Break sheer


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Break sheer (said of a ship riding at anchor), to be forced by wind or tide out of a position clear of the anchor
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. brecan; Ger. brechen.


In literature:

I have seen the sheer weight of a sea kill a man very neatly, by simply breaking his neck.
"The Secret Sharer" by Joseph Conrad
The sea was breaking on the few yards of beach sheer below the windows.
"The Kingdom of the Blind" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
Beverley endeavored to break through the web of mystery by sheer force.
"Alice of Old Vincennes" by Maurice Thompson
Sheer below was the sea, breaking upon the rocks and sending a torrent of spray into the air with every wave.
"Jeanne of the Marshes" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
Would she not break from sheer strain?
"The Border Legion" by Zane Grey
The Father's, which was an imperious one, was now at last breaking through sheer emotion.
"Lourdes From the "Three Cities"" by Emile Zola
Jack flung down, in sheer despair, the chisel with which he had attempted to break the mortar.
"Jack Harkaway's Boy Tinker Among The Turks" by Bracebridge Hemyng
At last they came to a break in the sheer walls.
"Bloom of Cactus" by Robert Ames Bennet
As we moved, Jupiter appeared between breaks and peaks in the sheer wall.
"Question of Comfort" by Les Collins
There was also another break that was sheer coincidence.
"Space Platform" by Murray Leinster
Among the rocks and solitary crags Looms pathless and breaks sheer above a vale.
"Romance of Roman Villas" by Elizabeth W. (Elizbeth Williams) Champney
And it was sheer, bleached agony to him, to break away from himself.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
That break looks much less overwhelming than these sheer cliffs.
"Out of the Depths" by Robert Ames Bennet
Any effort to break my bonds, either of wrist or ankle, by sheer strength, was but to cause weakness and pain.
"The Bright Face of Danger" by Robert Neilson Stephens
Horses sheer off to the starboard, and the hub of the hind wheel breaks down a lamp-post.
"The History and Records of the Elephant Club" by Knight Russ Ockside and Q. K. Philander Doesticks
Almost beneath him the vermilion cliffs fell sheer a thousand feet without a break.
"A Book-Lover's Holidays in the Open" by Theodore Roosevelt
The sea breaks sheer upon the ice-palisades of the glacier.
"Alaska" by Ella Higginson
Not far away was another precipice, with a sheer drop into a rocky ravine where there were not even any trees to break his fall.
"The Radio Boys' Search for the Inca's Treasure" by Gerald Breckenridge
This was one of the most determined efforts the Germans made to break the Russian line by sheer weight of numbers.
"In the Russian Ranks" by John Morse
I wonder whether you could sheer her for me while I break out the anchor?
"Thrice Armed" by Harold Bindloss

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'Breaking Dawn 2': Kristen Stewart Is a Sheer Delight (Again) in a Revealing Black Lace Bodysuit.
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In science:

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