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    • n Bondar (Zoöl) A small quadruped of Bengal (Paradoxurus bondar), allied to the genet; -- called also musk cat.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
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In news:

John McGivern talks to Dennis Bondar from Wolski's.

In science:

I will start my list of highlights with some new results on heavy quark spectroscopy (talks by Santoro, Choi, Gradl, Bondar and Rosner).
Concluding Talk: A Theorist Overview on Particle Physics
Bondar, J.V., Mitnes, P.: Amenability: A Survey for Statistical Applications of Hunt-Stein and Related Conditions on Groups. Z.
Quantum hypothesis testing for quantum Gaussian states: Quantum analogues of chi-square, t and F tests
An example is the near-threshold measurement of the reaction pp → ppπ◦ that has been measured at seven different excess energies, from 0.5 MeV to 14 MeV in the centre-of-mass system (Bondar et al. (1995)).
Report of the Working Group on Goldstone Boson Production and Decay
For LHCb and future Super-B factories, this uncertainty will become a ma jor limitation. A model independent approach to understanding the D decay has been proposed by Giri and further investigated by Bondar , which takes advantage of the quantum correlated D0/ ¯D0 CLEO-c data produced at the ψ(3770) resonance.
Advances in Open Charm Physics at CLEO-c