ninth and York,
Who 'venged their hero well?--
"A Ballad Of 1812" by Sarah Anne Curzon
"Yea, sir, but Brock is gentle and mild,
And softly she will fare;
Thy horse is unruly and wild, i-wis;
Aye skipping here and there."--
"King Edward IV. And The Tanner Of Tamworth" by Henry Morley
"But since we two have made a change,
A change we must abide;
Although thou hast gotten Brock my mare,
Thou gettest not my cow-hide."--
"King Edward IV. And The Tanner Of Tamworth" by Henry Morley
"Away with a vengeance!" quoth the tanner:
"I hold thee out of thy wit:
All day have I ridden on Brock my mare,
And I am fasting yet."--
"King Edward IV. And The Tanner Of Tamworth" by Henry Morley
And Brock! McDonnell! Dennis!
All ye hero band, who fell on yonder Heights!
If I should fall, give me a place among ye,
And a name will be my children's pride,
For all--my all--I risk, as ye, to save
My country.
"Laura Secord: The Heroine of The War Of 1812 - Act I" by Sarah Anne Curzon
No tongue can blazon forth their fame–
The cheers that stir the sacred hill
Are but mere promptings of the will
That conquered them, that conquers still;
And generations yet shall thrill
At Brock's remembered name.
"Brock" by Charles Sangster

In news:

'The X Factor' recap: Jason Brock booted, rankings revealed.
Top 12 finalists perform Live for America's votes Wed. Jason Brock eliminated on "THE X FACTOR".
LOS ANGELES — Tonight, on the first LIVE results show of the season, it was announced that Jason Brock , one of L.A.
'X Factor's' Jason Brock on His Elimination: 'I Think Being Gay Is a Wild Card'.
From Pac-12 Media Day in San Francisco, catches up with Washington State's Brock Motum.
CPO Larry Wayne Brock , US Navy, Ret.
Surviving are his wife, Candace Epperly Brock .
His father, Raymond L Brock Jr of Fayetteville, NC.
Two daughters, Tiffany Brock and Jessica Brock , both of Bonneau.
Lillian Brock passed away at home on Oct 28, 2012.
'X Factor' Top 12: Jason Brock .
In addition to describing mentor L.A. Reid as "cool" and a "legend," contestant Jason Brock says Reid is a "visionary".
Nederland's Brock Pryor a highlight of Bulldogs season.
NEDERLAND – Brock Pryor went viral last week.
Jeremy Camp, Brock Gill among headliners for Spirit Fest.

In science:

Another important example of geometric limits of quasi-Fuchsian groups is given by Brock .
Geometric limits of quasi-Fuchsian groups
This fact is also announced by Brock, Canary and Minsky .
Geometric limits of quasi-Fuchsian groups
The following problem is the geometric limit version of the Ending Lamination Theorem proved by Minsky [19, 20], Brock, Canary and Minsky and so on.
Geometric limits of quasi-Fuchsian groups
Thurston and Brock for typical examples of geometric limits of such sequences which are not equal to their algebraic limits.
Geometric limits of quasi-Fuchsian groups
Brock, Iteration of mapping classes and limits of hyperbolic 3-manifolds, Invent.
Geometric limits of quasi-Fuchsian groups
Brock also initiated the consideration of the comparison to the geometry of quasi Fuchsian groups.
The Weil-Petersson metric geometry
Brock established that the embeddings are quasi isometries (satisfy d(x, y)/c′ − c′′ ≤ d′ (f (x), f (y)) ≤ c′ d(x, y) + c′′ for positive constants.) On considering the edges of the pants graph P (F ) to have unit-length then Brock and in joint work with Margalit established the following [Bro03, BM07a].
The Weil-Petersson metric geometry
For dim T = 3 Brock and Masur have shown that any quasi flat is within a bounded distance of a strata quasi isometric to a product of Farey graphs [BM07a].
The Weil-Petersson metric geometry
Clutton-Brock (1972) was one of the first to apply this idea in stellar dynamics, while a modern implementation is that of Hernquist & Ostriker (1992).
Gravitational N-body Simulations
Brock established that the embeddings are quasi isometries (satisfy d(x, y)/c′−c′′ ≤ d′ (f (x), f (y)) ≤ c′ d(x, y)+c′′ for positive constants).
Understanding Weil-Petersson curvature
The work of Farb and Brock provides that the perturbed metrics can neither be Gromov hyperbolic nor have general sectional curvatures with negative upper and lower bounds.
Understanding Weil-Petersson curvature
Brock, W. A., and Hommes, C. H. A rational route to randomness.
Turnover, account value and diversification of real traders: evidence of collective portfolio optimizing behavior
Brock, “Measurement of heavy quark jet photoproduction at HERA,” (These proceedings) .
DIS2011 Heavy Flavours Session Summary (WG5)
Brock et al., “Handbook of perturbative QCD: Version 1.1,” Rev.
Introduction to QCD
Brock, W.A. and Durlauf, S.N. (2007) Identification of binary choice models with social interactions, Journal of Econometrics, 140, 52–75.
Spatial Discrete Choice and Spatial Limited Dependent Variable Models: a review with an emphasis on the use in Regional Health Economics