• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Bowie-knife bō′i-nīf a dagger-knife with a blade about twelve inches long, carried in the southern states of America—so named from its inventor, Colonel Bowie.
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  • James Russell Lowell
    “I have always been of the mind that in a democracy manners are the only effective weapons against the bowie-knife.”


In literature:

Bowie distinguished himself by stabbing a man to death with a knife made from a large file.
"American Men of Action" by Burton E. Stevenson
Mr. Green admitted that Mr. Freeman's story of the scheme gotten up, bowie-knife, &c., was in the main correct.
"Secret Band of Brothers" by Jonathan Harrington Green
In my leathern belt was stuck a revolver, handy, and a bowie-knife not far off.
"Round About the Carpathians" by Andrew F. Crosse
It was a Terran bowie knife.
"Naudsonce" by H. Beam Piper
Crane was armed with a brace of duelling pistols; Bowie had nothing but a knife.
"South American Fights and Fighters" by Cyrus Townsend Brady
Walt Wilder, with bowie-knife bared, its blade cutting the cords that kept the tent closed.
"The Lone Ranche" by Captain Mayne Reid
To-night Wood came in, too, and sat silently in a chair, whittling a pine stick with a bowie-knife and evidently in deep thought.
"Before the Dawn" by Joseph Alexander Altsheler
He allowed the blunderbuss to remain as his friend had placed it, and hugged the naked bowie-knife to his breast.
"The Settler and the Savage" by R.M. Ballantyne
The young man sprang upon Higson, and a struggle ensued, in the midst of which the latter drew his bowie-knife and stabbed Elms to the heart.
"Digging for Gold" by R.M. Ballantyne
As I did so, a bowie-knife descended and shaved off the scalp, leaving it, with its long locks, in my grasp.
"The Funny Philosophers" by George Yellott
Here's a bowie-knife, ain't it?
"Luttrell Of Arran Complete" by Charles James Lever
Suddenly Randolph, with pistol and bowie-knife in hand, appeared in the midst of the struggling throng.
"When the Ku Klux Rode" by Eyre Damer
From his belt protruded a huge bowie knife.
"Sawdust & Spangles" by W. C. Coup
Especially was he fascinated by a long broad-bladed bowie-knife.
"Gabriel Conroy" by Bert Harte
Then pulling out my bowie knife I cut the rope and hugged the saddle-horn with both hands.
"A Texas Cow Boy" by Chas. A. Siringo
A bowie knife lay on the table beside the lamp.
"Bert Wilson's Twin Cylinder Racer" by J. W. Duffield
Now, the knife in the lad's black leather belt was not at all unlike a bowie-knife, and not in the least less formidable.
"Lord Montagu's Page" by G. P. R. James
He also carried a bowie knife.
"The Prairie Schooner" by William Francis Hooker
The murderous intent was frustrated by a bystander, who, with a bowie knife, struck the man, wounding him severely.
"History of the State of California" by John T. Frost
I can make a quick job with my bowie-knife and bandage it.
"Brave Deeds of Union Soldiers" by Samuel Scoville

In poetry:

He went for his 'leven-inch bowie-knife:--
"I tries to foller a Christian life;
But I'll drap a slice of liver or two,
My bloomin' shrub, with you."
"The Mystery Of Gilgal" by John Hay

In news:

Bowie Knife and Antique Show leads off a packed weekend.
The bowie knife lives as a symbol of passionate times, when men were bold and brave and easily offended.
Bowie Knife and Antique Show leads off a packed weekend.
Making a large Bowie style knife for a local Veteran fund raiser, The 1st Annual Poker Run.
MORGAN ­— A frustrated convicted felon is accused of stabbing his motor home battery with a 10-inch Bowie knife, choking a fellow camper and using the knife to threaten and chase a 4-year-old boy.
Knife rights activists say the Second Amendment protects your right to wield anything from a bowie knife to a cutlass.
If you like such heaping helpings in a knife, you're going to love Grayman's new Mega-Pounder Bowie.