• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Breast-bone the bone running down the middle of the breast, to which the first seven ribs are attached
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  • Qur'an
    “So let man consider of what he was created; he was created of gushing water issuing between the loins and the breast-bones.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. bréost; Ger. brust, Dut. borst.


In literature:

A long piece of bone, the thigh joint of the war-eagle, hangs suspended over his breast.
"The Scalp Hunters" by Mayne Reid
The skin is drawn tightly over the breast-bone, and care must be used to detach it without piercing the skin.
"The Italian Cook Book" by Maria Gentile
Fatima, the favourite, stood by, holding a copper kettle; while Golah opened a vein on the side of the animal's neck near the breast-bone.
"The Boy Slaves" by Mayne Reid
A side-bone, then, if you insist, and a tiny bit of the breast.
"Margaret Montfort" by Laura E. Richards
The breast-bone is remarkably protuberant, being abruptly bowed outwards.
"The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, Vol. I." by Charles Darwin
The child was propped up in bed, and half bent over, as if she had been broken at the breast-bone.
"Young Hilda at the Wars" by Arthur Gleason
Feel the breast bone; if it bends beneath pressure the bird is right.
"American Cookery" by Various
Lay each half on the table and take out the breast-bone from either side.
"Choice Cookery" by Catherine Owen
"Are the Effects of Use and Disuse Inherited?" by William Platt Ball
Their legs should be cut short, and their breast-bones must not go in, but will help to make the gravy.
"The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches," by Mary Eaton
For sauce, take some of the bones of the breast; chop and put to them a whole onion, a little lemon-peel, anchovies, and a little spice.
"The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory;" by Charlotte Campbell Bury
Then my breast bone is quite flat, so that I may press close to the tree.
"Birds Illustrated by Color Photograph, Volume 1, Number 2, February, 1897" by anonymous
It tore across his breast, and took a piece of his breast bone.
"Boys' Book of Frontier Fighters" by Edwin L. Sabin
Pound the breast bone down, first laying a towel over it.
"The Cooking Manual of Practical Directions for Economical Every-Day Cookery" by Juliet Corson
Then I get a bone or two of a breast of mutton, or a little strip of salt pork and put into it.
"The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain and Other Tales" by Hannah More
Break down the breast bone and split them entirely up the back and lay them flat.
"Dressed Game and Poultry à la Mode" by Harriet A. de Salis
He felt it even now burning like a tiny fire beneath his breast-bone.
"The Three Mulla-mulgars" by Walter De La Mare
Young ducks can also be told from the old ducks by feeling of the end of the breast bone which runs to a point at the abdomen.
"Ducks and Geese" by Harry M. Lamon
Oh, yes, I had three ribs torn away from the breast-bone.
"Careers of Danger and Daring" by Cleveland Moffett
The breast-bone, or the flat bone occupying the front of the chest.
"Principles of Geology" by Charles Lyell

In poetry:

Four feeble bones are left to me,
And the basket of my breast,
And I am mean and ugly now
As the scald flung from the nest.
"Garadh" by Padraic Colum
"Cross my hands upon my breast,"
Read her last behest,
"That the patient bones may lie
In form of thanks eternally,
Grimly expressed!"
"Broken-Hearted" by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop
And prophets loud on the burned dunes;
Insects and valleys hold her thighs hard,
Times and places grip her breast bone,
She is breaking with seasons and clouds;
"Ballad Of The Long-Legged Bait" by Dylan Thomas
He lurks among the reeds, beside the marsh,
Red oleanders twisted in His hair,
His eyes are haggard and His lips are harsh,
Upon His breast the bones show gaunt and bare.
"Malaria" by Laurence Hope
Exquisite senses, life-lit eyes, pluck, volition,
Flakes of breast-muscle, pliant back-bone and neck, flesh not flabby,
good-sized arms and legs,
And wonders within there yet.
"I Sing The Body Electric" by Walt Whitman
Dear father of our country, so alive
you must have lied incessantly to be
immediate, here are your bones crossed
on my breast like a rusty flintlock,
a pirate's flag, bravely specific
"On Seeing Larry Rivers' Washington Crossing The Delaware At The Museum Of Modern Art" by Frank O Hara

In news:

Among issues facing breast-cancer victims is the refusal of many major insurance companies to reimburse for bone-marrow transplant, a treatment that is often the only hope for women with advanced disease.
Five years after successfully battling breast cancer, Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts tearfully announced Monday that she has been diagnosed with a blood and bone-marrow disorder called MDS and will undergo a bone marrow transplant.
Estrogen protects women from bone fractures, breast cancer and other diseases — and it's responsible for a glowing, youthful complexion, too.
12 chicken breast halves, boned, skin on or off.
Routine x-rays, bone scans show low detection rate for spotting breast cancer spread.
8 chicken breast halves, with bones and skin.
A custom-designed estrogen recently endorsed by a Federal advisory panel can strengthen bones and may protect the hearts of postmenopausal women without fostering cancers of the breast and uterus, a large study has found.
Bone-in turkey breast, roasted ½ cup shiitake mushroom s, cleaned, sliced, sautéed ½ cup spring onions, finely sliced ½ cup roasted unsalted cashews, chopped 1 Tbsp.
If your relationship with chicken began with nuggets and stalled amid the supermarket's plastic-sealed trays of skinless /boneless breasts, we have a bone to pick with you.
It's located in our upper chest behind the breast bone.
Boil 4 bone-in chicken breast cooked with onion, carrot, celery, herbs, salt and peppercorns.
After surviving breast cancer in 2007, audiences were shocked when Roberts announced on Good Morning America earlier this year that she had MDS (myelodyplastic syndrome) and was going on extended medical leave for a bone marrow transplant.
In addition to its easy-to-understand recipes, this iOS app provides beautifully illustrated breakdowns of more than 200 cuts of meat, from duck breast to T-bone.
Promising new help against crippling osteoporosis , Government advisers today recommended approval of a drug that mimics estrogen's bone-saving effects but without a risk of breast cancer.